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HPE: Moral Code, The Ethics of AI
Video directed by Dress Code about the ethics of AI.
Great simple graphic and type animations.
type  text  video  film  animation  infographic  explainer  motion 
july 2018 by oliverdonovan
Justice – Stop
Super cool music video for Justice by Mrzyk & Moriceau.
Great cell animated transitions that are treated to look super digital.
All line work.
line  music  video  animation  cell  illustration  glow  justice 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
ILL Studio – Another Reality – Nowness
Really cool video by Ill Studio about different planes of 'reality' ... including augmented reality. Very stylized and precise art direction.
video  film  reality  nowness  retro  digital  artdirection  style 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
Kali Uchis – After The Storm
Amazingly art directed and funny music video directed by Nadia Lee Cohen.
music  video  rap  film  art  direction  retro  pop  style 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
Christine and the Queens ft Tunji Ige – No Harm is Done
the prelude to the 'Jonathan' video.
Also had beautiful light/neon effects and dancing.
light  queens  dance  video  film  music  installation  neon  glow  smoke 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
Christine and The Queens + Perfume Genius – Jonathan
Beautiful video with choreographed neon light tubes.
Also incredible song.
music  video  queens  light  neon  installation  film  dance 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e - “Agree”
Beautifully surreal music video for POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e - “Agree”
Director - Maria Juranic
music  video  motion  gfx  special  effects  cgi  surreal  film 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
Peter Campus – Three Transitions
Really cool early video effects by Peter Campus. Very beautiful and strange.
retro  video  effects  transitions  petercampus  videoart  art  artist 
may 2018 by oliverdonovan
MGMT When You Die
Really cool video that uses smart AI filters.
It ends up looking pretty cooky and trippy at points in a way I hadn't seen before.
Directors: Mike Burakoff & Hallie Cooper-Novack
music  video  filters  filter  effect  effects  trippy  mgmt 
april 2018 by oliverdonovan
SYFY Imagine Greater Spot
SYFY spot with insane budget.
whimsical, fantastical, magical, dream
video  tv  film  spot  specialeffects  dream  commercial  surreal 
october 2017 by oliverdonovan
VIZIO – Growth – Mishka Kornai
Beautiful 15 min piece about growth. Shot all from overhead. Totally gorgeous art direction and color. Very ethnographic. Feels like a kinder Koyaanisqatsi.
film  video  growth  aerial  camera  director  commercial  nonprofit  story  human  ethnographic 
october 2017 by oliverdonovan
Justice – 'Pleasure' Directed by Alex Courtés
Beautiful music video of people having sex and their bodies morphing and changing. Including being impaled by neon tubes. Pretty spectacular.
music  video  FX  CG  3d  justice  animation  compositing  sex 
october 2017 by oliverdonovan
Populous - Azulejos [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Cool Video with animated patterns.
Dense, maximalist, alost art deco in its ornateness.

Directed by Emanuele Kabu
Thanks to: Laura, Faye and Andrea.
animation  motion  video  music  illustration  pattern  color 
september 2017 by oliverdonovan
Sqaurespace Build it Beautiful Campaign Videos
beautiful films of website content coming together slow motion in reverse.
so sophisticated!!
video  film  campaign  squarespace  slomo  slowmotion  reverse 
august 2017 by oliverdonovan
FITC 2016 8-Bit opening film
Really terrific opening title sequence for FITC in Toronto, 2016.
Super cool, glitchy video game animation work.
video  film  animation  fitc  8bit  game  retro  vintage  glitch 
august 2017 by oliverdonovan
The Function of Music with Jad Abumrad
Interview with Jad Abumrad of radiolab that uses some REALLY AMAZING film, video, and animation techniques to help make certain points. Really cool analog feel.
animation  motion  radio  film  effects  video  music  interview  radiolab 
august 2017 by oliverdonovan
Winston Hacking Collage videos
pretty incredible moving collage pieces.
Especially the Andy Shauf video for The Magician
collage  video  film  animation  music  assemblage  vintage  stopmotion  motion 
august 2017 by oliverdonovan
Joe Lewis – The Future of Storytelling
part of a really larger series of videos that vox media makes about the future of storytelling. this one has really great visual devices and animations that help punch up a somewhat dry interview with Joe Lewis.
interview  video  vox  media  animation  design  storytelling  ad  advertisement  commercial  documentary 
july 2017 by oliverdonovan
Coldplay Up and Up
really cool Coldplay video with image and footage compositing. So SO SO SO SO beautiful.
animation  video  film  archival  compositing  collage  vintage  remix  music  surreal 
august 2016 by oliverdonovan
More and More Ltd
London based studio that does very beautiful motion/video work mostly for Luxury and fashion clients.They did those awesome Stella McCartney athletic wear ads.
motion  studio  london  stellmccartney  film  video  portfolio 
june 2016 by oliverdonovan
Ron Hays – Odyssey (1979)
Trippy video art from late 70's. Very Artsy and strange.
video  film  experimental  abstract  animation  70s  motion  retro 
january 2015 by oliverdonovan
Stuart Langfield – Animator
Incredible animator – mixes 3d and digital with traditional animation.
Did a piece for the NYtimes Modern Love series that was SOOO beautiful.
animation  video  motion  story  illustration 
november 2014 by oliverdonovan
MAL – Milord and L'etiquette
Studio that did Yellé Complétement Fou video and Tigersushi videos.
So so so so beautiful, fun, funny, sexy, queer
design  graphic  video  animation  studio  portfolio  color 
october 2014 by oliverdonovan
Part of a Bigger Plan
Amazing animated stuff for Wallpaper awards and for Louis Vuitton ... and lots of others
animation  video  art  fashion  artist  movie  motion 
october 2014 by oliverdonovan
Very cool video animator guy.
Super interesting use of overlaid graphics on video.
Very manic but beautiful
animation  video  film  portfolio 
march 2014 by oliverdonovan
Fragments of RGB by Onformative
really cool RGB diode animations of faces, interactive I think. They distort as someone gets closer
installation  animation  dynamic  interactive  video  rgb  color 
january 2014 by oliverdonovan
Notes on Blidness
BEAUTIFUL short film about john hull and blindness. Very Dreamy. Super cool and sophisticated effects with still imagery

Directed by Peter Middleton & James Spinney
Presented by The New York Times Op-Docs
film  video  beauty  animation  motion  blind  director  documentary 
january 2014 by oliverdonovan
Finger Animation from Cyriak
freakkkkky good animation from the guy did that bonkers Bonobo video
art  animation  film  video  finger  humor 
december 2013 by oliverdonovan
STUFF and THINGS animation
Wonderful lo-fi animation
from jack cunningham
animation  video  lo-fi 
july 2013 by oliverdonovan
Smithsonian Seriously Amazing campaign
Behind the scenes of the Seriously amazing campaign with Smithsonian by Wolff Olins
design  advertising  campaign  museum  wolffolins  video 
may 2013 by oliverdonovan
Little sun
Cool solar powered light developed by Wolff Olins and Olafur Eliason.
Pretty sweet video and animations as well.
video  film  solar  sun  wolffolins  yellow  animation  sustainable 
may 2013 by oliverdonovan
REC room
GREAT GREAT GREAT free, Creative Commons License use stock footage and shooting tips
video  film  stock  freee  opensource 
may 2013 by oliverdonovan
DAVID KITT – it's up to you
music video with some cool typography animation stuff...simple but real cool
typography  music  animation  video  type 
december 2011 by oliverdonovan
Electronic Arts Intermix
Beautiful video and animation for Electronic arts intermix!
bright stripey wierd!!
film  video  art  animation  motion  graphic  inspiration  bright  color  stripes  logoresearch 
october 2011 by oliverdonovan
Ben and Julia
Really really really cool commercial directors
director  film  animation  design  inspiration  video  motion  color 
october 2011 by oliverdonovan
minus space
MINUS SPACE reductive art collective INCREDIBLE usually
art  artist  collective  film  video  animation  graphic  minusspace  minimal  geometric 
august 2011 by oliverdonovan
minus space artist...so digital think jeremy blake but not quite a sleek/slick
art  video  film  animation  graphic  difital  artist  minusspace 
august 2011 by oliverdonovan
massino ruberti
crazy video made from artist video footage. Super wierd naked people twisting
video  film  art  artist  footage  inspiration  music  animation 
july 2011 by oliverdonovan
nathaniel dorsky
cool guy...want to try reading him...or seeing his films
film  art  theory  artist  video  buddhism 
july 2011 by oliverdonovan
ivan argote
artist french...really cool films. One of all the strangers turning to look at the camera! amazing!!! Also love his website
french  art  artist  website  film  video  conceptual 
july 2011 by oliverdonovan
Com Truise by 10lb
design company in brooklyn that made this sweet compilation of computery graphics
design  motion  animation  film  video  studio  logoresearch 
june 2011 by oliverdonovan
miho kinomura
Directed some cool fashiony stuff.... this website is crazy
website  webdesign  design  video  film 
may 2011 by oliverdonovan
andrew thomas huang
crazy videos...he did the one for delphic and another really cool one called doll face
film  video  animation  3d  music  logoresearch  inspiration  design 
may 2011 by oliverdonovan
Narcisso Loco
y Blanche Alix / Xtron

France / 2002 / Color / 108 / Production : Canal+

Blanche Alix, prisonner of her reflection in the mirror, recomposes a new face for herself for complete fulfillment.
video  film  animation  trippy  logoresearch  inspiration 
may 2011 by oliverdonovan
sarah Morris
Am Pm beautiful film

( her film Capital is incredible too....and she does awesome paintings )
design  inspiration  art  artist  film  video 
march 2011 by oliverdonovan
noah klersfeld
incredible strange filtering video work....not sure yet how he does it...not sure i care...it's beautiful!!!
video  animation  design  art  artist  broadcast  inspiration 
march 2011 by oliverdonovan
Takashi Ito – Spacey
Incredible Japanese Experimental Film Maker from the eighties. Also Find Ghost!! It's incredible
film  video  art  artist  animation  motion  design  inspiration 
february 2011 by oliverdonovan
jeff harris
Photographer who has someone take a picture of him everyday. Beautiful
design  inspiration  photo  photographer  director  video  gb65research  fashion 
february 2011 by oliverdonovan
Patrick Daughters
He directed the video for No One Does It Like You
design  film  music  inspiration  video  dance  indie  animation  director 
january 2011 by oliverdonovan
Barbara Hammer
Amazing amazing amazing artist who did the videos of xray women putting on make up
art  artist  inspiration  video  film  feminism  queer 
december 2010 by oliverdonovan
Carolina Melis
design  graphic  illustration  motiongraphics  uk  awesome  animation  video 
august 2010 by oliverdonovan
kids of 88 video
special problems video for kids of 88
music  video  motion  design  inspiration 
august 2010 by oliverdonovan
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