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Albert Einstein’s happiness note sold for $1.6m
"A calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that comes with it."
12 weeks ago by nwlinks
The Evolution of Trust
A great illustration of game theory.
psychology  mathematics 
october 2017 by nwlinks
Signal to Noise
@MariaFarrell on metaphors, knowledge and communication.
writing  psychology 
june 2017 by nwlinks
Coping with Chaos in the White House
...and dealing with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
uspolitics  psychology 
november 2016 by nwlinks
Cognitive bias cheat sheet
What's wrong with the way you think?
october 2016 by nwlinks
You will not have my hate
Brilliant by Natalie Ceeney @ceeneynatalie.
work  politics  psychology 
october 2016 by nwlinks
Why You Can't Trust Yourself
Very good psychological exploration of motivation.
september 2016 by nwlinks
Intellectuals are freaks
Don't agree with all of this but interesting thoughts.
psychology  academe  politics 
august 2016 by nwlinks
The Mandela Effect
When memory collectively cheats.
july 2016 by nwlinks
A Psychologist's Open Letter to U.S. Voters
Narcissism and leadership - widely applicable!
uspolitics  psychology 
march 2016 by nwlinks
Harvard researchers discovered the one thing everyone needs for happier, healthier lives
"Those satisfied in their relationships were happier and healthier. It was that simple."
march 2016 by nwlinks
Addicted to Distraction
How the internet is crumbling our brains.
internet  psychology 
december 2015 by nwlinks
Why we stay up too late (in Dutch)
By @LieseExelmans (thx @JuliaNienaber).
psychology  sleep 
december 2015 by nwlinks
How to Spot a Sociopath (with Pictures)
I don't think this is completely accurate, but it is helpful.
october 2015 by nwlinks
Why Free Markets Make Fools of Us by Cass R. Sunstein
Great (though long) review of what sounds like an excellent book.
psychology  economics 
october 2015 by nwlinks
Can People Change?
Apparently so - and for the better.
september 2015 by nwlinks
Ten Warning Signs
How to spot a cult. (Has wider relevance, I think.)
psychology  religion 
june 2015 by nwlinks
The Straight Dope: What is déjà vu?
"I could have sworn I'd answered this question before. "
december 2012 by nwlinks
Bilingualism — Crooked Timber
Why are we so good at learning a first language, and so poor at learning a second language?
psychology  linguistics 
april 2012 by nwlinks
What makes us better people? I’m starting to think it’s mostly not our character. « Francesca Elston
"I am spending a lot of time thinking about what characterises systems that set people up to do well, and systems that set people up to do less well. My current showcase system is single queuing. People behave better when there is a single queuing system in place, and they are much more relaxed. In parallel queues, they twitch in case the other queue is moving more quickly or someone jumps in or they are in the wrong place and will miss their turn. Their behaviour is more defensive and less kind."
december 2011 by nwlinks
Debunking “Conspiracy Theory”… « Back Towards The Locus
'The world is a hostile, alienating place. Power has been concentrated in the hands of often unaccountable elites; backed by covert insitutions. That much is as arguable as the words, “The sun is hot.” From there it’s just a matter of how altruistic they are – and, considering the decades of conflict and exploitation we’ve experienced, you wouldn’t trust the buggers – and how honest they’re prepared to be – and, considering their habits of lying to us, hiding things from us and swotting those who let things slip you wouldn’t bank on ‘em. This doesn’t mean we should envisage cosmic conspiracies, nor expect Ickean levels of iniquity. Accusations based on prejudice rather than facts should be dissected with the vehemence of an anatomist. But it’s still enough to think that plots aren’t merely features of the past; that world events demand suspicion, not assurance and that “conspiracy theories” deserve sceptical assessment, not contemptuous denial.'
crazypeople  politics  psychology 
june 2011 by nwlinks
Real Mind Control: The 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment
Fantastic idea - encouraging your own positive thinking
health  happiness  psychology 
july 2010 by nwlinks

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