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13 things you didn’t know about Brexit
Some key numbers from the European Parliament via @POLITICOEurope.
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4 days ago by nwlinks
Ten Years of the European Research Council
How Brexit is harming British science. #takingbackcontrol
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10 days ago by nwlinks
The future of EU trade policy (PDF)
Eloquent defence from @MalmstromEU.
25 days ago by nwlinks
How Europe sees Brexit (PDF)
Excellent analysis by @AndrewDuffEU.
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26 days ago by nwlinks
Brexit: Berlin business leaders unimpressed with UK's message
German industry will not press Merkel to do a UK-friendly deal. Surprised?
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27 days ago by nwlinks
Brexit arithmetics
Kalypso Nicolaidis works it out.
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4 weeks ago by nwlinks
Can Trump save the euro?
Daniel's take (from last month)
eu  euro 
4 weeks ago by nwlinks
The EU’s New Political Landscape
My colleague Timea on the European Parliament's new leadership.
4 weeks ago by nwlinks
Tearing Up Forty Years' Work
John Bruton on Brexit and Ireland.
ireland  eu  brexit 
4 weeks ago by nwlinks
Remaining Angry
Brexit as we see it now.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit 
6 weeks ago by nwlinks
Brexit: Six Months On (PDF)
Comprehensive analysis from the LSE.
brexit  eu  ukpolitics 
7 weeks ago by nwlinks
What role for a European think tank in the age of populism?
Daniel Gros of @CEPS_thinktank thinks there is one. (I had a good chat with him Wednesday morning, until he realised he had lost the key for his bicycle.)
8 weeks ago by nwlinks
UK exports have boomed since the Brexit referendum, but mostly to the EU
The UK is enjoying an increase in exports to the EU, driven in the main by a fall in the pound caused by a fear that it will not be freely trade with the EU in the future. This is a cake that cannot continue to be both had and eaten forever.
ukpolitics  brexit  eu  economics 
9 weeks ago by nwlinks
EU defence, Brexit and Trump: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Great title, also serious analysis from @CER_London.
9 weeks ago by nwlinks
The European Regions Where Women Earn More Than Men
Eastern Poland, and the South and Islands Regions of Italy.
eu  italy  poland  sexandgenderandsexuality 
10 weeks ago by nwlinks
Britain: narcissist nation
Sorrow, not anger, from a Dutch commentator.
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october 2016 by nwlinks
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