Build your profile
A really good brief guide to personal branding. #fb
11 hours ago
Brexit and the Irish Border
@DavidFordMLA: more Irish border crossings than along entire Eastern frontier of EU.
eu  brexit  ukpolitics  ireland 
8 days ago
House Address “Twins” Proximity
Gosh. Writer has too much time on his hands?
11 days ago
The First Doctors
Why it's OK to recast the character played by Hartnell.
11 days ago
Presentation deck for Cersei
If Darnerys and Jon had used PowerPoint...
sf  powerpoint 
12 days ago
Flower Power
On poppies in Northern Ireland.
14 days ago
Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You
This is good advice about complaints in general.
14 days ago
Even Racists Got the Blues
Technical but hilarious. (Irish language.)
irish  uspolitics 
15 days ago
Is the Electoral College Doomed?
How the popular vote winner can be guaranteed the Presidency.
16 days ago
Democracy Promotion Under Trump
Tom Carothers finds many clouds, but a small silver lining.
Uspolitics  democratization  democracy 
17 days ago
The Man Who Stood Up to Armageddon
Tony de Brum: "a sane and courageous human being who has seen the sky turn red and felt the shockwaves of Armageddon, and who has spent a lifetime trying to force the world’s most powerful nations to reverse the course of mutually assured destruction."
marshallislands  death  nuclear 
21 days ago
Sky Views: Brexit talks cannot succeed
A pessimistic take, based on UK govt errors.
eu  brexit  ukpolitics 
22 days ago
Guff # 6 -The Hugo Awards
"Luck[il]y the Hugo administrator is Irish"
worldcon  hugos  sf 
27 days ago
Hugo Awards Rules 2017: The Wonkening
Summary of changes made (and not made) this year.
sf  hugos 
29 days ago
Brexit: a word of caution
The Leave Alliance are (justifiably) worried.
eu  brexit  ukpolitics 
4 weeks ago
A high price looms as Brexit reality bites
Interesting from George Osborne, no less.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit 
4 weeks ago
Tolkien in the TARDIS: How Doctor Who reflects Middle Earth
Was sorry to miss this #Worldcon75 panel - glad to see it now!
tolkien  doctorwho 
5 weeks ago
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