Bridge of Buys: Poor puns on Rock’s lowest rung
Nostalgia for the bootleg music tape stalls on O’Connell Bridge in Dublin.
ireland  music 
2 days ago
Ways the world improved in 2018, in charts
Still plenty to be done, of course, but be very clear that we can have a positive impact too.
5 days ago
Theresa May’s single most important strategic mistake
@Peston: failing to build parliamentary consensus on end state of EU rel’ns. I agree - in other EU countries, they built cross-party consensus on EU, and it worked.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
7 days ago
The Completely Audacious Guide to Breaking the Ice
I don’t often share links that I disagree with, but this looks like pretty awful advice to me!!!
9 days ago
EU election from @APCOWorldwide
Latest thoughts on the coming vote from @sirgrahamwatson ‏and @MatteoMartone via @APCOBXLInsider.
9 days ago
BSFA Awards Long List
Lots of good reading here!
10 days ago
The concrete blocks that once protected Britain
Amazing pictures of anti-Zeppelin “sound mirrors”.
12 days ago
Top orchestra quits Britain over Brexit migration clampdown
Young foreigners, no doubt playing foreign music, not welcome in Brexit Britain. #fb
music  ukpolitics  eu  brexit 
13 days ago
The Ross Perot Myth
@FiveThirtyEight showing that he did not in fact cost Bush senior the 1992 election.
13 days ago
The Economics of Soaking the Rich
The optimal top tax rate? 73%, says @PaulKrugman; @AOC knows what she’s talking about.
economics  uspolitics 
13 days ago
Fifty Shades of Yellow by Jean Pisani-Ferry
What, who and why are the gilets jaunes?
18 days ago
Billie Piper reprises Rose Tyler
Missed this at the time. (On Big Finish.)
19 days ago
Is One of Africa’s Oldest Conflicts Finally Nearing Its End?
The New Yorker with a very good report on Western Sahara.
20 days ago
The Story of Susan Foreman
Reading with beautiful illustrations.
20 days ago
'We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured’
The rector of Ghent university will end "personalized objectives, the annual job descriptions and the high number of evaluation documents and activity reports". Hooray!
work  academe 
20 days ago
Unprepared and Overwhelmed
The grim story of how school security and law enforcement failed the Parkland students and teachers.
uspolitics  guns 
21 days ago
I've seen how the EU tackles tax evasion versus the US – and if Brexit Britain follows Trump, we're headed for disaster, by @NeenaGMEP
Nick Timothy says this is what was really meant by Theresa May’s “citizens of nowhere”. Of course, she is doing less than nothing about it.
ukpolitics  eu 
22 days ago
Hungarians Fume as Statue of Former Leader Is Downgraded
This is really bad. The Imre Nagy statue on Kossuth square was a miving testimony to bad times. They cut it in pieces and took it away.
22 days ago
TIFU by buying everyone an AncestryDNA kit and ruining Christmas
Seems a little too good to be true, but I am sure there are lots of real stories like this.
23 days ago
Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace
Truly horrifying. Now I understand why the EU should regulate systems like Amazon Marketplace - human rights!
amazon  internet  humanrights 
23 days ago
99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018
A bit of balance. Some of these are a little dubious, but the overall point that we tend to filter for bad news is valid.
27 days ago
Best of Brexit: A Christmas reading list
Some of these I will avoid; some I will look out for. I have read one of them already!
brexit  ukpolitics  eu 
4 weeks ago
Saturn’s rings are halfway to their death
Look at them while you can. They may only last another 100 million years.
4 weeks ago
Don’t blame Ireland for beating Britain in the Brexit negotiations | Coffee House
Brilliant dissection by @AlexMassie of imperial pretensions, including those of his fellow @Spectator columnist Brendan O'Neill.
ireland  brexit  eu 
4 weeks ago
Letter From Post-Brexit Britain, March 2029
A pessimistic but possibly realistic forecast.
Sf  brexit  eu  ukpolitics 
4 weeks ago
Top 10 Irish science fiction authors
Great from @JFennellAuthor, though I would have included Ian McDonald myself.
ireland  sf 
4 weeks ago
Rebranding an NGO. What could possibly go wrong ?
Fascinating case study from @CrisisGroup starring @@Hugh_Pope .
4 weeks ago
Peace, Love and Hockey in Belfast
Very nice piece, again flagged by @wwhyte.
Northernireland  sport 
4 weeks ago
Behind the Brexit Chaos, a Faulty U.K. Negotiating Strategy
Excellent @WSJ analysis from @StephenFidler1 and @LaurNorman.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit 
4 weeks ago
Why so little is done to help new mums cope
Important piece on the “fourth trimester” from @economist.
4 weeks ago
For all its faults, May’s Brexit deal might be the best option Leave MPs have
From @HenryNewman. I don’t agree on every point of the analysis, but I do agree that the deal has better chance of passing than some believe.
brexit  eu  ukpolitics 
4 weeks ago
Observer archive: the Daleks, 18 December 1966 | From the Observer | The Guardian
Oh wow. I was totally unaware of this - photos from the set of Power of the Daleks by Jane Bown!!!
5 weeks ago
Dramatic Brexit week leaves us none the wiser
If you want to know what actually happened last week, @TonyConnellyRTE has the details.
brexit  eu  ukpolitics 
5 weeks ago
Why We Sleep, and Why We Often Can’t
Fantastic review of three books about insomnia and dreaming.
5 weeks ago
CBS Paid the Actress Eliza Dushku $9.5 Million to Settle Harassment Claims
Another grim story in the age of #MeToo. All strength and power to Eliza Dushku.
5 weeks ago
Planning for the Post-Trump Wreckage
What will come next, and what can US policy wonks do to help?
6 weeks ago
When you pander to anti-immigration views, you are feeding conspiracy theories
“mainstream politicians have lost control of the immigration narrative. Take back control of that, and everything else will follow.”
ukpolitics  migration 
6 weeks ago
Unilateral Brexit revocation is possible, but only until March 29
We continue to alert readers not to seek comfort in news reports that parliament will stop a no-deal Brexit.
ukpolitics  brexit  eu 
6 weeks ago
Why lobbying in Brussels is not always an obscure activity
"a lobby group’s resources and the types of constituencies it represents are not consequential for success. What matters are the strategies lobbyists develop and how these fit in the overall public affairs context."
eu  lobbying 
6 weeks ago
Brexit: From revelation to re-accession
@AndrewDuffEU argues that Remainers should support the May deal and demand a referendum on rejoining as the price.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
6 weeks ago
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