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As Persephone lay in the cool grass the shade offered her, a chill crept across her body. She wondered if invoking his name would really bring her estranged husband to her as Demeter feared. She was still, her cheek on the ground, her hand pressed into the dirt, her fingers tapping the ground. "Hades…" she whispered. "My king…"
author:thesupersass  verse:greekmyths  ship:persephone/hades  length:short  status:complete 
may 2019 by onethirdlilith
Cold and Unsure
Sansa thinks about contracts, and forms of fulfillment; how no matter how long she makes him crawl for her, he’ll never repay his debt. And he’d do it happily, grovel for the privilege, throw himself prostrate at her feet and kiss her boots and beg for an ankle.
author:rillrill  verse:got  ship:sansa/petyr  length:oneshot  status:complete 
april 2019 by onethirdlilith
Turnabout's Fair Play
Used to controlling his own destiny, Charles Vane awakes to an unexpected circumstance.
author:agdhani  verse:blacksails  ship:ofc/charles  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
kindle and char
They follow the needle that doesn’t point north to an island that cannot be found, to a great stone chest piled high with treasure they don’t need to kill anyone for, and for a while they’re all incredibly fucking happy about it.
author:wildehack  ship:jack/charles  verse:blacksails  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
if you lose a precious thing
After the destruction of Charlestown, the threat of retaliation from England looms over Nassau. Jack finds it increasingly hard to repress his feelings for Charles now that they are partners in Nassau's defense.
author:urcadelimabean  ship:jack/charles  verse:blacksails  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
you and i survived
How not to be a man, and other life lessons from Jack Rackham, quartermaster.
author:youremyqueen  ship:anne/jack  ship:jack/charles  verse:blacksails  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Luckiest Fool
Gist of request: horny dude in distress, medieval role reversal, femdom
author:tak138  original!fic  kink:femdom  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Happy International Women’s Day - Polaris - Deadpool (Movieverse) [Archive of Our Own]
“You gonna fuck me, baby?”

“It is International Women’s Day,” Vanessa says. “Why don’t you be a good boy and go get me my harness?”
author:polaris  verse:marvel  ship:vanessa/wade  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:pegging 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Don't Take This Sinner
Hermione Granger couldn’t help but think that no matter how difficult they had all figured rebuilding their society would be, no one was expecting anything quite like this. It was another stark reminder that just when things were finally starting to level out, they would never truly have peace and stability. Her entire life in the magical world had been full of shocks and stumbles, and this one seemed like the biggest of them all.
author:hexmionegranger  verse:hp  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco  length:medium  marriagelaw!fic 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
Hot for Teacher
Draco is a single dad trying to raise a teenager on his own. When he notices his son's newfound interest in girls, he takes it upon himself to give him some fatherly advice. Little does he know that his son's crush is none other than his own childhood nemesis, who has taken up the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. Draco tries to juggle awkward situations, parenthood, and his own budding interest in Hermione Granger.
author:motherofbulls  ship:hermione/draco  verse:hp  length:short  status:complete 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
The Brightest Black
On that fateful Halloween night Bellatrix Lestrange decided to sate her bloodlust on an innocent muggleborn family. Life is never again the same for the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black. - Dramione AU
author:enigmaticrose4  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:long  status:complete 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
Out of Order
Hermione's stuck in a broken lift with a tipsy Draco Malfoy. What a way to spend the Friday before Christmas.
author:worksofstone  ship:hermione/draco  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
Her Beauty and the Moonlight
When Harry helps Hermione find out the horrible truth - that Ron has been dosing her with love potions - she is furious. She is going to get her revenge on Ron in the most hurtful way she can think of – dating the one man he hates above all others.
author:brilliantlady  ship:hermione/draco  verse:hp  status:complete  length:short 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
After an accident compromises their electromagnetic shield, the Milano is hit with a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from a nearby star, which short-circuits all their electronics, including internal cybernetics and implanted translators. Only able to communicate through Groot, the Guardians must repair their ship and their bodies before the Milano’s basic life support system fails.
author:jellybeanforest  verse:marvel  ship:gamora/quill  status:complete  length:short  kink:femdom 
november 2018 by onethirdlilith
if you're talking fire, then we speak the same language
A fight would do Toast good, one of the out and out scraps the warboys get into all the time over the tiniest things. It fills her mind, the concept of sweat and blood and struggle, her muscles tingling with unrealized urges. Another part of her body becomes interested as well, heat gathering between her legs in the way it rarely does, and Toast resolutely ignores that.
author:zoadgo  verse:madmax  ship:toast/slit  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
november 2018 by onethirdlilith
Warning: may contain traces of nuts
Hunting down a prostate-stimulating, fuck-inducing mutant may be beneath the X-Men.

Luckily, nothing is beneath X-Force.
author:apathy  verse:marvel  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:moresome  ship:vanessa/wade 
november 2018 by onethirdlilith
Women on Top
After the war, the Wizarding world needs to be rebuilt and wizards need to stand together again. The future demands a new order, and the women are up to that task.
author:maddyriddle  verse:hp  status:complete  length:short  ship:hermione/severus  ship:hermione/lucius 
september 2018 by onethirdlilith
Stately Homes of Wiltshire
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
author:waspabi  length:short  status:complete  verse:hp  ship:draco/harry 
september 2018 by onethirdlilith
Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run
'You're a wizard, Harry' is easier to hear from a half-giant when you're eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you're seventeen and late for work.
author:waspabi  verse:hp  status:complete  length:short  ship:draco/harry 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
To Be Himself
Christmas is a time for family. But Hermione's family is truly horrible. They never approve of her dates and she's decided to try and beat them at their own game. How? By inviting Draco Malfoy to join their holiday with free reign to 'be himself.'

But Hermione quickly realizes she doesn't really know Draco at all...
author:RavieSnake  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:short  status:complete 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
Five Days
No one knows that they are missing. No one knows where they are. No one knows that they are trapped. No one knows that they are dying. Dramione.
author:RavieSnake  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  status:complete  length:short 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
Only When Spoken To
Amy is now a sergeant and Jake is definitely into it. Inspired by "You're so mean, do it more!"
author:captainweasley  verse:brooklyn99  ship:amy/jake  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
Snow's Story - Lurid_licentious_and_vile - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Snow has always used his unusual looks and charm to survive, but it seems his luck has run out. Betrayed and sold to slavers, he finds himself at the mercy of the terrifying Daava and her creepy servant.
author:luridlicentiousandvile  kink:femdom  kink:slave  length:oneshot  status:complete 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
My Lady Knows Best
Silver has been a terrible distraction to Flint and has been sent to Mrs Barlow to be punished.
author:medusine  verse:blacksails  ship:miranda/silver  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
yours, always
Anne leaned close and watched a shiver run over Jack's body--felt the same thrill run through her at the sight. "I'm going to fuck you like a man would, to remind you not to treat me like a woman expendable to this crew. D'you understand?"
author:urcadelimabean  verse:blacksails  ship:anne/jack  kink:femdom  status:complete  length:oneshot 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
The Pure and Simple Truth
Harry, Draco, and Hermione go to a pub. Harry, Draco, and Pansy go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Pansy, and Hermione go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Hermione and Ron go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Ron, and Pansy―you guessed it―go to a pub. I could go on. In fact, I did. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Pansy, Ron, Blaise, Luna, Goyle, Neville, and Theodore Nott go to a pub. In various combinations.
author:lettered  verse:hp  ship:draco/harry  length:short  status:complete 
may 2018 by onethirdlilith
Opposite Shores of the Light
Standing in the doorway, looking at them like this, Natasha understood for the first time the degree to which she’d carved out two separate parts of her life when she’d begun associating with Loki. Now the scraps were being stitched together into some sort of Frankensteinian monster.

She hoped this didn’t turn out like Frankenstein’s monster.
author:darlingred1  verse:marvel  ship:natasha/loki  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
may 2018 by onethirdlilith
Don’t Tell Your Friends About the Two of Us
They’re good together, she and Peter. He gets her to smile. He taught her to dance. He looks at her like she’s more than a weapon, when that’s all anyone else has ever seen. He makes her feel like a woman instead of a killer.

She trusts him.

But somehow, when they finally (later than the others might think) brought sex into the mix, they ran into problems.
author:polaris  ship:gamora/quill  verse:marvel  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
may 2018 by onethirdlilith
Jack is captured and enslaved by a vicious Goa'uld. Will there be anything left of Colonel O'Neill by the time his team finds him?
author:vinividivinci  verse:sg1  length:medium  status:complete  whump 
october 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Ones Who Ran
When the impossible happens and the bad guys win, would-be-heroes are thrown together with terrified partners in a plan none of them really want. "I know I'm part of what must be the worst day of your life," he said. "I know I'm the enemy. But, I swear, I'm not going to hurt you."
author:colubrina  length:medium  status:complete  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  ship:ginny/blaise  ship:luna/theodore 
october 2017 by onethirdlilith
Sunshine and Tomatoes
Theodore Nott had every intention of ignoring the Marriage Law - the very idea the government could force him to get married was absurd - until Luna Lovegood smiled at him in the dingy office, tomatoes in her hair.
author:colubrina  length:oneshot  status:complete  verse:hp  ship:luna/theodore 
october 2017 by onethirdlilith
No One Minds
Hermione and Draco are Head Boy and Head Girl in a Voldemort-free AU world of silly fluffs. Will she let him take her to the Halloween Masque? Will Pansy's high heels trip her up before she asks her own crush out? And would someone tell Theo that's not appropriate in public?
author:colubrina  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:short  status:complete  fluff 
october 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Well Groomed Mind
On Halloween 1994, Harry learns his mind isn't his own. On Samhain morn, he vows to question everything. Armed with logic and an unlikely ally, Harry makes a last ditch bid to reclaim his life. The goal: survive at all costs.

Also at:

Sequel: "The Mind's Guardian" (incomplete)
author:ladykhali  status:complete  length:short  character:harry  independent!harry  verse:hp  rating:outstanding 
september 2017 by onethirdlilith
No Greater Love
Voldemort has won, or mostly, and Death Eaters don't have a retirement plan so Draco Malfoy is stuck serving a master he hates. He and Blaise Zabini just try to keep their heads down and not attract attention. They aren't heroes. Then Hermione Granger gets Snatched and they make the fateful, stupid decision to save her.
author:colubrina  verse:hp  length:short  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco  ship:hermione/blaise  ship:draco/blaise  ship:hermione/draco/blaise  kink:threesome 
september 2017 by onethirdlilith
Without Her Letter
A decision is made to protect Muggle-borns from the continual war by not inviting them to Hogwarts. This was, perhaps, not a wise choice. Hermione Granger was certainly not amused.
author:colubrina  ship:hermione/draco  length:short  status:complete  verse:hp 
september 2017 by onethirdlilith
A Sky of Stars
Crash landing on a planet colonised many years ago by humans, Spock quickly finds himself captured and enslaved on a local farm.
author:aconitum-napellus  verse:startrek  character:spock  length:medium  status:complete  kink:slave  kink:noncon 
september 2017 by onethirdlilith
What the Room Requires
Hermione is the one who finds Draco weeping in the bathroom. He flees. She chases him into the Room of Requirement, and the room forces them to face their greatest fears together in order to find the door.
author:alydiarackham  ship:hermione/draco  length:medium  status:complete  verse:hp  rating:exceedsexpectations 
september 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Boy in the Hammock
Hermione tugged at the string holding the hood onto the boy's head, gingerly pulling the fabric back to reveal his face. Lying before her, barely recognizable beyond the swelling and the blood, but still very much himself, was Draco Malfoy.
author:galfoy  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:short  status:complete  rating:acceptable 
september 2017 by onethirdlilith
Sheppard is rescued apparently unharmed following his abduction by bloodthirsty space pirates...or so it seems. But what really happened during the six weeks he was missing? Some dark moments in this story.
author:shepsgirl72  verse:stargate  verse:sga  length:short  status:complete  whump 
june 2017 by onethirdlilith
Where the Teddybears Have Their Picnic
Tony goes missing for over a month. When the team finds him, he's not the man they knew...
author:xenascully  verse:ncis  length:medium  status:complete  whump 
june 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Shop Next Door
Luna's teashop and Draco's rare book shop are side by side. It can be vexing and relaxing at any given time.
author:nightfalltwen  ship:luna/draco  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete 
june 2017 by onethirdlilith
Quite by accident, Kagome discovers an entirely new use for the subduing spell. Inuyasha isn't really complaining...
author:quickening  verse:inuyasha  ship:kagome/inuyasha  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  via:opalsong 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
Muggle Studies
After a year of litigation, Lucius Malfoy has a choice - a year in Azkaban to pay for his sins, or prove he's a changed man by passing third-year Muggle Studies, the new and improved version taught by none other than the esteemed Miss Granger. Even worse, his only son may be attracted to a Weasley. Oh, the horror.
author:speculating  verse:hp  ship:hermione/lucius  length:medium  status:complete 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
In the Darkness All Cats are Grey
Hermione has a secret assignation in the Ravenclaw dormitories. So does Draco. Somehow they both end up in the same dark dormitory together with their respective dates nowhere in sight. Rated dub-con because she doesn't realizes the mistake and he does.
author:akashathekitty  ship:hermione/draco  status:complete  length:oneshot  verse:hp 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
Pride and Prejudice and Leprechauns
By Jane Austen and Refictionista - Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Malfoy had never gotten along, but now they must work together to end the illegal trade in cursed four leaf clovers. Their investigation together discovers that sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can't be without. (Written for the 2016 Harry Potter Get Lucky Fest)
author:refictionista  verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:short  status:complete  crossover 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
Letters From the Dead
Sam's words cut him deep and in the confusion and anger of their aftermath, Dean flees. He thinks some time apart might do them some good. How very wrong he turns out to be.
author:water4willows  verse:supernatural  length:short  status:complete 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
When the Bell Tolls
As a Dark revival begins to rise four years after the war, Hermione Granger is placed on the assignment of putting an end to them – and her first task is to recruit the Ministry's best hope and last option in the form of Draco Malfoy.
author:everythursday  length:medium  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco  verse:hp 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
Potion Ingredients
“Eye of Newt? Powdered porcupine quills? Toad spawn?” Pietro read off the ingredient list to the rest of the Brotherhood. “Ha ha holy shit! She’s trying to be a real witch!”

When the Scarlet Witch attempts her hand at real witch craft, it should have been easy enough to just follow the recipe and get what she wanted. Turns out she requires a special contribution from the very last person she wants to take it from.
author:pokebob  verse:xmen  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:wanda/todd 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
Light of All Lights
A fairy tale in five parts. When his ship crashes onto a secluded island after a storm Killian "Deckhand Hook" Jones finds himself the unlikely companion to the dark "goddess" who inhabits it.
author:ripplestitchskein  length:short  status:complete  verse:onceuponatime  ship:emma/killian  kink:femdom 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
the family potter
To answer the prompt "I wonder what would happen if Dudley grew up in the wizarding world but still as a muggle? like kind of reverse AU where his parents are dead and he has to go to Lily for whatever reason? do you think he would become bitter like Petunia about magic?"
author:dirgewithoutmusic  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  character:dudley 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
I Feel You
Harry and Draco take a potion that is supposed to link their hearts together, but end up connecting a different type of organ entirely.
author:thusspakekate  verse:hp  ship:draco/harry  length:oneshot  status:complete 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
Fairy Dust
Malfoy needs to be taught a lesson. Aurors Potter and Weasley are on the case.
author:gypsyflame  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:draco/harry  ship:draco/ron  ship:draco/harry/ron  kink:dubcon 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
The World Of The Living
A traumatised war hero and a convicted criminal under the roof of an eccentric journalist make for a rather odd ensemble, but Luna has never had a problem with oddities as long as they make sense.
author:fourthrose  ship:draco/harry  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Revenant
Sometimes fate brings us far from home, and sometimes it brings us back again. When a friend’s mysterious death causes Draco Malfoy to return to Britain, he is finally forced to face his past, and the love he left behind. A story about second chances.
author:atalanta84  ship:hermione/draco  length:short  status:complete  verse:hp 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
He's Mine Now
Negan is confident Rick is broken, but he hasn't forgotten the punch he took to the face from Daryl. Lucky for him, he likes them kind of feisty.
author:tuckerpuppy  verse:thewalkingdead  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:noncon  ship:daryl/negan 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
Being for the Benefit of Mr Gold
Victorian Circus AU. Killian Jones is a lion tamer. Mr Gold is The Ring Master. The sadomasochistic filth epic that is about to become your dirty little secret.
author:mathildia  verse:onceuponatime  ship:killian/gold  length:short  status:complete  kink:bdsm 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
Trials of Morality
The Eyal Facility. A lucrative underground business prospering in the hardest business of them all: Slavery. And their most prized show-horse, a recently captured Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, is about to be sold into a deadly deceiving game in which not only HIS life and freedom are at stake.
author:xmyhearthope2die  verse:doctorwho  ship:rose/ten  length:long  status:complete  whump  kink:slave 
march 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Price of Freedom
Captured offworld, John and Rodney are sold into slavery. A Shep centred story with a whump or two.
author:astraldust  verse:stargate  verse:sga  length:short  status:complete  whump  kink:slave 
march 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep
Missy Bender was three things. She was obsessive. She was insane. And she was in love – with a tall, beautiful stranger who looked real purty when he was hurting. But unfortunately for Dean Winchester, one thing she wasn’t was still locked in the closet…
author:zatnikatel  verse:supernatural  character:dean  whump  length:short  status:complete 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Darling Affair
Ex-military officer Killian Jones has never forgiven the Gold family for what they took from him. But when his path searching for justice (and maybe revenge) leads him straight to Emma Swan, a social worker who’s young charge has just been kidnapped by Malcolm Gold, he might just learn to let go of the past.
author:icecube44  verse:onceuponatime  ship:emma/killian  length:short  status:complete  au 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Cake and Other Curses
Hermione is far too fond of cake and all but attached to Harry at the hip. Generally, it's working out for her, but lately Draco has been annoying her to death by mocking her weight and her relationship with Harry. One day she spots some logic in his claims that she and Harry ought to be more than friends. Uncertain how to proceed, she agrees when Draco volunteers to help. This turns out to get very confusing very fast, as Hermione finds herself becoming attracted to the wrong person...
author:akashathekitty  verse:hp  length:short  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Forgotten Past
Dawn Summers is the Key, the Monks made her that; but they needed a vessel to contain it. Now Dawn is starting to remember the vessel’s life and she has to find out who she really is to survive.
author:kiara  crossover  verse:hp  verse:btvs  length:short  status:complete 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Eternal Sunshine of the Slytherin Mind
Though Voldemort has fallen, someone is after Katie Bell for being on the Potter side of the war. She gets one of the most interesting and unlikely protective custody details ever issued.
author:echo  status:complete  length:short  ship:katie/marcus  verse:hp 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Key To Marauding
What if Dawn jumped instead of Buffy? What if she landed at Hogwarts? What if she befriended the four most troublesome boys ever to set foot in the school: the Marauders?
author:anoron  length:medium  crossover  verse:hp  verse:btvs  status:complete 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Two Worlds Collide
An evil threatens not one, but two worlds. Bonds will be tested and new alliances will be formed. Sequel to The Slayer, The Wizard, and The Key
author:polgara  length:medium  status:complete  crossover  ship:dawn/draco  verse:hp  verse:btvs  verse:lotr 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Slayer, The Wizard, and The Key
The Scoobys go to Hogwarts to teach and protect the students. While they are there, someone discovers an inner power, but will it be enough to save them all?
author:polgara  verse:hp  verse:btvs  crossover  length:medium  status:complete 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Dark Witches Anonymous
Willow finds herself back in England, back with people that can understand what she did.
author:jinni  length:short  status:complete  ship:willow/draco  crossover  verse:hp  verse:btvs 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
The League of Extraordinary Women
Hermione Granger has to recruit six women to help her stop an army of monsters before her world is overrun. But none of the women are even in her dimension…
author:dianecastle  length:long  status:complete  crossover  rating:fuckingfantastic 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Compelled to Play Again
First story in the Compelled series - The Shaper of Things decides to replay the game from an earlier level...
author:hotpoint  verse:btvs  length:medium  status:complete  rating:fuckingfantastic  character:illyria 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
An Illustrated Guide to Torturing House-Elves
Driven mad with desire by Hermione Granger’s unseemly Muggle sundresses, Draco Malfoy decides to torture his house-elves. Yes, that should bring her running. And Bon Bon is the perfect elf for the job.
author:captainraychill  length:oneshot  verse:hp  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
When I Find You, I'll Find Me
AU. Twenty-four years ago, The Huntsman gave up his heart so that Snow White may have kept hers. Forever frozen in youth, he pays a grave price, and is broken, bruised and scarred from the years of abuse at the hands of The Evil Queen. Princess Emma has grown up in a lap of luxury, wanting for nothing, except for the freedom to make her own choices. Gremma/Huntswan.
author:wickedsong  verse:onceuponatime  ship:emma/graham  length:short  status:complete 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
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magicalcreature!fic  marriagelaw!fic  mistletoe  original!fic  pairing:slash  powerful!harry  powerful!hermione  rating:acceptable  rating:exceedsexpectations  rating:fuckingfantastic  rating:outstanding  rating:poor  rentboy!draco  rentboy!harry  severitus  ship:abraxas/tom  ship:amy/jake  ship:anne/jack  ship:arthur/merlin  ship:astoria/draco  ship:billy/vane  ship:buffy/spike  ship:carol/clint  ship:clint/bucky  ship:cora/killian  ship:danica/king  ship:daryl/negan  ship:dawn/draco  ship:dawn/harry  ship:dean/castiel  ship:donna/ten  ship:draco/bill  ship:draco/blaise  ship:draco/fred/george  ship:draco/harry  ship:draco/harry/ron  ship:draco/ron  ship:draco/terry  ship:elizabeth/neal  ship:elsa/hans  ship:emma/graham  ship:emma/killian  ship:fleur/bill/draco  ship:furiosa/ace  ship:gamora/quill  ship:ginny/blaise  ship:ginny/draco  ship:ginny/harry  ship:ginny/pansy  ship:hadria/proserpinos  ship:harry/loki  ship:hermione/abraxas  ship:hermione/blaise  ship:hermione/draco  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timeloop!fic  timetravel!fic  top!harry  verse:addamsfamily  verse:blacksails  verse:blade  verse:brooklyn99  verse:btvs  verse:doctorwho  verse:eureka  verse:frozen  verse:got  verse:greekmyths  verse:hp  verse:inuyasha  verse:jupiterascending  verse:lotr  verse:madmax  verse:marvel  verse:merlin  verse:ncis  verse:onceuponatime  verse:sg1  verse:sga  verse:sherlock  verse:stargate  verse:startrek  verse:starwars  verse:suckerpunch  verse:supernatural  verse:thewalkingdead  verse:whitecollar  verse:xmen  via:opalsong  warning:noncon  whump  wyvern!draco 

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