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How the Pros Choose Microphone Preamps | Universal Audio
When it comes to iconic mic preamps, the "Big Four" manufacturers — Neve, API, SSL, and Universal Audio — are responsible for some of the most revered preamps ever made.
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march 2019 by odelano
In the Studio with Jamie Lidell: Varispeed Vocals in Pro | Reverb News
If you've been keeping up with our In the Studio with Jamie Lidell series here on Reverb, you've so far seen the producer show us how to combat the blank slate phenomenon using his Needle Drop Ableton Live patch as well as how to turn a handful of monosynths into one big polysynth.
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december 2018 by odelano
Five Essential Peter Green Live Solos - GuitarPlayer.com
Photo of Peter Green by Jan Perrson   Eric Clapton, during his tenure in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in 1966, is often credited with being the first musician to play searing blues-inspired solos with his Gibson Les Paul plugged into a Marshall running at maximum volume.
Archive  guitar  music  peter  green 
november 2018 by odelano
Fretboard Memorization: Three Steps to Neck Knowledge | TAB - GuitarPlayer.com
Learning all the notes on the fretboard is one of the simplest steps you can take to elevate your playing.
Archive  exercises  guitar  music  theory  practice 
october 2018 by odelano
"Right On the Seat of Losing It All": Richard | Reverb News
On November 2, Richard Devine is releasing Sort/Lave, an album six years in the making.
Archive  ableton  devine  modular  music  production  performance  richard  synth 
october 2018 by odelano
Lost John Coltrane Recording From 1963 Will Be Released at Last - The New York Times
If you heard the John Coltrane Quartet live in the early-to-mid-1960s, you were at risk of having your entire understanding of performance rewired. This was a ground-shaking band, an almost physical being, bearing a promise that seemed to reach far beyond music.
Archive  coltrane  jazz  music 
june 2018 by odelano
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; The Miracle of Coltrane: Dead at 40, Still Vital at 75 - The New York Times
Performing artists like John Coltrane don't usually become famous. He was quiet, generous, even-tempered, honest, unjudgmental. There are no published reports of his flying off the handle, and he had no apparent gift for public relations.
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june 2018 by odelano
10 Things We Learned From 'Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars' Doc - Rolling Stone
Lili Fini Zanuck's documentary Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars follows the guitarist as he pursues a single-minded mission to raise the profile of the blues in popular culture.
Archive  eric  clapton  guitar  music 
march 2018 by odelano
Derek Trucks is arguably the most compelling and accomplished exponent of blues and rock slide guitar today.
Archive  derek  trucks  gear  guitar  music  open  e  sg  slide  tuning 
march 2018 by odelano
6 Tools Every Beginner Should Know How to Use in Logic | Reverb News
Though Apple's Logic Pro X may seem simple at first glance, it’s jam-packed with features under the hood. And while this is great for seasoned professionals, it can be off-putting for beginners just getting started with the software.
Archive  logic  pro  x  music  software  tips 
february 2018 by odelano
Eric Clapton's 50 Greatest Guitar Moments - Guitar World
There was a time when the name Eric Clapton meant one thing and one thing only: guitar god. His incendiary six-string exploits with the Yardbirds, followed by a pair of mind-blowing 1966 albums—Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton and Fresh Cream—briefly put the passionate young Clapton atop the U.
Archive  eric  clapton  guitar  music 
november 2017 by odelano
Eric Clapton Discusses His Star-Studded J.J. Cale Tribute Album, 'The Breeze' - Guitar World
Robert Johnson and J.J. Cale represent the yin and yang of Eric Clapton’s musical influences. On one side is Johnson, the famously troubled Thirties-era Mississippi bluesman who moaned about hellhounds on his trail, spooks around his bed and those lowdown, shakin’ chills.
Archive  eric  clapton  guitar  music 
november 2017 by odelano
Learn to Play: Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" On Guitar | Reverb
All guitar legends have moments on record when they played something so fresh, compelling and memorable that it forced everyone to stop and listen. That's what makes them legends and not merely great guitarists. Van Halen and "Eruption." Page and the solo from "Stairway To Heaven." Hendrix and...
Archive  cream  eric  clapton  gibson  guitar  marshall  music  practice  recording  video  woman  tone 
april 2017 by odelano
Weekend Woodshed: 5 Reasons To Film Yourself Playing | Reverb
Beyond his incredible athleticism and skill, LeBron James is a student of the game of basketball. He watches countless hours of film, examining his own strengths and weaknesses as much as those of the players around him. This is why he is extraordinary and not merely great.
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march 2017 by odelano
The Best Wireless Headphones for TV - headphone.com
This time of year we always get lots of questions about finding the best headphones for TV listening. There are probably around one million wireless headphone choices for TV out there (give or take), but here at Headphone.
Archive  digital  headphones  music  tech  tv  wireless 
march 2017 by odelano
Get Ready for a New Eric Clapton Documentary, 'A Life in 12 Bars' | GuitarPlayer
The film, Eric Clapton: A Life in 12 Bars, will be distrubuted by Showtime Documentary Films in North America and rolled out at film festivals later this year. In 2018, it will be shown in select theaters and on TV.
Archive  documentary  eric  clapton  guitar  music 
february 2017 by odelano
Exploring Eric Clapton's Collaborations with George Harrison and The Beatles | Guitar World
In the late Sixties, the Beatles and Eric Clapton kicked off a nearly five-decade-long tradition of recorded collaborations.
Archive  beatles  eric  clapton  guitar  harrison  music 
november 2016 by odelano
The art of listening | Society of Sound
Bowers & Wilkins is 50 years old in 2016. As part of the celebrations of these five decades in the world of high-performance audio, we are running a series of blogs that investigate our history, our people, our technologies and our products.
Archive  b&w  music 
november 2016 by odelano
Jol Dantzig's Esoterica Electrica: I Have Seen the Enemy, and It’s OS | Premier Guitar
Will the future of guitar technology “chip” away at the human essence of music-making? And should we proceed just because something can be done? When I was a kid, there were countless stories in the popular media about the world of the future.
Archive  diy  guitar  guitars  mods  music 
november 2016 by odelano
The Best Apps for Making Music with iPad | Reverb
Miller Puckette, creator of Max and Pure Data platforms and music professor at UC San Diego, spoke at NYU about his work with computer music back in 2013. In his opening, he wondered aloud at why these devices that are primarily designed to do office work continue to enchant musicians.
Archive  apple  ios  iphone  music  tech 
november 2016 by odelano
Choosing the Right Cable | GuitarPlayer
There is a way to fine tune your tone that often gets overlooked but can really help put some icing on your tonal cake: your guitar cord. I used to think a cable should simply get the signal from point A to point B as transparently as possible.
Archive  cables  capacitance  electronics  guitar  music 
october 2016 by odelano
Guitar Essentials: 20 Pro Tips and Exercises to Improve Your Playing | TAB | GuitarPlayer
Has your playing reached the dreaded plateau? Are you practicing religiously but don’t seem to be improving? Chances are there are a few reasons for this, but fortunately, it’s not difficult to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.
Archive  exercise  fitness  guitar  health  music  practice 
october 2016 by odelano
7 Tips for Writing Great Guitar Songs - TrueFire's Guitar Blog
Writing songs on guitar can be easy. Writing great songs on guitar can be nigh impossible. We asked veteran songwriter, recording artist, and guitar maestro, Matthieu Brandt to offer up the skinny on how you can start writing better songs now. Writers are observers.
Archive  guitar  music  songwriting  writing 
september 2016 by odelano
Dave’s Corner: Speakers For Guitar-Tone Tweakers | Reverb
It’s no longer much of a secret that swapping speakers can yield one of the fastest and most comprehensive tone overhauls a guitarist can achieve, yet plenty of players still don’t give adequate thought to their speakers as a significant means of tone tweakage.
Archive  amps  attenuators  music  speakers 
september 2016 by odelano
Mind-Blowing Mid-Range: A Look At The Frequencies That Make The Cut | Pro Guitar Shop
The mid-range tones have the greatest impact on the definition of any musical sound.
Archive  guitar  loudness  midrange  music 
september 2016 by odelano
The GrooveWasher Record Cleaning System includes: - Solid milled American Walnut handle with industrial velcro to hold the cleaning pads securely yet allow them to be removed as needed.
Archive  cleaning  how  stuff  works  music  vinyl 
august 2016 by odelano
Richard Devine: Inside the Modular Mind of a Synthesis Pioneer
Richard Devine is on the cutting edge of sound design and electronic music. He has remixed top artists like Aphex Twin; released his own full-length albums on Detroit Underground, Warp, Schematic, and Sublight records; and performed ear-tearing music mayhem worldwide.
Archive  devine  music 
july 2016 by odelano
Eric Clapton Talks Gear, Robert Johnson and New Album, 'I Still Do' | Guitar World
When last we heard from Eric Clapton, he was dropping hints about retiring, alluding to a time in the not-too-distant future when he might claim his gold watch and lay down his guitar for good.
Archive  blues  eric  clapton  guitar  music 
june 2016 by odelano
What Was It Like Recording with Prince? | Reverb
Paisley Park Studios, the factory-sized bunker where Prince recorded 30 of his own and many other albums is a 65,000 square-foot, $10 million complex that housed recording suites, sound stages, ballrooms and more.
Archive  inspiration  music  prince  recording  techniques 
may 2016 by odelano
6 DIY Audio Mastering Tips | Reverb
Mastering is all about two things: the gear and the ear.
Archive  mastering  music  tips 
april 2016 by odelano
The Myth of Excalibur: 5 Famous Records Made with Less Famous Instruments | Reverb
The hero’s bigger-than-life persona dominates the massive stage. Clutching the mighty weapon that brings hope and joy to so many, he stands tall, sets his feet wide apart, arches his back and tilts his face toward the heavens.
Archive  1password  copies  gear  guitar  guitars  music  tone 
january 2016 by odelano
How to Build a Post-Rock Pedalboard | Reverb
Post-rock normally is associated with instrumental bands that deviate from popular song structure by building soundscapes and textures that reach crescendos and invoke emotions — without vocals or even speaking a word. The instruments are their voices.
Archive  gear  guitar  music  pedalboards 
january 2016 by odelano
Gobbler integration in Logic Pro – Gobbler Knowledge Base
If you’re a Logic Pro X user, you can use Gobbler to sync, version, and share your projects and mixdowns - all without ever leaving your DAW. In this article, you’ll learn how to use each feature of Gobbler, natively in Logic.
Archive  logic  music  productivity 
december 2015 by odelano
  The respective ceramic-magnet descendants of these models—marketed in similar designations with a “C” prefix in place of the “P” prefix—were the voice of many ’60s classics.
Archive  amps  gear  music  speakers  tech 
december 2015 by odelano
Here's a visual tour of what's new in Reaktor 6 - Create Digital Music
Reaktor 6 arrives today, and it’s the most significant update to Native Instruments’ deep modular environment in years. Blocks, which we cover separately, are clearly the banner feature. But there’s a lot of new functionality both apart from Blocks and underlying it. Let’s take a tour.
Archive  javascript  music  programming  python  reaktor  ux 
november 2015 by odelano
The 10 Most Important Saxophone Models and Their Players | Reverb
While characterized by a shiny bell, intricate key work, neck and an S-shaped curvature, the saxophone has undergone countless design changes and innovations since Adolf Sax invented it in 1846.
Archive  jazz  music  players  reverb  saxophone 
november 2015 by odelano
After nearly 50 years of publication, we're bound to have published—in print or online—thousands of useful tips for guitarists.
Archive  guitar  music  theory 
november 2015 by odelano
Fretboard Knowledge! Put Every Note, Chord and Scale Directly Under Your Fingers | TAB | GuitarPlayer
If you’ve never taken formal guitar studies, chances are you’re familiar with some basic fretboard patterns that you use over and over. While this might get you through most playing situations, the fact is that unless you can navigate all of the fretboard, you’re ignoring large sections of it.
Archive  fretboard  guitar  learning  music 
october 2015 by odelano
Learn 10 Easy-to-Play Strummers from the 1970s | GuitarPlayer
Kicked off by Mick Fleetwood’s driving drum pattern, “Go Your Own Way” is one of the many songs from Rumours that deals with the breakups occurring among the band’s partners at this time in their history. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham wrote the song.
Archive  bell  bottom  blues  eric  clapton  music 
october 2015 by odelano
Dave’s Corner: The Break-in Factor | Reverb
Part of the mystique of vintage guitars and amplifiers is that they supposedly sound better than when they were new due to their many decades of making music. Less is said, however, about how new gear can improve with use.
Archive  amps  boutique  break  in  gear  guitar  music 
october 2015 by odelano
How To Change Electric Guitar Strings | Reverb
Changing your guitar strings is an important skill to have as a player. Not only that, but getting rid of those grimy old strings in favor of a shiny new set will show just how much your strings affect tone and sustain.
Archive  changing  strings  guitar  music 
october 2015 by odelano
Chronic Pain and the Working Musician | Reverb
Severe chronic pain has left Joshua Trost, guitarist for The Feral Americans, unable to perform publicly. “My hand problem has prevented us from even doing much practicing,” Trost says. “We’re pretty much in limbo right now because of it.”
Archive  chronic  pain  guitar  health  music 
october 2015 by odelano
Missing link - IFTTT
Like many pattern-based virtual drum instruments, Drummer comes with a comprehensive collection of pre-programmed performances, but the way the user interacts with the instrument to construct a performance from those grooves and fills is a little different than many other drum plug-ins.
Archive  drums  logic  pro  x  music  production 
october 2015 by odelano
Missing link - IFTTT
Not long ago, I had the chance of not only writing a review of, but also the pleasure of getting to teach a course on Liquid Rhythm—An amazing, MIDI, drum editing application from WaveDNA that can act in standalone, and as a VST/AU plug-in.
Archive  ableton  guitar  music  theory  plugin 
october 2015 by odelano
Learning all the notes on the fretboard is one of the simplest steps you can take to elevate your playing.
Archive  fretboard  guitar  music  notes  productivity 
september 2015 by odelano
Gregory Scott: Demolishing The Myths Of Compression - Attack Magazine
Kush Audio guru Gregory Scott addresses the most common misconceptions about compression. Compressors… 99% of us use them and most of us have a solid understanding of what they do, when and how to use them, and, critically, how to get what we need from them.
Archive  compression  kush  music  production 
september 2015 by odelano
Isolated Guitar Tracks, Part II: 12 More Revealing Recordings | GuitarPlayer
Give them a listen, and see what new tones, techniques and nuances you hear in these familiar tracks, which include cuts by Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Queen and many more!
Archive  guitar  isolated  music 
september 2015 by odelano
Notetracks review – Notetracks Inc bring their musical collaboration tool to the App Store - Music App Blog
Way back when (er… well, pre- the explosion of broadband internet connectivity) musicians met at gigs or music stores or college, bands formed and collaboration began. You rehearsed where anyone would let you make a noise and you booked a recording studio to capture a demo or three.
Archive  collab  ios  music 
august 2015 by odelano
E.C. Listening: Eric Clapton's 50 Greatest Guitar Moments | Guitar World
Guitar World celebrates the 50 greatest guitar moments of Eric Clapton's five-decade career—from the Yardbirds to Cream to Derek and the Dominos and beyond. There was a time when the name Eric Clapton meant one thing and one thing only: guitar god.
Archive  amps  eric  clapton  gear  guitar  music 
august 2015 by odelano
Eric Clapton's 10 Greatest Guitar Moments | VIDEO | GuitarPlayer
There was a time when the name Eric Clapton meant one thing and one thing only: guitar god. His six-string exploits with the Yardbirds, followed by a pair of mind-blowing 1966 albums—Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton and Fresh Cream—briefly put the passionate young Clapton atop the U.K.
Archive  eric  clapton  guitar  music 
august 2015 by odelano
Dave's Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part III | Reverb
This Nashville-based manufacturer is headed by Jamie Scott, a clever designer whose mad scientist-like nature belies the fact that he labored as a true rock warrior for many years before retiring to solder town, touring with major label bands in the 1980s and 1990s.
Archive  amps  boutique  gear  guitar  music 
august 2015 by odelano
Dave's Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part IV | Reverb
Set the destination to “Further” and onward we go through our potentially never-ending guide to the tube amps found in that esoteric display case generally known as the “boutique” market.
Archive  amps  boutique  gear  guitar  music 
august 2015 by odelano
download — Polyjam Touch Music
Archive  harmony  m4l  music  scales 
july 2015 by odelano
EarSketch helps you learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun, engaging environment.
Archive  composing  lesson  music  programming  tutorial 
july 2015 by odelano
The Moog Werkstatt-Ø1 is a patchable, 100% little analog synthesizer whose design is based on classic Moog circuits. It was created as an educational tool for teaching electronics assembly and analog circuit design.
Archive  arduino  electronics  moog  music  synth  tech  werkstatt 
july 2015 by odelano
5 Tips for the Apartment Guitarist | Reverb
When you live in an apartment, chances are you don't have a spacious home studio with isolation booths, amp rooms, close and distant microphone set-ups, and massive consoles with gargantuan monitors.
Archive  apartment  gear  guitars  headphones  music 
july 2015 by odelano
Derek Trucks: Soul Wheels and Modern Problems
When musical couple Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi decided to put their highly successful solo outfits on hold in 2010 to form Tedeschi Trucks Band, many fans thought of their family band as a stopgap fusion of their previous projects.
Archive  amps  derek  trucks  eric  clapton  gear  guitar  music 
july 2015 by odelano
The Cruel Truth About Rock And Roll : The Record : NPR
Last week, a story about Jackie Fuchs, centered around her account of being raped by the late music entrepreneur Kim Fowley in a motel room full of people on New Year's Eve in 1975, challenged the very idea that rock and roll is something worth loving.
Archive  music  scandal  sex 
july 2015 by odelano
46 Chord Shapes You Must Know: A Guide to Chord Subtitutions | GuitarPlayer
There are many ways to vary almost any basic chord. But in order to do this spontaneously, you need to have a fully stocked folder in your brain’s filing cabinet, one containing heaps of chord types that can be used as replacements for a basic progression’s “stock” chord.
Archive  chords  guitar  music  theory 
july 2015 by odelano
Learn To Play: Diatonic Chord Progressions | Reverb
The major scale uses its "allowance" of five whole steps and two half steps in this way: whole-whole-half-whole-whole-whole-half. This gives it a pleasant and warm tonal flavor. Whether that's inherent to the scale or just a function of it being so familiar is a matter of debate.
Archive  chords  guitar  music  theory 
july 2015 by odelano
sE Electronics - Reflexion Filters™
When you put a microphone in front of you, it doesn't just hear you - it hears the room around you. Even if it's a cardioid mic and is listening mostly to just you, it's still picking up reflections from your voice or instrument that are bouncing off the walls and coming back to the mic.
Archive  mic  music  recording  tech 
june 2015 by odelano
Dave's Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part I | Reverb
Founded in 1988, Dr Z has long been one of the biggest names on the boutique scene, and several key factors have helped to keep it that way.
Archive  boutique  electronics  gear  music  tone 
june 2015 by odelano
Dave's Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part II | Reverb
Rather than copying or updating the classics, like so many boutique makers do, Steve Carr of North Carolina’s Carr Amplifiers has long been dedicated to devising inspiringly original circuits and amp designs to achieve great tone and superb functionality for today’s guitarist.
Archive  amps  boutique  electronics  gear  music  tone 
june 2015 by odelano
Dave's Corner: Boutique Amp Guide Part III | Reverb
This Nashville-based manufacturer is headed by Jamie Scott, a clever designer whose mad scientist-like nature belies the fact that he labored as a true rock warrior for many years before retiring to solder town, touring with major label bands in the 1980s and 1990s.
Archive  amps  boutique  gear  music 
june 2015 by odelano
Elastic Drums review – synth-based drum machine from the developers of Wretch Up - Music App Blog
Virtual drum machines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and, depending upon quite how you choose to interpret the ‘drum machine’ label, you might go from something more towards the virtual drummer end of the spectrum (the excellent DrumPerfect, for example) through to the more modest of the
Archive  drums  ios  music  production 
june 2015 by odelano
Diode-108 review – drum machine app from Vibrant Digital Engineering - Music App Blog
While perhaps not as well stocked as the iOS synth app category, if you want a virtual drum machine app to run on your iPad, there are a number of very good contenders, whether that’s a dedicated app or a set of ‘drum and groove tools’ within another app.
Archive  drums  ios  music 
may 2015 by odelano
Gumdrops review – beat-making drum machine app from Hanson Interactive - Music App Blog
Trying to keep up with all the music app releases (well, all the interesting releases anyway) is quite a challenge as it seems that every week there are new apps or updates of established favourites to get to grips with.
Archive  drums  ios  music 
may 2015 by odelano
50 Greatest Live Albums of All Time | Rolling Stone
It's impossible to capture the frenzy of a live show on record, but it's not for lack of trying.
Archive  live  music 
april 2015 by odelano
EarSketch teaches computer science through music composition and remixing! No prior knowledge of either computer science or music is needed. See “More About EarSketch” below to learn more about the software. I’m a student, how do I get started?
Archive  coding  devine  education  javascript  music  programming  tech 
april 2015 by odelano
Inside Marshall's The Guv'nor with Analog Mike | Reverb
The original Marshall "The Guv'nor" pedal was introduced in late 1988, and discontinued in late 1991. The pedal achieved something that everyone wanted but had not previously been achieved: an "amp in a box.
Archive  diy  marshall  music  pedals 
april 2015 by odelano
By Ted Drozdowski, gibson.com   The guitar pick might seem like the lowliest piece of gear in a six-stringer’s ensemble, but the truth is it’s a mighty device that needs to be reckoned with.
Archive  guitar  music  picks 
april 2015 by odelano
Inside The Overdrive Overlord: An Ibanez Tube Screamer Primer with AnalogMan | Reverb
Ah, the venerable Ibanez Tube Screamer. This effects pedal rightly deserves the title “Overlord of Overdrive.” And this writer can hardly forget that day in the early 1980s when he received one of those minty green pedals as a birthday present, a TS9.
Archive  effects  guitar  music  overdrive  pedals  tubescreamer 
april 2015 by odelano
Making It Professionally as a Self-Taught Musician | Reverb
If you've made it this far without professional music instruction you are probably leaning on the strength of your ear and you may not even know it. I know self-taught musicians who have pretty much developed Perfect Pitch but the ear has limitations and it can only imagine what it's heard.
Archive  music  theory  professional  selftaught  songwriting 
april 2015 by odelano
Borderlands Granular review - make some noise with Chris Carlson's granular synthesis sound design app - Music App Blog
I have to confess that when Borderlands Granular was first released – back in the dim and distant past that was October 2012 – it totally bypassed me.
Archive  audio  granular  ios  music 
april 2015 by odelano
Bludotone Amp Works - About
So, what is Bludotone? Bludotone is a small, make that teeny, actually more like microscopic Guitar Amp Company located in surreal, beautiful, magnificent Littleton Colorado.
Archive  amps  bludo-tone  dumble  gear  music 
april 2015 by odelano
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