GG Marmont | Borse Donna | Scopri la Collezione | Gucci
La borsa GG Marmont è disponibile in varie funzioni e misure: borse shopping, borse a spalla, marsupi, zaini, borse mini con catena e borse a secchiello.
gucci  fashion  webdesign 
july 2019
How to listen — Genetics Unzipped
How to listen to the Genetics Unzipped podcast on iTunes, Apple Podcasts,
Blubrry, Spreaker, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and Alexa (Amazon Echo)
may 2019
The Copenhagen Interpretation of Ethics
The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics says that you can have a particle spinning clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time – until you look at it, at which point it definit…
work  volunteering  ethics  copenhagen  alexhacker 
april 2019
Chord Player for Ableton Push, Push 2, and Novation Launchpad
Play Chords like a Pro with just one finger on the Chord Player for Ableton Push, Push 2, and Novation Launchpad!
production  ableton  push2  chords  piano 
april 2019
Don't fear superintelligent AI
New tech spawns new anxieties, says scientist and philosopher Grady Booch, but we don't need to be afraid an all-powerful, unfeeling AI. Booch allays our worst (sci-fi induced) fears about superintelligent computers by explaining how we'll teach, not program, them to share our human values. Rather than worry about an unlikely existential threat, he urges us to consider how artificial intelligence will enhance human life.
towatch  tedtalk 
april 2019
Cosmic Pursuits – Basic astronomy and night sky information
Get a free email subscription to Cosmic Pursuits and learn more about astronomy, stargazing, and the night sky.
astronomy  newsletter 
april 2019
‘My Husband Read My Journal and Now He’s Upset!’
In this week’s Ask Polly, the Cut’s advice columnist Heather Havrilesky answers a question from a reader who wrote down negative thoughts about her husband — and then he read them.
askpolly  advice  marriage  diary 
march 2019
Pins Collective – Express Yourself
Pin ONE by Pins Collective is a LCD pin that you can wear as a part of your outfit. You control it from the app and can show both still and moving GIFs.
shopping  online  fashion  badge  lcd 
march 2019
Custom laptop stickers. Print or download.
Celebrate success with mission-patch.com stickers for your team.
laptop  sticker  mission  patch  work 
february 2019
Modern Alternatives to PGP
Did your last Yubikey just break? Perhaps you forgot an offline backup password.
Maybe you're just tired of living like a spy
[https://gist.github.com/grugq/03167bed45e774551155] and never using
smartphones. Whatever it is, you're here, and you're finally ready to give up
PGP [https://blog.filippo.io/giving-up-on-long-term-pgp]. That's great!

We're here to help!No one was sending you encrypted emails anyway, so that's
easy enough. But the most widespread uses of PGP are machine-oriented, fo
security  pgp  encryption  work  wormhole  filetransfer 
february 2019
Move fast and migrate things: how we automated migrations in Postgres
At Benchling, we’re building a platform to help scientists do research. Hundreds of thousands of scientists across academia and enterprise clients use Benchling to store and analyze scientific data…
migration  blog  postgresql  database 
february 2019
Can't Unsee
A game where your attention to details earns you a lot of coins. WARNING: Once you see the difference between the images, you won't be able to unsee it
css  game  webdesign 
february 2019
The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial
Syntorial is more than just another synth tutorial. It's video game-like training software, that will teach you how to program synth patches by ear.
tutorial  game  learning  synthesis  music  audio  synthesizer  webapp 
february 2019
The delivery manager role in DWP Digital – DWP Digital
Bev The title ‘Delivery Manager’ can have different interpretations depending on which organisation you are part of. As a delivery manager within DWP Digital my role is to ensure that high quality …
work  deliverymanager  agile  scrum  kanban  dwp 
february 2019
webSamplr is an instant real-time sampler that samples anything from the web into Ableton Live on record armed tracks. The plugin was written for artists, producers and indie movie scorers to rapidly prototype and write sampling music in Ableton Live and setup a live sampling workflow. It has a built in browser in terms of Max's jweb object. The browser is supported by a SQL Lite database of sources classified into 5 types: music, samples, radio, video, social media. The plugin also displays the sample rate of the current sample being streamed and a spectrogram of the audio. ANY donations in support are welcome. Read more about the setup at: https://sandcobainer.github.io/audioblog-/max/2019/01/26/webSamplr.html. Disclaimer: webSamplr has an external routing dependency in terms of soundflower (Mac) or audio jack (Win).
ableton  sampling  web 
january 2019
CSS LEGO Minifigure Maker
Swap heads, change colors, take it apart, and rebuild it! #LegoLove...
webdesign  CSS  lego 
january 2019
Command-line client for WebSockets, like netcat (or curl) for ws:// with advanced socat-like functions - vi/websocat
webdevelopment  websockets  client  utility 
january 2019
Musicmap | The Ultimate Genealogy of Popular Music Genres
Musicmap provides the ultimate genealogy of all popular music genres and combines any information regarding music genres and history in one dynamic map
music  history  wiki  visualization 
january 2019
Richard Feynman on Science vs. Religion and Why Uncertainty Is Central to Morality
"It is impossible to find an answer which someday will not be found to be wrong."
feynman  science  religion  agnosticism  atheism 
january 2019
Customized Midi Controller. Contribute to xnamahx/Push2x development by creating an account on GitHub.
ableton  push2  midi 
january 2019
Finds your project's missing sounds and resurrects them. - anthonylauzon/ableton_resurrector
ableton  github  utility 
january 2019
𝔟 on Twitter
“i'm into

⚪️ men
⚪️ women
🔘 researching the menu ahead of time so i know exactIy what to order”
funny  bisexuality  twitter 
january 2019
Grain Delay: Ableton’s Hidden Gem
Transform your everyday recordings into glistening bursts of harmony.
january 2019
ArduTouch on Kitspace
==> ARDUTOUCH KITS ARE AVAILABLE at CornfieldElectronics.com <== ArduTouch is an Arduino-compatible music synthesizer kit with a built-in touch keyboard, and with built-in speaker/amplifier. Build it, and it works! Way low cost (currently $30.) It comes pre-programmed with a music synthesizer (called "Thick") that makes really nice sounds and music and noise. Other diverse synthesizers available at CornfieldElectronics.com . An ArduTouch Arduino library is available for programming in more super nice synthesizer features. The ArduTouch Arduino library comes with many way cool example synthesizer sketches that also serve as a tutorial for making your own ArduTouch synthesizers (which are Arduino sketches). For those who want to learn more, the documentation teaches the basics of Digital Signal Processing for audio generation (with more documentation to come)).
arduino  synthesizer  music  hackspace 
january 2019
Gradient Puzzle
A 500-piece color gradient puzzle made by Areaware. Shop our Gradient Puzzle in five colors - red/yellow, blue/green, black/white, pink/blue and yellow/green. Now available in a smaller 100-piece size. The perfect gift for a design-minded, color-obsessed, puzzle fanatic.
games  puzzle  toys  jigsaw 
december 2018
Circuit App
Learn music production with interactive tutorials using your own instruments.
music  production  ableton  push2  learning  tutorial 
december 2018
BLOCKS: The Instrument That Grows With You | ROLI
BLOCKS is the modular music making system that grows with you. Each Block is incredibly powerful, putting musical expression right at your fingertips. Start with one Block. Connect more Blocks together. Customize the instrument that’s right for you, and grow all the way with your music.
music  midi  controller  ableton  keyboard 
december 2018
Acclaimed audio interfaces, studio monitors, and keyboard controllers
midi  controller  keyboard 
december 2018
mike rankin
As a hobby I love to design hardware that typically uses Atmel processors & Oled displays. I'm a big supporter of Open Source design & the sharing of knowled...
maker  hacking  electronics 
december 2018
Review: Forgotten portrait of artist who endured rape trial
This 400-year-old work by the greatest female artist of the Baroque period feels incredibly modern.
gentileschi  art  painting  history 
december 2018
We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in GIFs
In this op-ed, Lauren Michele Jackson tackles the recurring use of black people as reaction GIFs and its implications in terms of broader “digital blackface.”
blog  racism  blackface 
december 2018
Etymotic Research | ETY•Plugs® Earplugs
<h2>High-Fidelity Earplugs</h2>
<p>ETY&bull;Plugs&reg; are the world&rsquo;s highest fidelity non-custom earplugs. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music. ETY&bull;Plugs are configured to re
hearing  earblobs  earplugs  sound  health 
december 2018
Papercraft Computers
Rocky Bergen makes paper models of vintage electronics and computing gear. And here's the cool bit...you can download the pl
papercraft  history  computers  gifts 
december 2018
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