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What Happens When Techno-Utopians Actually Run a Country
The fascinating and chilling story of Italy’s Five Star Movement.
italy  politics 
february 2019 by nwlinks
What just happened? When time devours its children.
A cri du cœur on the failure of liberalism. With particular reference to the Arab Spring and Syria.
january 2019 by nwlinks
Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?
In short, no. (Essay from the @Economist.)
september 2018 by nwlinks
Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe
@AnneApplebaum in depth on Poland, Hungary (and Trump) and the parallels with the Dreyfus case.
politics  poland  hungary  uspolitics  democracy 
september 2018 by nwlinks
Political and Economic Governance in the Balkans and Eastern Europe Compared
Interesting conclusions from @CEPS_Thinktank, notably that Georgia is moving well ahead of the field.
politics  Balkans  georgia 
july 2018 by nwlinks
How to cope with the end of the world
Long, ultimately inspiring piece by @MariaFarrell.
sf  politics 
june 2018 by nwlinks
Who are you in 1917 Russia?
New version of the Political Compass!
History  politics  Russia 
april 2018 by nwlinks
Makropoulos To Run For FIDE President
The extraordinary politics of international chess.
politics  chess 
april 2018 by nwlinks
Even the World’s Biggest Problems Aren’t Hopeless
@MariaFarrell thinks we just may be able to save democracy.
march 2018 by nwlinks
7 Habits of Highly Effective Tyrants
Robert Caro on Robert Moses, reviewed by Chris Hanretty.
politics  uspolitics 
january 2018 by nwlinks
What conspiracy theories can tell us about politics in Greece
“When assessing a populist government, it’s always hard to tell whether it’s just incompetence or dark designs.”
politics  Greece 
march 2017 by nwlinks
Profile in Courage: Iceland’s President Denounces Pineapple As a Pizza Topping | Foreign Policy
Brave statement:

Mér finnst ananas góður, bara ekki á pítsu. Ég get ekki sett lög sem banna fólki að setja ananas á pítsuna sína. Mér finnst gott að hafa ekki þau völd. Forsetar eiga ekki að hafa alræðisvald. Ég myndi ekki vilja gegna þessa embætti ef ég gæti sett lög sem bönnuðu það sem mér mislíkar. Ég myndi ekki vilja búa í þannig landi. Ég mæli með fiskmeti á pítsu.

I like pineapples, just not on pizza. I do not have the power to make laws which forbid people to put pineapples on their pizza. I am glad that I do not hold such power. Presidents should not have unlimited power. I would not want to hold this position if I could pass laws forbidding that which I don´t like. I would not want to live in such a country. For pizzas, I recommend seafood.
politics  pizza  food  iceland 
february 2017 by nwlinks
99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year
I saw a number of other people posting this and thought, huh, grasping at straws here. But actually these are all really good developments which did help cheers me up.
economics  politics  news 
december 2016 by nwlinks
You will not have my hate
Brilliant by Natalie Ceeney @ceeneynatalie.
work  politics  psychology 
october 2016 by nwlinks
Intellectuals are freaks
Don't agree with all of this but interesting thoughts.
psychology  academe  politics 
august 2016 by nwlinks
Nipsa: Tribunal criticises union in 'communist' dispute - BBC News
"However the tribunal said they had not shown that the two factions actually have any substantive political differences.

"It added that name-calling or trolling on social media is not sufficient to show political difference nor is "alleged adherence to Trotsky's 1938 Transitional Program"."
politics  northernireland 
july 2016 by nwlinks
The political aftermath of financial crises: Going to extremes
What happens to a country's politics after a financial crisis?
december 2015 by nwlinks
The World Happiness Report 2015
Swiss top, Irish 18th, Belg 19th, UK 21st, Togo last.
politics  economics 
august 2015 by nwlinks
A Good Week for Democracy Globally
@gerrylynch: "if elections didn’t change anything, people wouldn’t be shot for demanding them."
politics  elections 
april 2015 by nwlinks
So What Gives? (About Tolerance)
Nailing the "intolerant liberals" lie.
philosophy  politics 
july 2014 by nwlinks
How to hijack an aid program
Lessons from Canada - for Australia, but could be anywhere.
november 2013 by nwlinks
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