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Obamacare: The Republican Waterloo
David Frum was right, and the rest of the GOP was wrong.
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5 weeks ago by nwlinks
Russia’s 5th Column
Buying up the Far Right in Europe and the US.
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6 weeks ago by nwlinks
Trump and Brexit: why it’s again NOT the economy, stupid
‘Is it more important for a child to be considerate or well-mannered?’
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7 weeks ago by nwlinks
My Friend, The Russian Ambassador
Lovely obituary by former US ambassador @SamanthaJPower.
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8 weeks ago by nwlinks
Future Shocked
Why Judge Dredd is relevant - well worth reading.
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9 weeks ago by nwlinks
On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of America’s New Right
Brilliant from @pennyred:

"Whatever the rights and wrongs of punching fascists, if people of good faith and conscience are publicly debating whether or not you deserve a smack in the mouth, it’s probably time to have a think about your life...."

"The reason the Lost Boys allow themselves to be stolen away to Neverland is that they want to live somewhere they will never have to grow up. By coincidence, that’s also the reason that a great many people voted to place a spray-tanned authoritarian in the Oval Office. Remember, though, that only Peter rules Neverland. What happens to the Lost Boys in that story if they ever start to build memories and change, if they ever started to become adults? They skipped this bit in the Disney movie, but, in the books, Peter kills them."
9 weeks ago by nwlinks
Our Miserable 21st Century
A right-wing essay which none the less points out many failures of the US economy.
9 weeks ago by nwlinks
The Pence Gambit
How the Trump presidency might end.
10 weeks ago by nwlinks
Weak and Incompetent Leaders act like Strong Leaders
An alternative theory of the Trump administration.
12 weeks ago by nwlinks
Trump Has Already Blown It
Stephen Walt on foreign policy in Foreign Policy.
12 weeks ago by nwlinks
'American Carnage': The Trump Era Begins
Great analysis of the speech - only piece about it that I could bear to read.
january 2017 by nwlinks
A Trump Christmas Carol
by @rozkaveney, @PennyRed, @scalzi and @bluejowalton.
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december 2016 by nwlinks
My President Was Black
Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama's presidency.
Uspolitics  race 
december 2016 by nwlinks
The American Dream, Quantified at Last
More on the growth of inequality in the USA.
uspolitics  economics 
december 2016 by nwlinks
Inequality Is Killing The American Dream
Would be interested to see this methodology applied elsewhere.
uspolitics  economics 
december 2016 by nwlinks
The End of the Anglo-American order
Ian Buruma - long but well worth reading.
Uspolitics  brexit 
december 2016 by nwlinks
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