Home | REXPaint - A powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor by Grid Sage Games
REXPaint, A powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor by Grid Sage Games
software  tool  graphics  ascii 
6 days ago
11 Heavy / Psych Albums that Shouldn’t Fly Under the Radar in 2018
Open up your third eyes to some obscure sounds to tickle your respective heavy psych fancies. Here is your 2018 Half-Year Haze Top Eleven!
music  list  psychedelic  heavy 
20 days ago
mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse: Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics.
Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics. - mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse
generativeart  algorithms  graphics 
4 weeks ago
A website showcasing my collection of generative sketches.
generativeart  gallery 
6 weeks ago
The founding of the 'algorists', their manifesto, and definition.
generativeart  artists 
12 weeks ago
Simple Made Easy
Rich Hickey emphasizes simplicity’s virtues over easiness’, showing that while many choose easiness they may end up with complexity, and the better way is to choose easiness along the simplicity path.
talk  clojure  richhickey 
september 2018
Clojure Newbie Guide
A quick guide for Clojure newbies
clojure  resources  list 
september 2018
Generative art by Anders Hoff · inconvergent
inconvergent is a generative art project by Anders Hoff.
generativeart  artist 
september 2018
mikera/clisk: The Clojure Image Synthesis Kit
The Clojure Image Synthesis Kit. Contribute to mikera/clisk development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojure  library  generativeart 
august 2018
Algorithmic worlds
Algorithmic art and fine art prints by Samuel Monnier.
generativeart  fractals  artist 
july 2018
Structure Synth
Structure Synth is a tool for creating 3D structures from a set of user specified rules.
software  generativeart  programming  graphics  3d 
july 2018
Sympathy for the Machine
A tactical approach to algebraic problem solving.
math  game 
july 2018
Subscribe to a podcast from the beginning - ⏪ rewind.website
rewind.website runs Cast Rewinder, which allows you to subscribe to a podcast from the beginning.
podcast  tool 
july 2018
Processing in Java - Happy Coding
Learn how to use Processing as a Java library.
programming  java  processing  howto 
july 2018
Rainglow Color Themes
A collection of over 320 synax color themes created by Dayle Rees for a variety of different editors and software.
programming  themes  plugin  vscode  ide 
july 2018
Animista is a place where you can play with a collection of ready to use CSS animations, tweak them and download only those you will actually use.
css  animation  tool  webdesign 
june 2018
Generative Artistry
Generative art tutorials, news and love.
generativeart  javascript  tutorial  list 
june 2018
Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days
A practical introduction to the programming language Scheme
programming  book  scheme 
may 2018
vuetube - Video resources that will help you to improve your Vue skills
Videos about: vuejs, vuex, vue-router, testing, talks, conf, vue-material, nuxt
vue  video  list  webdev 
may 2018
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