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What It’s like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class
"As we finally landed at New York, a huge problem presented itself — I didn't want to leave the plane."
travel  from delicious
october 2014
Congress (rightly) grills the Secret Service
Serious problems brought to light by congressional scrutiny.
uspolitics  from delicious
october 2014
When it Ends, He Catches Her by Eugie Foster
Eugie's last story, published the day before she died.
sf  from delicious
september 2014
Haggis Recipe
"Serve with mashed potato, if you serve it at all."
cooking  from delicious
september 2014
European Day of Languages: Tongue twisters
Combien de sous sont ces saucissons-ci? Ces saucissons-ci sont six sous.
linguistics  languages  eu  from delicious
september 2014
Libertarian ‘Utopia’ Styled After Ayn Rand Book Spectacularly Falls Apart Almost Immediately
It’s almost as if basing a community around people who hate other people and don’t want to have to pay for any services that don’t directly and concretely benefit themselves is inherently unstable. Who would have thought?
uspolitics  from delicious
september 2014
The Climate Swerve
Public opinion is shifting - in the right direction.
climatechange  from delicious
september 2014
Against Primaries
Argumnt applies only to Westminster-style systems (but is still right).
ukpolitics  elections  from delicious
september 2014
Zelo Street: Vacuum Cleaner Row Now Beyond Parody
Rise up and defy Brussels by buying up inefficient, expensive-to-run home appliances! That'll show 'em...
eu  ukpolitics  Dacre  from delicious
september 2014
Putin Ends the Interregnum
The West MUST re-evaluate everything it thought it knew about Russia.
russia  from delicious
august 2014
Editing Roald Dahl's "The Witches" - great piece!
writing  from delicious
august 2014
“Open Door Policy”
What UK migration policy is really like.
eu  ukpolitics  migration  from delicious
august 2014
Former DWP staff go rogue to help benefit claimants
Switching sides in the British government's war on the poor.
ukpolitics  from delicious
august 2014
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