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Notes from Holland
The architecture of Amsterdam. (I'm going this weekend.)
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september 2016 by nwlinks
15 Mid-Century Modern Dream Homes that will Kill Your Children
The clean lines, the geometric decorative elements, the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor space… I sure do love mid-century modern architecture. Do you know what I love more? My children. And that is why I will never live in my MCM dream home. Because mid-century modern architecture is designed to KILL YOUR CHILDREN. (Also, moderately clumsy or drunk adults)
april 2013 by nwlinks
What was the Leaning Tower of Pisa for?
We all know the answer, but worth reading for the joke at the end.
march 2013 by nwlinks
22 Stairways That Lead Nowhere
I think we all feel like that sometimes.
photos  architecture 
january 2013 by nwlinks
Dezeen » Blog Archive » House on the outskirts of Brussels by Samyn and Partners
House whose walls look as if they are entirely made of growing plants - awesome!
belgium  architecture 
july 2011 by nwlinks

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