Taking full benefit of supercomputers in Europe
Interesting thoughts from Commissioner @GabrielMariya.
bulgaria  computers 
Brexit: What if Britain changes its mind? (PDF)
@AndrewDuffEU explains: no more rebate, no more opt-outs (apart from euro).
eu  brexit  ukpolitics 
2 days ago
David Fisher 1929-2018
Sad news. He wrote “The Stones of Blood”, “The Androids of Tara”, “The Creature from the Pit” and “The Leisure Hive”. Good novelisations too.
8 days ago
The 5 Most Impressive Questions to Ask an Interviewer
Briliant advice. Nobody ever asks me these questions.
8 days ago
May’s ‘Omnishuffles’ Exposes a Team Divided
My colleagues @LeonMCook and @politicobadger ‏reflect.
10 days ago
Toby Young and wheelchair ramps
I know that this particular horse appears to be dead for now. But @toadmeister has not yet accounted for himself on this point.
ukpolitics  disability 
11 days ago
7 Habits of Highly Effective Tyrants
Robert Caro on Robert Moses, reviewed by Chris Hanretty.
politics  uspolitics 
11 days ago
Black Hole Sun God
Excellent review of Wolff’s #FireandFury.
13 days ago
Reconsidering NATO expansion: a counterfactual analysis of Russia and the West in the 1990s
Interesting piece, though looks more at internal US and Russia dynamics than at situation in Central Europe.
uspolitics  nato  russia 
13 days ago
The Hero Is a Hobbit
W.H. Auden’s review of The Fellowship of the Ring.
14 days ago
A Message from Our New President & CEO
My former colleague @RobMalley’s vision for @CrisisGroup.
14 days ago
The incredible shrinking Britain
The impact of Brexit on the UK’s global role, by the always excellent @leemayikama.
brexit  ukpolitics 
17 days ago
Today’s Infographic: Doctor Where
The birthplaces of Doctor Who actors.
Maps  DoctorWho 
20 days ago
Associate or dissociate: it’s make your mind up time
More important #Brexit analysis from @AndrewDuffEU.
eu  brexit  ukpolitics 
22 days ago
A History Of The Silmarils In The Fifth Age
Brilliant. Tolkien meets Pulp Fiction. And Santa Claus.
23 days ago
My Internet Mea Culpa
“I was wrong. We all were.”
24 days ago
Married to a Mystery Man
What does any of us really know?
26 days ago
The Brexit struggle awaiting Theresa May in 2018, by @jonlis1
“The defining story of 2018 will be her battle not with the mountain of phase-two negotiations, but with basic truth and fact.”
ukpolitics  brexit  eu 
28 days ago
Gormenghast and the Great Tradition
The “Great Tradition” being fantasy.
28 days ago
Inequality is a threat to our democracies
In the @FT, no less. (Sorry about paywall.)
politics  economics 
4 weeks ago
Fighting polio - the year in review
@gatesfoundation ‏reports progress, gives credit to our client @Rotary @RotaryEndPolio.
5 weeks ago
The mystery of the baby in the box
Partially solved, after over 70 years.
5 weeks ago
Adventures in Moominland
Looking forward to seeing this exhibition next month.
finland  art  moomins 
5 weeks ago
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