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Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace
Truly horrifying. Now I understand why the EU should regulate systems like Amazon Marketplace - human rights!
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december 2018 by nwlinks
Disaster for Theresa May as legal ruling brings student deportations to a halt
"How did the Home Office get to the point where it started deporting innocent people on the basis of unreliable hearsay evidence and without any proper judicial remedy? Why did the home secretary breach her duty of candour with those being accused of fraud? How is a private firm contracted to do public service work for the UK government issuing fantastical information to the Home Office? Why is it getting away with shutting up shop and refusing to comply with a tribunal? How did the Home Office end up being completely reliant on a foreign private contractor in the first place? And what is the home secretary going to do to contact the people who were unlawfully removed from this country so that they can now return to the UK?"
ukpolitics  humanrights  migration 
march 2016 by nwlinks
The Misuse of Interpol’s Database
Getting other countries to pursue your dissidents.
november 2015 by nwlinks
Azerbaijan: rigged elections next Sunday
Great piece by @CommissionerHR, mentions my ex-colleague Ilgar Mammadov.
azerbaijan  humanrights 
october 2015 by nwlinks
Amnesty on human rights in Ferguson, MO
Not a pretty picture. (NB libertarians strangely silent.
uspolitics  humanrights 
october 2014 by nwlinks
The Tedium of Authoritarianism
How censorship and propaganda fail to achieve their aims.
humanrights  freespeech  spain  germany 
june 2014 by nwlinks
The End of Hypocrisy
American Foreign Policy in the Age of Leaks
uspolitics  internet  humanrights 
november 2013 by nwlinks
Morocco’s Fast Track to Guilty
Detailed human rights breaches in Westerm Sahara. Will @eu_eeas or @StefanFuleEU say anything?
eu  humanrights  weternsahara 
june 2013 by nwlinks
Insubordination and the surveillance state
"There’s nothing new about this, just the tools to do so are far more powerful."
humanrights  internet 
june 2013 by nwlinks
Why this army wife says no to the Snoopers’ Charter
"What the UK leads on is exporting the policy, laws and, increasingly, the actual technology of political suppression and social control to some of the nastiest countries in the world."
humanrights  internet  waronterror 
june 2013 by nwlinks
What would happen if the UK withdrew from the European Court of Human Rights?
"Politically, the UK would be sending a clear signal to states which lose far more cases in Strasbourg, such as Russia and Turkey, that it no longer had confidence in the ECHR system. Whether you think that is a bad thing probably depends on your underlying theory of international relations and whether you think international institutions work in regulating the behaviour of states."
ukpolitics  humanrights 
march 2013 by nwlinks
The Schengen Curtain, by Marko Đedović
Wonderful immigration policies which penalise the innocent traveller and encourage criminality.
migration  eu  humanrights  belgium 
january 2013 by nwlinks
Passing of Vojin Dimitrijević
Sad news of a great human rights defender. (But fails to mention his occasional career as a TV film critic.)
humanrights  serbia 
october 2012 by nwlinks
Eritrea, the most repressive nation on Earth
Good piece. But wrongly states that Eritrea is "between Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia" - no border with Somalia or even Somaliland, Djibouti is in between..
april 2012 by nwlinks
UN rights body presses Sri Lanka war crime probes resolution
#fb "credible probes into alleged crimes committed by both sides are an important step for justice and equality in post-conflict Sri Lanka."
humanrights  srilanka 
march 2012 by nwlinks
The Xinjiang Procedure | The Weekly Standard
"Beijing’s ‘New Frontier’ is ground zero for the organ harvesting of political prisoners." - a horrible story.
humanrights  china 
december 2011 by nwlinks
The parliamentary fists of the majority - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
"The Boycott Law is a double-edged sword that threatens to harm Israel’s international standing, and to play into the hands of those criticizing the quality of the country’s democracy."  - says the Speaker of the Knesset.
middleeast  humanrights 
july 2011 by nwlinks
Out of the blue, into the black — Crooked Timber
Labour Party adviser with extreme views on immigration dismissed as "over the top" and "simply not practicable" by leader of hard right Migration Watch thinktank.
ukpolitics  humanrights  migration 
july 2011 by nwlinks
SHRC calls for MPs to accept prisoners' rights
Professor Miller said that such a reform would do no more than to bring the UK into line with countries including Canada, Australia, France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and many others.
He added that the UK Government could and should have resolved this issue several years ago. In being allowed by the European Court of Human Rights a further six months to start the process of introducing legislative reform before it would consider awarding compensation in future cases, there was still an opportunity for parliamentarians to uphold the rule of law. “The UK has shared responsibilities as part of the European human rights legal protection system. One consequence of ignoring a legally binding decision over a number of years has been to potentially weaken the system of legal protection for everyone.”
humanrights  ukpolitics 
february 2011 by nwlinks
Between the Hammer and the Anvil: A Night At The Political Theatre
What I do know is that a society that makes a virtue of illiberal behaviour will treat its citizens illiberally; a culture that demands injustice in the name of common sense will perpetrate injustices.  I know that a citizenry that puts all of its faith in infantile concepts like force and "common sense" will receive plenty of the former and little of the latter.
ukpolitics  humanrights 
february 2011 by nwlinks

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