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Ways to Actually Help Austistic People
A rebuttal to @normanlamb by @HickeyWriter.
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december 2016 by nwlinks
Unlocking Emily’s World
Autism research at Boston University
march 2015 by nwlinks
Autism's early child
Half a century on. (Piece from 2011)
may 2014 by nwlinks
Despatches from Caledonia: It's Not You, It's Me. Officially.
On being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 46.
july 2012 by nwlinks
Blue Peter is Who I Am
The difference one TV programme can make.
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may 2012 by nwlinks
On (Not) Having A Guardian « Ballastexistenz
"When I was nineteen years old, my psychologist told me that I was not a real adult... He also told me that I would never be allowed to make adult decisions."
march 2012 by nwlinks
The Story Behind the Best NYT Correction Ever
Good to see some journalists still have professional standards.
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january 2012 by nwlinks
Relativeren van autisme is in de mode
Great but sobering piece in NRC Handelsblad by Ingrid Robeyns
january 2012 by nwlinks
Voices of Autism: ‘It’s Sort of a Good Thing’ | GoodyBlog
Q: Do you like being autistic?A: Yes. Q: What do you think about autism?A: I think it’s sort of a good thing.
may 2011 by nwlinks
Researcher writing book about Doctor Who and autism.
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march 2011 by nwlinks
Denouement for the MMR scare: Dr Aust’s Spleen
[Wakefield’s work] was published. People critiqued it. They looked carefully at the findings in the paper to see if they stood up. Other researchers tried to look for the relationship he suggested between autism and MMR vaccination in other kinds of studies.... And the answer? None of Wakefield’s work stood up. None of it.
may 2010 by nwlinks
Lancet accepts MMR study 'false'
The medical journal which originally published the discredited research linking autism and MMR has now issued a full retraction of the paper - and how many children have died as a result?
february 2010 by nwlinks

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