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The Netherlands brings in unworkable burqa ban
"the police, hospitals and public transport staff have already said they won't play ball" - Good.
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23 days ago by nwlinks
With anti-Muslim laws, Europe enters new dark age
The President of the Conference of European Rabbis writes.
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july 2018 by nwlinks
Citizen Khan
The Muslims of Wyoming. A brilliant piece.
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july 2016 by nwlinks
The GOP And Me.
A Muslim and former Republican writes a long, heartfelt piece.
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november 2012 by nwlinks
How women won it for George Galloway
Old news but I missed this good piece at the time.
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may 2012 by nwlinks
Jason Burke on Islamic Militancy
"Islamic militants are normal people who are often incompetent, not particularly well informed, not particularly well prepared and certainly not the classic vision of the Islamic terrorist"
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october 2011 by nwlinks
Edmund Burke and Islam | c2c Journal
"The majority of men are in no persuasion bigots; they are not willing to sacrifice on every vain imagination that superstition or enthusiasm holds forth, or that even zeal and piety recommend, the certain possession of their temporal happiness ...
"If anything can tend to revive and keep [fanaticism] up, it is to keep alive the passions of men by ill usage. This is enough to irritate even those who have not a spark of bigotry in their constitution to the most desperate enterprises; it certainly will inflame, darken and render more dangerous the spirit of bigotry in those who are possessed by it. "
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may 2011 by nwlinks
Cameron’s approach to “British values” is outdated and divisive | openDemocracy
"Cameron clearly does not understand that identity politics in the UK are often divisive and politically unrewarding. Such speeches may be grounded in genuine concern about social cohesion and the potential of violent extremism. But they often merely feed bigotry for those who seek to conflate extremist Islam and Islam as a religion...His linking of extremism with immigration potentially re-demonises the Muslim community at a time when tensions were slowly subsiding... his speech was ill-judged, poorly-timed and indicates a lack of political maturity. Moreover, it ultimately contradicted his own thesis that a common Britishness is developmental, organic and should not be manipulated by the state. It will do little more than stimulate inter-community tensions without providing any sustainable solutions to the issues of violent extremism"
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february 2011 by nwlinks
Cameron's toxic take on multiculturalism | openDemocracy
The difference between Cameron and Baroness Warsi on the Muslim question is striking.  She knows what she is talking about. He doesn’t.
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february 2011 by nwlinks
demography.matters.blog: On the Pew Forum's disproof of Eurabia
Eurabia's fundamentally an ideology of revenge ... as well as an ideology of envy. Muslims, imagined by Eurabianists as beings somehow completely resistant to the influences of modernization and post-modernization etc., are imagined as perfect conservatives, retaining the superfecundity of old and maintaining the traditional family. Why them? some ask. Why not us?
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february 2011 by nwlinks
Fear Factor: Europe bans the burqa | openDemocracy
Lucid essay on the rationale behind this absurd legislation - "Europe’s systemic fears involve nothing less than the extent of her territorial and cultural boundaries. To put it bluntly, an aged Europe feels under threat from a world she once dominated, but which she never properly understood. It is this post-colonial world that is coming back to haunt her. And it is wearing a burqa."
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november 2010 by nwlinks
Mark Steel: That's right, it was all a Muslim plot - Mark Steel - Independent.co.uk
Except it wasn't. There was no planned Islamist assassination attempt against the Pope.
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september 2010 by nwlinks

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