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Is democracy rigged? The debate over Senate representation ignores a much more plausible reform
Very interesting point - increasing the size of the House of Representatives would help to address the unfair American electoral system.
27 days ago by nwlinks
Saikat Chakrabarti Is Building a Millennial Movement
Have to agree with @b_judah - the millennials are way more interesting than Biden/Sanders/Pelosi.
7 weeks ago by nwlinks
Trump rally: Like Ilhan Omar, I've also been told to 'go home'
Brilliant from @NeenaGmep, India-born member of the European Parliament.
race  eu  Uspolitics 
8 weeks ago by nwlinks
Can We Cannabiz?
My colleague @LaurenOLearyPR @APCOWorldwide on the imminent explosion of cannabis into the mainstream US consumer market.
Marketing  uspolitics  drugs 
june 2019 by nwlinks
The Birth of the New American Aristocracy
“We 9.9 percenters live in safer neighborhoods, go to better schools, have shorter commutes, receive higher-quality health care, and, when circumstances require, serve time in better prisons.”
may 2019 by nwlinks
Political Leaders Should Stop Caring About Twitter
A useful corrective.

(Which I then posted to Twitter.)
twitter  uspolitics 
may 2019 by nwlinks
What the College-Admissions Scandal Reveals
Or, as the original title puts it, “They Had It Coming”.
april 2019 by nwlinks
Do Astronauts Make Good Politicians?
Difficult to tell. They left out Valentina Tereshkova, who is a member of the Russian State Duma.
Uspolitics  space 
march 2019 by nwlinks
How I Would Cover the College-Admissions Scandal as a Foreign Correspondent
The USA’s “entire education system is a scam, perpetrated by a few upon the many.”
march 2019 by nwlinks
John Bolton: Trump’s Shrewd National Security Adviser
“He could have risen faster if he had just been less of a dick.” It’s difficult to exaggerate how hard it is to earn a reputation as a dick in Washington.
march 2019 by nwlinks
The Making of the Fox News White House
Grimly fascinating. (Long read from The New Yorker.)
march 2019 by nwlinks
The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives, by Robert A. Caro
This is an extraordinary long read, about history, politics, love and life.
history  uspolitics 
january 2019 by nwlinks
The Ross Perot Myth
@FiveThirtyEight showing that he did not in fact cost Bush senior the 1992 election.
january 2019 by nwlinks
The Economics of Soaking the Rich
The optimal top tax rate? 73%, says @PaulKrugman; @AOC knows what she’s talking about.
economics  uspolitics 
january 2019 by nwlinks
Unprepared and Overwhelmed
The grim story of how school security and law enforcement failed the Parkland students and teachers.
uspolitics  guns 
december 2018 by nwlinks
Planning for the Post-Trump Wreckage
What will come next, and what can US policy wonks do to help?
december 2018 by nwlinks
What Happened to Venezuela Isn’t So Simple
...and has worrying parallels with Trump’s USA.
uspolitics  venezuela 
november 2018 by nwlinks
The Trump Administration’s Fantasy World | The American Conservative
“the Trump administration acts as though NK is disarming and Iran is racing to the bomb. This is the exact opposite of reality.”
nuclear  iran  War  northkorea  uspolitics 
november 2018 by nwlinks
Owning the Peanut Gallery
@mariafarrell’s true story of a student debate with Ted Cruz.
uspolitics  ireland 
september 2018 by nwlinks
Many Middle-Class Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck
The grim economic realities in America. (I would like to see similar analysis for Europe.)
economics  uspolitics 
september 2018 by nwlinks
Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe
@AnneApplebaum in depth on Poland, Hungary (and Trump) and the parallels with the Dreyfus case.
politics  poland  hungary  uspolitics  democracy 
september 2018 by nwlinks
China, Unsure of How to Handle Trump, Braces for ‘New Cold War’ - Bloomberg
Personally I think this may be over-analysis of Trump; but China is wise to be cautious.
uspolitics  China 
august 2018 by nwlinks
Uncomfortable Questions in the Wake of Russia Indictment 2.0 and Trump’s Press Conference With Putin
Putting the Mueller investigation and indictments in the context of US government behaviour.
uspolitics  russia  cyberspace  hacking  elections 
july 2018 by nwlinks
U.K. Poisoning Inquiry Turns to Russian Agency in Mueller Indictments
No big surprise that the GRU emerges as the most likely suspect in both cases.
russia  ukpolitics  uspolitics 
july 2018 by nwlinks
The United States and Europe still need each other
Good piece by my friends @A_Sloat and Julie Smith.
uspolitics  eu 
june 2018 by nwlinks
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