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The case of Prick vs Prick
'This is a dispute between a tattoo artist and a retailer of cacti about the use of the trading name "PRICK".'
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The wit of Justice Quinn
Painful but compelling reading. (Do click through for the full judgements.)
november 2017 by nwlinks
Monroe v Hopkins (PDF)
Ends with nice three-page summary of how Twitter works.
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march 2017 by nwlinks
International Women’s Day
@SuzanneFGill on how the legal profession has changed - and must keep changing.
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march 2017 by nwlinks
Imogen no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed… | Love and Garbage – some commonplace musings
Making the obvious point there there is absolutely no public interest in exposing the love life of a footballer, no matter how famous.
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may 2011 by nwlinks
Prisoners' voting rights: Britain's mounting fury over sovereignty | The Economist
The ECHR is very far from perfect. But a country lucky enough to enjoy the rule of law, like Britain, should think long and hard before flouting international treaties which offer perhaps the only hope of legal recourse to people in much less lucky climes.
Above all (and with apologies for a very long posting) though prisons are full of nasty people, they are also full of adult citizens of this country. Declaring that such citizens have lost the moral authority to vote just because they are behind bars is an arbitrary decision, not a principle carved on the granite of the common law. Let them vote.
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february 2011 by nwlinks

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