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I never expected to be in the index of the greatest spy story of the Cold War. But there I am
@tracy_thorn explains the connection between Everything But The Girl and the Gordievsky affair.
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9 weeks ago by nwlinks
Brussels, city of spies
Not really news to some of us. @KristofClerix has been writing about it for years.
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august 2018 by nwlinks
Sailor in a Russian Frame
The strange case of Anthony Courtney MP.
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february 2018 by nwlinks
The Spy Who Liked Me
John Le Carré and Richard Burton.
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november 2014 by nwlinks
Asquith and Gordievsky
How the future Earl exfiltrated a double agent.
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october 2014 by nwlinks
Espionage in the EU Capital
@KristofClerix explains what is going on.
espionage  belgium  eu 
june 2014 by nwlinks
Restoring Trans-Atlantic Trust
A sensible summary from the sensible Wolfgang Ischinger.
november 2013 by nwlinks

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