How Brexit Britain lost friends and alienated people
A good summary. IMHO, Brexit became inevitable when Cameron withdrew Conservatives from EPP.
brexit  ukpolitics  eu 
Brexit cannot be stopped
I am inclined to agree with @AndrewDuffEU.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
I was raised as a Native American. Then a DNA test rocked my identity
Not the first story like this I've read, and it won't be the last.
2 days ago
Greenland ice sheet hides huge 'impact crater'
...and what will emerge from it when the ice melts???
greenland  geology 
2 days ago
I never expected to be in the index of the greatest spy story of the Cold War. But there I am
@tracy_thorn explains the connection between Everything But The Girl and the Gordievsky affair.
russia  espionage 
3 days ago
Where the Bodies Are Buried
Long @NewYorker article about Northern Ireland - from 2015 so a bit out of date now, but a good read.
3 days ago
Et si les Etats-Unis n'étaient pas entrés en guerre en 1917
Interesting alternate timeline. The Germans stop the submarine campaign, so US doesn't formally join Allies; but increased transatlantic trade and supply is still enough for Allied victory.
4 days ago
The Brexit playbook in the 11 EU countries that will shape a deal
Slightly clickbait headline but generally good analysis.
eu  brexit 
4 days ago
The Trump Administration’s Fantasy World | The American Conservative
“the Trump administration acts as though NK is disarming and Iran is racing to the bomb. This is the exact opposite of reality.”
nuclear  iran  War  northkorea  uspolitics 
4 days ago
What Do Our Oldest Books Say About Us?
Another London exhibition for my list.
history  books  london 
5 days ago
The ancient Greeks would have loved Alexa
The robots and other high-tech in classical literature.
sf  Greece 
8 days ago
For millions of Europeans, the war did not end in 1918
With good quote from my friend Markus Meckel.
9 days ago
Scientists say mysterious 'Oumuamua' object could be an alien spacecraft
Personally, I’ve always had my suspicions about Comet Schwassmann–Wachmann 1.
9 days ago
Heaven and hell
Great account of the Wakhan valley in northeastern Afghanistan - much more than a line on the map.
10 days ago
Why the UK’s Brexit negotiation tactics drew a blank
Good analysis by @JenniferMerode of how London misunderstands Europe.
ukpolitics  brexit  eu 
16 days ago
Brexit: A View from the Med
@CitizenPatra urges Britain to learn from its mistakes and find its voice and “power offer”. Little sign of that happening at present.
ukpolitics  brexit  cyprus 
16 days ago
Why Jeremy Hunt’s ambassador scheme will not work
This debate ignores the bigger problem which is deterioration of Foreign Office over last twenty years. Appointing a couple of businessmen as ambassadors is neither here nor there.
16 days ago
Brexit: Time to Compromise (8 pages, PDF)
@AndrewDuffEU reckons that the end is in sight, and there will be a deal in September.
ukpolitics  brexit  eu 
17 days ago
The Get-Rich-Quick Scheme That Almost Killed a German Soccer Team
Fascinating. Fake terrorism in a failed attempt to play the German stock market.
germany  football  waronterror 
18 days ago
EU countries stop clock on Commission’s time change plan
The Austrian minister “wants the Commission to appoint a coordinator — a sort of EU-wide time lord”.
doctorwho  eu 
18 days ago
The Brexit trap: is there any way out?
@GeorgeEaton at @NewStatesman thinks not.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
19 days ago
Brexit: One negotiation, two worlds
As ever, excellent from @TConnellyRTE; he is guardedly optimistic though conscious of the problems.
brexit  eu  ukpolitics  ireland  Northernireland 
21 days ago
Universal Credit: When will the government listen to the evidence?
"there is no excuse to consciously ignore the vast quantities of evidence showing thousands of people are being severely punished, through no fault of their own, by a failing system on a daily basis."
22 days ago
How Nick Clegg’s new job at Facebook shows Britain doesn’t matter any more to Big Tech
Interesting point, which I didn't think of being too close to the Brussels trees.
eu  facebook 
23 days ago
Navigating Brexit (19 pages, PDF)
Had not seen this before - effective presentation by Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association, written a year ago.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit  Northernireland 
23 days ago
Braised Hearts - Celebrating the Jon Pertwee Recipe Book
A truly glorious fansite for one of the least well-known Doctor Who-related books of the 1970s. Check out the companions!
doctorwho  funny 
25 days ago
How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You
This is tremendous advice. I shall start implementing it all, just as soon as I finish hunting Pokémon:
technology  lifehacking 
25 days ago
I Didn’t Hate the English — Until Now
@mmegannnolan on how Brexit has changed her.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit  ireland 
29 days ago
‘Sesame Street’ Puppeteer Caroll Spinney Retires
End of an era for Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.
29 days ago
Fighting 15s and Brexit Day
The practical effects of Brexit on a small mail-order business.
brexit  ukpolitics  eu 
4 weeks ago
Esme’s Adventure with Foxgloves
It could happen to any of us. It happened to @outfoxgloved.
4 weeks ago
Divided Britain: study finds huge chasm in attitudes
Very interesting; part of Cambridge where I lived is singled out. Look forward to launch of full report.
race  ukpolitics 
4 weeks ago
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