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Billie Piper reprises Rose Tyler
Missed this at the time. (On Big Finish.)
january 2019 by nwlinks
The Story of Susan Foreman
Reading with beautiful illustrations.
december 2018 by nwlinks
Observer archive: the Daleks, 18 December 1966 | From the Observer | The Guardian
Oh wow. I was totally unaware of this - photos from the set of Power of the Daleks by Jane Bown!!!
december 2018 by nwlinks
EU countries stop clock on Commission’s time change plan
The Austrian minister “wants the Commission to appoint a coordinator — a sort of EU-wide time lord”.
doctorwho  eu 
october 2018 by nwlinks
Braised Hearts - Celebrating the Jon Pertwee Recipe Book
A truly glorious fansite for one of the least well-known Doctor Who-related books of the 1970s. Check out the companions!
doctorwho  funny 
october 2018 by nwlinks
Regeneration game: A look back at every new Doctor Who from 1963 to the present
Brilliant piece. “The Twin Dilemma is often voted by fans as the worst Doctor Who story ever made. This is because it is one of the worst Doctor Who stories ever made.”
october 2018 by nwlinks
RIP Zienia Merton
Her first TV appearance was as Ping Cho in Doctor Who (Marco Polo, 1964); she returned 45 years later as the registrar in the Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (2009).
death  sf  doctorwho 
september 2018 by nwlinks
Doctor Who Lost Episodes Could Be Recovered
Unfortunately this is based on an interview with someone whose record is distinctly untruthful. https://nwhyte.livejournal.com/2189354.html
june 2018 by nwlinks
Look back in Ascii: Computing in the 1980s
@chbid Christopher H Bidmead explains the link between his Doctor Who writing and his first computers.
doctorwho  computers 
may 2018 by nwlinks
Brexiters adopt the sonic screwdriver strategy
I had missed this glorious linking of Doctor Who with the Brexit debate in the FT - following their dystopin analysis last week.
DoctorWho  eu  brexit  ukpolitics 
march 2018 by nwlinks
My Voice-Over Life
@Sophie_Aldred on the art of audio.
february 2018 by nwlinks
The Strange Copyright of Doctor Who
Not clear when things changed from the early arrangements.
DoctorWho  copyright 
january 2018 by nwlinks
David Fisher 1929-2018
Sad news. He wrote “The Stones of Blood”, “The Androids of Tara”, “The Creature from the Pit” and “The Leisure Hive”. Good novelisations too.
january 2018 by nwlinks
The First Doctors
Why it's OK to recast the character played by Hartnell.
september 2017 by nwlinks
Tolkien in the TARDIS: How Doctor Who reflects Middle Earth
Was sorry to miss this #Worldcon75 panel - glad to see it now!
tolkien  doctorwho 
august 2017 by nwlinks
Doctor Who writer Victor Pemberton has died
Brilliant interview with him from last year.
death  doctorwho 
august 2017 by nwlinks
just see me (1963-2017)
Another great Doctor Who fanvid, about regeneration and renewal.
DoctorWho  videos 
july 2017 by nwlinks
Goodnight, Victoria
In memoriam Deborah Watling.
DoctorWho  videos 
july 2017 by nwlinks
I read the Eighth Doctor smut book (for science)
Niki does it so you don't have to (though you may want to).
december 2015 by nwlinks
Ranking the Writing Debuts of the Capaldi Era
Makes the fair point that they have all been strong.
november 2015 by nwlinks
Doctor Who companions
Epic numbercrunching by @telegraph's @MartinBelam.
september 2015 by nwlinks
Updated GoT/Who common cast guide
Deeply important and useful list.
sf  doctorwho 
june 2015 by nwlinks
Father’s Day « Adventures with the Wife in Space
A particularly glorious entry. "It's all @paul_cornell's fault."
may 2015 by nwlinks
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