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Brexit: Avoiding the vortex
@AndrewDuffEU warns how both sides could screw up.
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14 days ago by nwlinks
A dog’s brexit.
Excellent analysis from former U.K. Ambassador @dbroucher.
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18 days ago by nwlinks
Protecting Citizens' Rights in the Negotiations with the UK
Very important speech by Brexit negotiator @MichelBarnier. (Where is UK on this?)
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22 days ago by nwlinks
Implementing Brexit: Immigration
@instituteforgov: "A new immigration system will not be ready by the time we formally leave the EU."
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25 days ago by nwlinks
How Ireland achieved a crucial Brexit coup
This is a good summary. Also, how to negotiate well.
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29 days ago by nwlinks
Can Global Britain Defy Gravity?
Probably not.

"Perhaps the boost to productivity from being able to use incandescent light bulbs while vacuuming with high-powered hoovers will be significant, but the above suggests new free trade agreements alone can’t do it."
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5 weeks ago by nwlinks
What the EU27 wants from Brexit
There's a lot of Brexit stuff floating round but this is very useful.
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8 weeks ago by nwlinks
Brexit reinforces Britain's imperial amnesia
Great @gideonrachman piece (if you can get past paywall).
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8 weeks ago by nwlinks
How to manage Brexit
More sense from @AndrewDuffEU.
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8 weeks ago by nwlinks
An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Brexit on the EU27 | Centre for European Policy Studies
For the EU 27, the losses were found to be virtually insignificant, and hardly noticeable in the aggregate. For the UK, however, the losses could be highly significant, with various estimates running up to ten times greater as a share of GDP. Impacts on some member states – in particular Ireland – and some sectors in the EU27 could be more pronounced than the average for the EU27.
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9 weeks ago by nwlinks
The Empire Strikes Back – really?
@shada_islam deconstructs Britain's Commonwealth rhetoric.
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10 weeks ago by nwlinks
Trump and Brexit: why it’s again NOT the economy, stupid
‘Is it more important for a child to be considerate or well-mannered?’
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11 weeks ago by nwlinks
Theresa May’s Brexit poker face
What happened re the U.K. in Brussels yesterday.
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11 weeks ago by nwlinks
Theresa May’s Brexit trade bluff
The UK's weak position. @BraithewaiteUKUN is quoted.
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february 2017 by nwlinks
Brexit and Europe: A new entente
@AndrewDuffEU calls for a transitional supervisory authority to oversee the process.
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february 2017 by nwlinks
13 things you didn’t know about Brexit
Some key numbers from the European Parliament via @POLITICOEurope.
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february 2017 by nwlinks
Brexit and the European financial system
Brueghel predicts 30,000 jobs to move from London to EU27.
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february 2017 by nwlinks
Ten Years of the European Research Council
How Brexit is harming British science. #takingbackcontrol
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february 2017 by nwlinks
Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum
Remain correlates with education, youth, (most) ethnic minorities, Scots.
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february 2017 by nwlinks
How Europe sees Brexit (PDF)
Excellent analysis by @AndrewDuffEU.
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january 2017 by nwlinks
Brexit: Berlin business leaders unimpressed with UK's message
German industry will not press Merkel to do a UK-friendly deal. Surprised?
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january 2017 by nwlinks
Brexit arithmetics
Kalypso Nicolaidis works it out.
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january 2017 by nwlinks
Tearing Up Forty Years' Work
John Bruton on Brexit and Ireland.
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january 2017 by nwlinks
UK diplomats flee ‘sinking ship’ in Brussels
Can't remember the last time I spoke to a British diplomat who wasn't planning to leave the FCO.
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january 2017 by nwlinks
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