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The Berlin Times commemorates the 10315th day since the Fall of the Wall.
That’s as long as it was up, 13 August 1961 - 9 November 1989 - 5 February 2018.
february 2018 by nwlinks
A Day in the Life of David McAllister MEP
Insights from a leading German politician.
eu  germany 
november 2017 by nwlinks
German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit talks
In case anyone still believed the Brexiteers' fairy tales.
eu  germany  ukpolitics  brexit 
july 2017 by nwlinks
The Martin Schulz bounce
@JonWorth wonders if it can last.
february 2017 by nwlinks
Brexit: Berlin business leaders unimpressed with UK's message
German industry will not press Merkel to do a UK-friendly deal. Surprised?
eu  brexit  ukpolitics  germany 
january 2017 by nwlinks
Germany Shuts Door on Brexit Back Channels
"Germany must now put the interests of the remaining 27-member EU ahead of Britain’s"
ukpolitics  germany  brexit  eu 
october 2016 by nwlinks
Crossing the border
My Cypriot friend @esraaygin explores the Franco-German frontier.
cyprus  france  germany  eu 
march 2016 by nwlinks
How “Operation Liza” failed
The Russian propaganda campaign in Germany that backfired.
russia  germany 
february 2016 by nwlinks
The Greek Crisis: What’s Germany up to?
Merkel and Schäuble, without caricatures.
eu  greece  germany 
july 2015 by nwlinks
German Power and the Ukraine Conflict
@uli_speck looks at Merkel's key role & her changed approach.
germany  ukraine  eu 
march 2015 by nwlinks
The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel
Long but exceptionally good piece about the world's most powerful woman.
december 2014 by nwlinks
The Tedium of Authoritarianism
How censorship and propaganda fail to achieve their aims.
humanrights  freespeech  spain  germany 
june 2014 by nwlinks
Merkel in London: a case study in political tweeting
The social media view. (I was on the fringes of this event myself, but have nothing to report.)
ukpolitics  germany  twitter 
february 2014 by nwlinks
Checkpoint Charlie and the hot dog vendors
When history and property development clash.
coldwar  germany 
april 2012 by nwlinks
Zombie Borders - NYTimes.com
June 13th, 1990, was a historic day for weather forecasting in Germany. For the very first time, the weather map on the Tagesschau showed the newly reunited country’s international borders.
maps  germany 
december 2011 by nwlinks

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