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How the Nixon pardon tore the Ford administration apart
It was the right thing to do. It killed Ford’s re-election chances, but made it possible for him to govern.
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The Last Slave
From Zora Neal Hurston’s unpublished book.
uspolitics  benin  race 
21 days ago by nwlinks
McMaster and Commander
Being National Security Adviser in the Trump era.
27 days ago by nwlinks
Welcome to the New World
Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic story of Syrian refugees in America.
syria  uspolitics  migration  war 
4 weeks ago by nwlinks
It Takes More Than Money to Make a Marshall Plan
Adjusting for inflation, US has spent 50% more on reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan than on the Marshall plan.
Uspolitics  waronterror  Afghanistan  iraq 
6 weeks ago by nwlinks
When the Going Gets Tough
Moving account of the expulsion of American diplomats from Moscow, at a human level.
Uspolitics  Russia  diplomacy 
6 weeks ago by nwlinks
Repeal the Second Amendment
A retired Supreme Court judge writes.
uspolitics  guns 
7 weeks ago by nwlinks
One Angry Man
A review of John Bolton’s autobiography, in case you weren’t sufficiently worried.
Uspolitics  War 
8 weeks ago by nwlinks
The Poison We Took
Andrew Sullivan on the Opioid Epidemic in America
uspolitics  drugs  health 
11 weeks ago by nwlinks
Tackling Women’s Underrepresentation in U.S. Politics: Comparative Perspectives From Europe
@CarnegieEndow: "The United States has fallen behind most established democracies with respect to women’s representation in politics."
Uspolitics  democracy  sexandgenderandsexuality 
12 weeks ago by nwlinks
7 Habits of Highly Effective Tyrants
Robert Caro on Robert Moses, reviewed by Chris Hanretty.
politics  uspolitics 
january 2018 by nwlinks
Black Hole Sun God
Excellent review of Wolff’s #FireandFury.
january 2018 by nwlinks
Reconsidering NATO expansion: a counterfactual analysis of Russia and the West in the 1990s
Interesting piece, though looks more at internal US and Russia dynamics than at situation in Central Europe.
uspolitics  nato  russia 
january 2018 by nwlinks
Even Racists Got the Blues
Technical but hilarious. (Irish language.)
irish  uspolitics 
september 2017 by nwlinks
Is the Electoral College Doomed?
How the popular vote winner can be guaranteed the Presidency.
september 2017 by nwlinks
Democracy Promotion Under Trump
Tom Carothers finds many clouds, but a small silver lining.
Uspolitics  democratization  democracy 
september 2017 by nwlinks
There Is No Way to Survive the Trump White House
Another brilliant brilliant piece from Matt Tabibi at @RollingStone.
august 2017 by nwlinks
Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency Ends
Looking at the historical parallels in detail.
july 2017 by nwlinks
Child Marriage in America
Really shocking statistics. Three 10 yo brides in Tennessee in 2001???
uspolitics  sexandgenderandsexuality 
july 2017 by nwlinks
The Real Cuban Missile Crisis
Everything you thought you knew is wrong.
war  ussr  uspolitics 
june 2017 by nwlinks
All The President’s Tweets
"I do not envy the Solicitor General’s office."
june 2017 by nwlinks
How Did Russiagate Start?
Matt Tabibi has some sceptical questions.
may 2017 by nwlinks
How to revive TTIP
@tonylgardner's (wild) optimism with sober reflection on past mistakes.
uspolitics  ttip  eu 
may 2017 by nwlinks
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