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Ian Traynor, Europe editor of the Guardian, dies aged 60
A gentleman, and an honest and dogged journalist.
august 2016 by nwlinks
Alyson Bailes, 1949-2016
Sad though not unexpected news. Not only a great diplomat, but also a science fiction fan.
may 2016 by nwlinks
David G. Hartwell (1941-2016)
A colossally important and much-loved editor.
sf  deaths 
january 2016 by nwlinks
Christopher Barry 1925 - 2014
One of the great directors of Old Who.
deaths  doctorwho 
february 2014 by nwlinks
In memory of Jack Vance
@RozKaveney's poetic obituary.
deaths  sf 
may 2013 by nwlinks

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