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David Fisher 1929-2018
Sad news. He wrote “The Stones of Blood”, “The Androids of Tara”, “The Creature from the Pit” and “The Leisure Hive”. Good novelisations too.
7 days ago by nwlinks
Today’s Infographic: Doctor Where
The birthplaces of Doctor Who actors.
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19 days ago by nwlinks
The First Doctors
Why it's OK to recast the character played by Hartnell.
september 2017 by nwlinks
Tolkien in the TARDIS: How Doctor Who reflects Middle Earth
Was sorry to miss this #Worldcon75 panel - glad to see it now!
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august 2017 by nwlinks
Doctor Who writer Victor Pemberton has died
Brilliant interview with him from last year.
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august 2017 by nwlinks
just see me (1963-2017)
Another great Doctor Who fanvid, about regeneration and renewal.
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july 2017 by nwlinks
Goodnight, Victoria
In memoriam Deborah Watling.
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july 2017 by nwlinks
I read the Eighth Doctor smut book (for science)
Niki does it so you don't have to (though you may want to).
december 2015 by nwlinks
Ranking the Writing Debuts of the Capaldi Era
Makes the fair point that they have all been strong.
november 2015 by nwlinks
Doctor Who companions
Epic numbercrunching by @telegraph's @MartinBelam.
september 2015 by nwlinks
Updated GoT/Who common cast guide
Deeply important and useful list.
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june 2015 by nwlinks
Father’s Day « Adventures with the Wife in Space
A particularly glorious entry. "It's all @paul_cornell's fault."
may 2015 by nwlinks
The Solution of Susan
Death's grand-daughter not included.
cslewis  doctorwho  sf 
january 2015 by nwlinks
Journey Planet
Check out #19 (the Doctor Who issue).
doctorwho  sf 
december 2014 by nwlinks
When you turn toward your MEP to discover that...
...he/she is not anymore where he/she was 10 seconds ago.
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october 2014 by nwlinks
Hotel! (2001)
Peter Capaldi confronts Paul McGann
may 2014 by nwlinks
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