How the Nixon pardon tore the Ford administration apart
It was the right thing to do. It killed Ford’s re-election chances, but made it possible for him to govern.
uspolitics  geraldford 
Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy
In case (like me) you are still wondering who the hell he is.
3 days ago
geoTLDs - Small but Perfectly Formed?
@MariaFarrell on the internet’s new localism. “Though I'll never be British (thank you, Brexit), I sure as hell am a Londoner.”
london  internet 
4 days ago
The 18-month coffee debate, and other stories of office coffee wars
@AskAManager reports on internal tribal disputes over the ritual drink.
coffee  work 
5 days ago
How communist Bulgaria became a leader in tech and sci-fi
Still a leader in tech, of course, decades after Communism.
bulgaria  Sf 
9 days ago
EU rough sleepers win damages for illegal deportations
Home Office caught out again, actually paying this time for wrecking lives.
migration  ukpolitics 
9 days ago
The Mystery of Maine's Viking Penny
The fact that it wasn’t identified as Norse until 22 years after it was found surely makes a hoax unlikely?
9 days ago
This Leaked Report Reveals The Stark Warnings From Judges About Defendants With No Lawyer
Atrocious cover-up by UK Ministry of Justice; govt’s war on the poor continues.
poverty  justice  ukpolitics 
13 days ago
The 3 Most Important Things I Know About Consumers I Learned From Bartending
Interesting thoughts about marketing and indeed customer service.
16 days ago
John Mitchel, White Supremacist
The Irish Nationalist who supported slavery.
race  ireland 
18 days ago
A hitchhiker's guide to Galileo and Brexit
@SophiaBesch of @CER_EU advocates a compromise.
brexit  space  eu  ukpolitics 
18 days ago
Hugo, Where Art Thou?
What has happened to the trophies of yesteryear?
sf  hugos 
20 days ago
Too many men
"In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million." Extraordinary analysis.
sexandgenderandsexuality  China  india 
21 days ago
The Last Slave
From Zora Neal Hurston’s unpublished book.
uspolitics  benin  race 
21 days ago
NATO under attack — from bad food
Hilarious - can’t wait to try it myself.
food  nato 
25 days ago
McMaster and Commander
Being National Security Adviser in the Trump era.
28 days ago
Restaurant noise levels are climbing. Here’s how to fight back.
It’s worse in the US, but it’s pretty bad everywhere.
4 weeks ago
The case of Prick vs Prick
'This is a dispute between a tattoo artist and a retailer of cacti about the use of the trading name "PRICK".'
england  law  Funny 
4 weeks ago
Who are you in 1917 Russia?
New version of the Political Compass!
History  politics  Russia 
4 weeks ago
The wrong Brexit: what happened to ‘Global Britain’?
@FraserNelson at the @Spectator makes the Tory case for migration and against the government.
ukpolitics  migration 
4 weeks ago
Welcome to the New World
Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic story of Syrian refugees in America.
syria  uspolitics  migration  war 
5 weeks ago
The Long Road to Brexit
Books reviewed by @GarvanWalshe.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit 
5 weeks ago
Makropoulos To Run For FIDE President
The extraordinary politics of international chess.
politics  chess 
5 weeks ago
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