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Iran’s ‘Generation Normal’
Sorry about FT.com paywall, but this is very interesting.
june 2015 by nwlinks
Why the details of the Iran deal don’t matter
Sensible analysis by @jyshapiro of Brookings.
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april 2015 by nwlinks
The Myth of an American Coup
A revisionist account of what happened in Iran in 1953.
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june 2013 by nwlinks
This Week In Threat-Mongering - The Iran Version - democracyarsenal.org
"If Burns is correct that Iran is America's number one adversary in the world then truly the United States has little to worry about. Iran is a second rate military power, lacks an active nuclear program, is deeply isolated in the Middle East, has a poorly performing economy and has few allies or friends."
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july 2012 by nwlinks

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