Markdown Tables generator -
Easily create tables in extended Markdown format supported by Markdown Here and GFM.
Markdown  Table  generator 
august 2018
Creating a Cluster with an EC2 Task Using the ECS CLI - Amazon Elastic Container Service
This tutorial shows you how to set up a cluster and deploy a task using the EC2 launch type.
Creating  a  Cluster  with  an  EC2  Task  Using  the  ECS  CLI 
march 2018
Setting up SSL on GitHub Pages
Keanu's Tech Ramblings is a blog that highlights some of the work I do. Topics of interest include web development and Polymer.
cloudflare  ssl  github  pages 
february 2017
larsks/gitdriver: Create a git repository from the revision history of a document in Google Drive.
gitdriver - Create a git repository from the revision history of a document in Google Drive.
google  doc  to  git  repo 
november 2016
PM2 — Advanced App Configuration with JSON File
Future Studio provides on-demand learning & wants you to become a better Android (Retrofit, Gson, Glide) and Node.js/hapi.js developer!
PM2    Advanced  App  Configuration  with  JSON  File 
september 2016
How to Make a Cheap, Low-Profile Wooden Bed Frame
This is how I made a low-profile bed frame cheaply from wood slats.  We want our mattress low to the ground so if our daughter ever falls out of bed, she doesn't have far to go.  We learned the trick of putting the family bed on the ground from Christy's parents, and wanted to give it a try.  However, the floor in our bedroom is uninsulated, and putting a mattress directly against a cold floor is a great way to grow mold.  This frame raises the mattress 1.5 inches...
september 2016
Passing environment-dependent variables in webpack - Stack Overflow
resolve: {
alias: {
config: path.join(__dirname, 'config', process.env.NODE_ENV)
webpack  config  environments  env 
june 2016
Find a rental car or make money renting your car Turo
Rent any car you want, wherever you want it, from our nationwide community of local car owners, or make extra money renting out your car.
car  sharing  rental 
may 2016
DAO/Token.sol at master · slockit/DAO
The Standard DAO Framework, inc. Whitepaper
dao  standard  token  conract  ethereum 
may 2016
The DAO - Home
The DAO - the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization on the Ethereum blockchain
may 2016
heroku plugins:install git://
multiple  heroku  accounts 
april 2015
Contribute to webpack-howto development by creating an account on GitHub.
webpack  guide  how  to  example 
january 2015
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