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Cold and Unsure
Sansa thinks about contracts, and forms of fulfillment; how no matter how long she makes him crawl for her, he’ll never repay his debt. And he’d do it happily, grovel for the privilege, throw himself prostrate at her feet and kiss her boots and beg for an ankle.
author:rillrill  verse:got  ship:sansa/petyr  length:oneshot  status:complete 
april 2019 by onethirdlilith
Turnabout's Fair Play
Used to controlling his own destiny, Charles Vane awakes to an unexpected circumstance.
author:agdhani  verse:blacksails  ship:ofc/charles  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
kindle and char
They follow the needle that doesn’t point north to an island that cannot be found, to a great stone chest piled high with treasure they don’t need to kill anyone for, and for a while they’re all incredibly fucking happy about it.
author:wildehack  ship:jack/charles  verse:blacksails  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
if you lose a precious thing
After the destruction of Charlestown, the threat of retaliation from England looms over Nassau. Jack finds it increasingly hard to repress his feelings for Charles now that they are partners in Nassau's defense.
author:urcadelimabean  ship:jack/charles  verse:blacksails  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
you and i survived
How not to be a man, and other life lessons from Jack Rackham, quartermaster.
author:youremyqueen  ship:anne/jack  ship:jack/charles  verse:blacksails  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Luckiest Fool
Gist of request: horny dude in distress, medieval role reversal, femdom
author:tak138  original!fic  kink:femdom  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Happy International Women’s Day - Polaris - Deadpool (Movieverse) [Archive of Our Own]
“You gonna fuck me, baby?”

“It is International Women’s Day,” Vanessa says. “Why don’t you be a good boy and go get me my harness?”
author:polaris  verse:marvel  ship:vanessa/wade  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:pegging 
march 2019 by onethirdlilith
Out of Order
Hermione's stuck in a broken lift with a tipsy Draco Malfoy. What a way to spend the Friday before Christmas.
author:worksofstone  ship:hermione/draco  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot 
january 2019 by onethirdlilith
if you're talking fire, then we speak the same language
A fight would do Toast good, one of the out and out scraps the warboys get into all the time over the tiniest things. It fills her mind, the concept of sweat and blood and struggle, her muscles tingling with unrealized urges. Another part of her body becomes interested as well, heat gathering between her legs in the way it rarely does, and Toast resolutely ignores that.
author:zoadgo  verse:madmax  ship:toast/slit  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
november 2018 by onethirdlilith
Warning: may contain traces of nuts
Hunting down a prostate-stimulating, fuck-inducing mutant may be beneath the X-Men.

Luckily, nothing is beneath X-Force.
author:apathy  verse:marvel  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:moresome  ship:vanessa/wade 
november 2018 by onethirdlilith
Only When Spoken To
Amy is now a sergeant and Jake is definitely into it. Inspired by "You're so mean, do it more!"
author:captainweasley  verse:brooklyn99  ship:amy/jake  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
Snow's Story - Lurid_licentious_and_vile - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Snow has always used his unusual looks and charm to survive, but it seems his luck has run out. Betrayed and sold to slavers, he finds himself at the mercy of the terrifying Daava and her creepy servant.
author:luridlicentiousandvile  kink:femdom  kink:slave  length:oneshot  status:complete 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
My Lady Knows Best
Silver has been a terrible distraction to Flint and has been sent to Mrs Barlow to be punished.
author:medusine  verse:blacksails  ship:miranda/silver  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
yours, always
Anne leaned close and watched a shiver run over Jack's body--felt the same thrill run through her at the sight. "I'm going to fuck you like a man would, to remind you not to treat me like a woman expendable to this crew. D'you understand?"
author:urcadelimabean  verse:blacksails  ship:anne/jack  kink:femdom  status:complete  length:oneshot 
august 2018 by onethirdlilith
Opposite Shores of the Light
Standing in the doorway, looking at them like this, Natasha understood for the first time the degree to which she’d carved out two separate parts of her life when she’d begun associating with Loki. Now the scraps were being stitched together into some sort of Frankensteinian monster.

She hoped this didn’t turn out like Frankenstein’s monster.
author:darlingred1  verse:marvel  ship:natasha/loki  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
may 2018 by onethirdlilith
Don’t Tell Your Friends About the Two of Us
They’re good together, she and Peter. He gets her to smile. He taught her to dance. He looks at her like she’s more than a weapon, when that’s all anyone else has ever seen. He makes her feel like a woman instead of a killer.

She trusts him.

But somehow, when they finally (later than the others might think) brought sex into the mix, they ran into problems.
author:polaris  ship:gamora/quill  verse:marvel  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
may 2018 by onethirdlilith
Sunshine and Tomatoes
Theodore Nott had every intention of ignoring the Marriage Law - the very idea the government could force him to get married was absurd - until Luna Lovegood smiled at him in the dingy office, tomatoes in her hair.
author:colubrina  length:oneshot  status:complete  verse:hp  ship:luna/theodore 
october 2017 by onethirdlilith
The Shop Next Door
Luna's teashop and Draco's rare book shop are side by side. It can be vexing and relaxing at any given time.
author:nightfalltwen  ship:luna/draco  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete 
june 2017 by onethirdlilith
Quite by accident, Kagome discovers an entirely new use for the subduing spell. Inuyasha isn't really complaining...
author:quickening  verse:inuyasha  ship:kagome/inuyasha  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  via:opalsong 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
In the Darkness All Cats are Grey
Hermione has a secret assignation in the Ravenclaw dormitories. So does Draco. Somehow they both end up in the same dark dormitory together with their respective dates nowhere in sight. Rated dub-con because she doesn't realizes the mistake and he does.
author:akashathekitty  ship:hermione/draco  status:complete  length:oneshot  verse:hp 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
Potion Ingredients
“Eye of Newt? Powdered porcupine quills? Toad spawn?” Pietro read off the ingredient list to the rest of the Brotherhood. “Ha ha holy shit! She’s trying to be a real witch!”

When the Scarlet Witch attempts her hand at real witch craft, it should have been easy enough to just follow the recipe and get what she wanted. Turns out she requires a special contribution from the very last person she wants to take it from.
author:pokebob  verse:xmen  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:wanda/todd 
may 2017 by onethirdlilith
the family potter
To answer the prompt "I wonder what would happen if Dudley grew up in the wizarding world but still as a muggle? like kind of reverse AU where his parents are dead and he has to go to Lily for whatever reason? do you think he would become bitter like Petunia about magic?"
author:dirgewithoutmusic  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  character:dudley 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
I Feel You
Harry and Draco take a potion that is supposed to link their hearts together, but end up connecting a different type of organ entirely.
author:thusspakekate  verse:hp  ship:draco/harry  length:oneshot  status:complete 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
Fairy Dust
Malfoy needs to be taught a lesson. Aurors Potter and Weasley are on the case.
author:gypsyflame  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:draco/harry  ship:draco/ron  ship:draco/harry/ron  kink:dubcon 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
The World Of The Living
A traumatised war hero and a convicted criminal under the roof of an eccentric journalist make for a rather odd ensemble, but Luna has never had a problem with oddities as long as they make sense.
author:fourthrose  ship:draco/harry  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
He's Mine Now
Negan is confident Rick is broken, but he hasn't forgotten the punch he took to the face from Daryl. Lucky for him, he likes them kind of feisty.
author:tuckerpuppy  verse:thewalkingdead  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:noncon  ship:daryl/negan 
april 2017 by onethirdlilith
An Illustrated Guide to Torturing House-Elves
Driven mad with desire by Hermione Granger’s unseemly Muggle sundresses, Draco Malfoy decides to torture his house-elves. Yes, that should bring her running. And Bon Bon is the perfect elf for the job.
author:captainraychill  length:oneshot  verse:hp  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco 
february 2017 by onethirdlilith
Hard Day's Night
Jack always knew that desk was going to be the death of him, just not quite so literally. When Homeworld Security comes under attack, Jack discovers he hasn’t lost his edge, or his team. Set post-Continuum.
author:annerb  verse:stargate  verse:sg1  status:complete  length:oneshot 
october 2016 by onethirdlilith
At Her Beck and Call
Fleur’s having a long day at work. Bill decides she deserves some entertainment.
author:lokifan  ship:fleur/bill/draco  kink:threesome  kink:femdom  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete 
october 2016 by onethirdlilith
Red As Cherry Wine
"Rehabilitation, from what Rey understood of the word, shouldn’t be easy. It wasn’t meant to be. If you needed rehabilitation, you needed assistance, you needed to admit something that you had done was wrong and needed to be fixed. It took a great deal of personal strength and dedication.

It wasn’t something she could ever see Kylo Ren, now the newly reclaimed Ben Solo, doing."
author:tobemadeofglass  verse:starwars  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:rey/ben 
july 2016 by onethirdlilith
Tales from the Barman...
Ok, simple premise for anyone to join... Xander has opened his own bar, club by the name of 'Nights', anyway he's the barman there and 'collects' stories off his customers, multiple crossings allowed. dig in people.
crossover  author:methos  verse:btvs  length:epic  length:oneshot  status:complete 
march 2016 by onethirdlilith
Slit gets his arm broken because of circumstances and Toast needs to find some other use for that war boy.
author:jauntyhako  verse:madmax  ship:toast/slit  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
december 2015 by onethirdlilith
Woe and Arachnids
"Wednesday, this is my flatmate, Sherlock Holmes. He's a detective. Sherlock, this is my niece, Wednesday Addams." "Consulting detective," Sherlock corrects sharply. "There's an arachnid in your coat pocket, did you know?"
author:etothepii  verse:sherlock  verse:addamsfamily  crossover  length:oneshot  status:complete 
november 2015 by onethirdlilith
“Draco, is that what good boys do?” Her voice was light, deceptively calm.
He felt his heart leap into action and begin pounding in his chest.
author:wakingdreams  ship:hermione/draco  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom 
november 2015 by onethirdlilith
When Luna Lovegood and Theodore Nott use the same tree to read under during her fifth year they become friends but can romance survive when you're on different sides of a looming war?
author:colubrina  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:luna/theodore  rating:exceedsexpectations 
july 2015 by onethirdlilith
A Fine Institution
When the marriage law fic trope came beating at my brain, what could I do but give in to its brutal demands. Marriage law: now with curry, candy and artificial insemination. As Hermione said, it could have been worse.
verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:hermione/draco  rating:exceedsexpectations  author:colubrina 
july 2015 by onethirdlilith
Roofies, or In Vino, Veritas
Draco Malfoy rescues a rather inebriated Hermione Granger after he sees someone slip something into her drink. Drunken conversation ensues.
author:colubrina  verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:hermione/draco  rating:exceedsexpectations 
july 2015 by onethirdlilith
Addition Alley Christmas
A senile shop visitor sets Harry up with her reclusive son as a shop competition between Harry and the Weasleys rages, and love blossoms around. Postwar, ignores HP7, SSHP. Inspired by too many Love Actually viewings.
author:oliversnape  length:oneshot  status:complete  verse:hp  ship:severus/harry  era:posthogwarts  genre:romance  ageguide:teen  genre:humour  rating:outstanding 
may 2015 by onethirdlilith
The war is over and everyone wants something from Hermione. But that's nothing new. She can handle it. Really.
author:argosy  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:hermione/draco  era:posthogwarts 
may 2015 by onethirdlilith
Salvation by Slytherin
"So it's really more of a rebellion," Blaise said.

"Either way, we're stuck here until this insanity is resolved."

"Theodore, you don't happen to have any more of those emergency portkeys on you, do you?" Draco asked. "Maybe if we try to go to Ukraine, we'll end up with Binns in Majorca."
author:slumber  verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:draco/terry  ship:theo/blaise 
may 2015 by onethirdlilith
In his latest scheme to get Hermione’s attention, Draco pretends to be a rentboy. Why he thinks this is a good idea is anybody’s guess. Likelihood of this plan failing: 100%.
author:mizsphinx  verse:hp  rentboy!draco  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:hermione/draco 
may 2015 by onethirdlilith
House Style for Gryffindors
The Slytherins have always ruled the Sortilegus, a wizarding society magazine popular since the Middle Ages which lost most of its staff during the recent Unpleasantness (informally known as the Campaign against Noses). Pansy Parkinson has just been made the youngest witch ever to head the publication and has been charged with livening up the magazine and helping it move into post-war society whilst maintaining tradition.

Which is all fine by Draco until she brings Harry Potter on staff, an obvious attempt to force Draco into a nervous breakdown by requiring him to work cheek-by-jowl with his arch-nemesis.
verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:draco/harry  author:femmequixotic  author:noe 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Cool Walls, Warm Thighs
Hermione isn't pleased to learn that Harry and Draco have a new house guest. There is just something about Pansy Parkinson that drives Hermione crazy.
verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:hermione/pansy  author:thusspakekate 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Set your hope on fire
"So you're a dyke now," Pansy said after they'd settled at a table far from the pounding noise, sipping on a mai tai.
verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:hermione/pansy  author:theviolonist 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Into Matter
It’s always hard, keeping it together when Rodney has set a time and place, when he knows in advance the moment when he’ll be allowed to give up control. As if he’s slipping through his own fingers, spilling through the cracks, and it’s all he can do not to let his grip falter before Rodney is there to take over, there to hold the pieces together with his ropes and his hands and all that confident will, keeping John whole as he falls apart. Part 2 of the Descent universe series.
verse:stargate  verse:sga  ship:rodney/john  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:bdsm  kink:fisting  author:isagel 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Uncontrolled Descent
The images came unbidden, flashing, flickering through his mind, brief and bright as if lit by lightning. The things you could do with knots. The things Rodney could do with knots. All the things he might have done, back on Earth, with knots and rope and willing bodies caught and held. The bodies of people like John, who wanted, needed… Part 1 of the Descent universe series.
verse:stargate  verse:sga  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:rodney/john  author:isagel 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
I'm a screamer, baby, make me a mute
Loki's jealous. Sif's jealous. They're both a little drunk, and Loki's mouth has a tendency to run away with him.
length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:sif/loki  kink:femdom  kink:pegging  verse:marvel  author:lise 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
It's always been about control, and the need to lose it. It's why he keeps coming back to her. And it's what Natasha's going to use to keep Loki in line. Part 4 of the Gehenna series.
status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:natasha/loki  kink:femdom  kink:knifeplay  verse:marvel  author:lise 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Natasha vs. Loki, round the third. She probably should know better. She does know better. But above all, Natasha's learned to live with herself. Part 2 of the Gehenna series.
status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:natasha/loki  kink:femdom  kink:pegging  verse:marvel  author:lise 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Loki vs. Natasha, round two. In which there is no clear winner, and everyone involved is a little (more than a little) fucked up. Part 1 of the Gehenna series.
status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:natasha/loki  kink:femdom  verse:marvel  author:lise 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
A Whore in the Bedroom
Astoria knows where Draco disappears to when he's not at home with her. He won't be sneaking away from her any more.
verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:astoria/draco  kink:femdom  author:ldymusyc 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
The Anniversary Lesson
When Draco gives Pansy an unsatisfactory anniversary present, she teaches him a lesson in what it takes to be a good partner.
verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:pansy/draco  kink:femdom  kink:crossdressing  kink:pegging  author:thusspakekate 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Beneath the Mistletoe
Ginny finds herself trapped under the mistletoe with none other than Pansy Parkinson.
verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:ginny/pansy  mistletoe  author:woldy 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Seven ways to commit a murder
Divorce is something that happens to other people - people who don't have her contacts.
verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  character:mrs-zabini  author:woldy 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
A Little Domestic Service
Malfoy takes a job as Ginny and Pansy's cleaner, but he needs more than financial incentives.
verse:hp  length:oneshot  status:complete  ship:ginny/pansy  ship:ginny/draco  kink:femdom  kink:crossdressing  kink:service  author:woldy 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
True Myths & Mythological Truths
At Hogwarts over winter hols eighth year, Hermione and Draco have some special magical creatures to take care of. When there’s an accident involving Draco (of course), it leads to some interesting revelations…and possibly more.
verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:oneshot  status:complete  genre:fluff  author:eevilalice 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Role-playing Your Old Enemy
Hermione and Draco’s constant fighting escalates to the point where their boss at the Ministry has to step in. As punishment, they’re ordered to do a role-playing exercise—one (work) week of behaving like they think the other acts, in all situations. The results aren’t entirely what the boss had in mind.
verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:crossdressing  kink:roleplay  author:eevilalice 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Spill Your Breakfast, Drip Your Wine
If Hermione is honest with herself, her singular attraction to Malfoy began back at Hogwarts the first time she saw him looking anything but the sleek-haired, immaculately dressed prat she’d come to loathe.
verse:hp  ship:hermione/draco  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom  author:eevilalice 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Better Lucky Than Good
Draco’s been using his cat Animagus form to mess with people. Harry likes to make the punishment fit the crime.
verse:hp  status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:draco/harry  kink:pet-play  kink:bdsm  kink:collar  author:lokifan 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
In your arms i am a wild creature
He feels warm all over, suddenly, and kind of like he wants to hug her, but she’d probably break his arm and he doesn’t really want to deal with that right now. “What, comfort sex? A pity fuck? No,” she assures him, dry as dust, “I wasn’t trying to heal your man pain with my vagina. I meant what I said, about taking care of you.”
ship:natasha/steve  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  verse:marvel  author:singmyheart 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
The same deep water as you
"I'm certainly learning all sorts of new things about you on this mission, Steve."
ship:natasha/steve  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom  kink:collar  verse:marvel  author:musesfool 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
The Pleasure in the Pain
"Oh, I think I'd like a night in," Loki says lightly. Without lowering his voice in the slightest, he adds, "Just you, me, and whatever delightful torture devices you've prepared for me this evening." Final follow up to More Than Bliss.
status:complete  length:oneshot  ship:natasha/loki  kink:femdom  verse:marvel  author:tristesses 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Sharp-Dressed Man
For such an advanced society, Asgardians are very fond of leather. Natasha appreciates this, and by extension, so does Loki. A stand-alone sequel to More Than Bliss.
ship:natasha/loki  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:leather  verse:marvel  author:tristesses 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind
Shame and desire; cruelty and kindness. Loki doesn't know which he craves more. This was written for the Kink Bingo square "pegging/strap-ons," and is a stand-alone sequel (read: total PWP) to More Than Bliss. Also contains reference to chastity play and slight (self) humiliation.
ship:natasha/loki  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:pegging  verse:marvel  author:tristesses 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
More Than Bliss
The first time she sees Loki again, Natasha nearly puts a bullet in his skull. The second time, he threatens to kill her. By the third time, she has him on his knees and begging for her touch, and what's more, he likes it.
ship:natasha/loki  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom  kink:chastity  verse:marvel  author:tristesses  rating:outstanding 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Power and Control
Once a week, at 7:00 PM, the video feed of Loki’s cell goes black for approximately two hours. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents responsible for monitoring the feed understand that this is not a glitch, nor is it something they need to investigate. When the feed returns, Loki is still there, and the cell is undisturbed.
ship:natasha/loki  status:complete  length:oneshot  kink:femdom  kink:dubcon  verse:marvel  author:apiouscruelty 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Sweet Torture
The weekly obligatory dinner at the Malfoys’ was a dull event, but that didn’t mean Pansy couldn’t make things interesting.
verse:hp  ship:pansy/draco  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:bdsm  author:praevarus 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
Sam has a love-hate relationship with Ruby and the cock cage she locks him into.
verse:supernatural  ship:ruby/sam  length:oneshot  status:complete  kink:femdom  kink:bdsm  kink:chastity  kink:cane  author:madapricot 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
On the Outside Looking In
Everyone believes Salazar Slytherin was evil, except for those who try to further his ideals... but thousand years is a long time, and everything fades with time. For though Slytherin may have been dark, there is no black and white, only shades of grey.
author:snakesandlionsunite  length:oneshot  status:complete  verse:hp  era:founders 
april 2015 by onethirdlilith
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