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Who are you in 1917 Russia?
New version of the Political Compass!
History  politics  Russia 
4 weeks ago by nwlinks
When the Going Gets Tough
Moving account of the expulsion of American diplomats from Moscow, at a human level.
Uspolitics  Russia  diplomacy 
6 weeks ago by nwlinks
Sailor in a Russian Frame
The strange case of Anthony Courtney MP.
russia  ukpolitics  espionage 
12 weeks ago by nwlinks
Reconsidering NATO expansion: a counterfactual analysis of Russia and the West in the 1990s
Interesting piece, though looks more at internal US and Russia dynamics than at situation in Central Europe.
uspolitics  nato  russia 
january 2018 by nwlinks
We are ahead of America
Russians own the most cats per capita (59%).
cats  Russia 
july 2017 by nwlinks
Chizhov: Don’t ask me if Russia plans to have an ambassador in Edinburgh – EURACTIV.com
Russia has over centuries had a special relationship with Scotland. St. Andrew is the saint protector of both Scotland and the Russian navy. The Russian navy has the same flag as Scotland. Only the opposite combination of colours.
Russia  Scotland  eu 
march 2017 by nwlinks
Russia’s 5th Column
Buying up the Far Right in Europe and the US.
democracy  eu  ukpolitics  uspolitics  elections  russia 
march 2017 by nwlinks
My Friend, The Russian Ambassador
Lovely obituary by former US ambassador @SamanthaJPower.
death  russia  uspolitics  diplomacy 
february 2017 by nwlinks
A masterclass in disinformation
NATO's deployment to Eastern Europe - as portrayed in Russian media.
Russia  nato 
january 2017 by nwlinks
Baiting the bear
Russia struggles with the consequences of its illegal seizure of Yukos a decade ago.
april 2016 by nwlinks
How “Operation Liza” failed
The Russian propaganda campaign in Germany that backfired.
russia  germany 
february 2016 by nwlinks
Drinking Games
Manipulating Moldova through wine.
moldova  russia 
august 2015 by nwlinks
Grand Theft Moldova
More on the epic money laundering scandal.
moldova  russia  crime 
july 2015 by nwlinks
The Agency
Russian trolls spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt.
uspolitics  internet  russia 
june 2015 by nwlinks
89 people banned from Russia.
Includes Nick Clegg and Malcolm Rifkind.
russia  eu 
may 2015 by nwlinks
Putin's Fantasy Island
What the Russians are telling themselves.
russia  ukraine 
january 2015 by nwlinks
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