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The Union in Revolutionary Times
Northern Ireland and the UK after Brexit. (And Scotland.) By @GerryLynch.
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Chizhov: Don’t ask me if Russia plans to have an ambassador in Edinburgh – EURACTIV.com
Russia has over centuries had a special relationship with Scotland. St. Andrew is the saint protector of both Scotland and the Russian navy. The Russian navy has the same flag as Scotland. Only the opposite combination of colours.
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march 2017 by nwlinks
Why did Brexit happen?
An ex-Yugoslav view from my former colleague @PedjaBajovic.
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november 2016 by nwlinks
Scotland the Grave
Great piece by @b_judah for @POLITICOEUrope.
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may 2015 by nwlinks
How the Union was almost lost: The inside story of the Scottish independence campaign's last 100 days
In fairness to &telegraph, this is the sort of piece they do well. (Unionist side only, though.)
december 2014 by nwlinks
Bob Purdie: 1940-2014
I met him only once, in 1994(?) in Glasgow; a great personality.
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december 2014 by nwlinks
Wrestling with smoke
An anguished Unionist writes.
september 2014 by nwlinks
Celtic Scotland's dead and gone. It's with Domnall Bán in the grave
To Ireland, I; our separated fortune Shall keep us both the safer...
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august 2014 by nwlinks
Scottish independence
@amendlocke (Ken MacLeod) explains why he is against.
may 2014 by nwlinks
Independentism and the European Union
Lucid analysis from EU enlargement guru Graham Avery.
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may 2014 by nwlinks
Currency Reflections: The Legal Issues
My old friend Christine Bell enters the debate.
february 2014 by nwlinks
2015: An Ugly Stramash
The UK parliamentary consequences of a Scottish Yes.
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january 2014 by nwlinks
10 Global Elections to Watch in 2014
A geopolitical roundup which tries not to be US-centric but does not quite succeed!
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january 2014 by nwlinks
Dull Flag and Tongue of Gangsta
The Place-names of Shetland and Orkney
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may 2013 by nwlinks
Top Ten Unionist Myths Debunked
A ten-minute video, very well put together.
march 2013 by nwlinks
Undecided Scot decides
Prediction that SNP failure to back equal marriage means they think they'll lose the referendum
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february 2013 by nwlinks
Irvine Welsh: Scottish Independence and British Unity
"Better together? Yes, certainly, but better independent and free together."
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january 2013 by nwlinks
Scotland and the EU
"all that is certain is that EU law would require all parties to negotiate in good faith and in a spirit of cooperation"
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december 2012 by nwlinks
Will Catalonia secede?
Doe the Zeitgeist favour separatism?
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november 2012 by nwlinks
How an independent Scotland would work in the EU
much more mundane than anyone wants to admit.
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march 2012 by nwlinks
Would you bet against Alex Salmond? | The Spectator
"while I wish him nothing but failure, I also regard him as one of the most formidable and effective politicians not just in Britain but Europe."
january 2012 by nwlinks
The Salmond That Slipped Through The Net
Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman on "perhaps the most formidable incumbent politician in Britain, one who had defied the odds to win a stunning electoral victory, largely by offering an optimistic world-view that no other party could match."
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december 2011 by nwlinks
Scottish Conservatives elect gay leader
Aged 32, she joined in 2009 and fought first election this year.
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november 2011 by nwlinks
In five years' time, the Union will be no more
A Scottish Labour supporter on the inevitability of independence.
october 2011 by nwlinks
The Scottish vote | YouGov
Support for Scottish independence:
29% in Scotland pro, 58% against
41% in England and Wales pro, 40% against!!!
may 2011 by nwlinks

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