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Losing myself: drawing dementia | Culture | Architects Journal
The research gathered by McLaughlin and Manolopoulou certainly gets under the skin of dementia, but in examining this medical condition, it has also opened a new way of thinking about the end user, by setting new limits, a new paradigm. Diagrams and pragmatic programmes of function, square meterage and construction are cast aside for a staged interaction; a collaboration of minds that considers the emotional consequences. It is not artificial.

When asked quite specifically to summarise the exhibit, McLaughlin and Manolopoulou describe it as a drawing, and the drawing quite simply ‘a way of being’. Perhaps this is a new paradigm; neurological, anthropological, theatrical – a counterpoint to the speed at which we now operate; our humanity positively reinstated into the wider debate about the relevance of architecture.
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november 2016 by nth
Design and Science
On Professor Neri Oxman’s Krebs Cycle of Creativity of the relationship between the disciplines, design and science are opposite one another on the circle, and the output of one is not the input of the other as is often the case of engineering and design or science and engineering. I believe that by making a “lens” and a fusion of design and science, we can fundamentally advance both. This connection includes both the science of design and the design of science, as well as the dynamic relationship between these two activities.
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february 2016 by nth
“Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914″ at MoMA | Tyler Green: Modern Art Notes | ARTINFO.com
Umland’s exhibition allies her approach with Clark’s and presents a narrative for us via the 85 artworks she presents. Her exhibition invites us to reconsider Picasso’s late cubism itself, particularly the questions: Why did Picasso started making guitars?, and Why does it matter if he was making guitars or something else?

I think the exhibition suggests that Picasso started making cubist guitars for two reasons: Picasso was responding to a particular moment in his relationship with cubist collaborator Georges Braque; and because guitars offered Picasso opportunities to explore cubist, visual and sexual puns, word-object-games that had become fundamental to his practice. I explore those two answers in:
picasso  guitars  1912  1914  art  history  review  exhibition  2011  toread  **** 
february 2016 by nth
This camera won't let you take cliche pictures (Tomorrow Daily 242) - CNET
f you've ever felt like you're seeing the same photos from tourist locations on Instagram, you might enjoy Camera Restricta. It's a camera designed to check how many photos have been publicly uploaded to the Internet and geotagged in the same place you're standing in. If the location is saturated with pictures, Camera Restricta retracts its shutter and won't let you snap a pic, forcing you to seek out more interesting, less common locations for your photos.
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november 2015 by nth
When You Point It At A Cliché, This Camera Censors Itself
Camera Restricta is a new kind of camera by German designer Phillipp Schmitt that aims to make you be more deliberate with your shots, whether you like it or not.

It's an app plus camera enclosure that knows where you are in the real world. When you try to take a picture, Camera Restricta uses GPS to identify where you are, and compare your location to other geotagged photos online within about a 115 square-foot-radius. If too many other people have taken a picture where you are, Camera Restricta won't let you make your shot. The camera features a really clever audio cue to signal to its owner that photos are restricted: like a geiger counter, a clicking sound indicates when a location is photographically radioactive. Then the lens retracts.

As a commentary on generic photography, Schmitt's camera explores what it means for the invisible algorithms in our digital cameras to actively work against us. "Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces, and take a photo when you smile," he says. "What if your grin wasn’t the only thing they cared about?"

Camera Restricta is also a comment on government censorship of photos. In July, the European Parliament voted on a controversial proposal that would have restricted the ability of tourists to take photographs of copyrighted buildings and sculptures, even in public places. The measure was defeated, but the point Schmitt is making with Camera Restricta is that if such a law were enacted, it could easily be implemented, just by a silent over-the-air update to your smartphone or tablet.

You can download the open-source app and check out Camera Restricta's project page here.
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november 2015 by nth
Analogue artists defying the digital age | Culture | The Guardian
For headphones while DJing I use a contraption I invented – the gramoscope – which is a stethoscope with the chest piece replaced with an ear trumpet. It enables me to hear clearly enough to beat-match. I've also used the gramophone to draw – I manually engrave the records with the record needle, to produce subtle, deep marks that echo the existing grooves.
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september 2015 by nth
Ursula K. Le Guin on Where Ideas Come From, the “Secret” of Great Writing, and the Trap of Marketing Your Work | Brain Pickings
The more I think about the word “idea,” the less idea I have what it means. … I think this is a kind of shorthand use of “idea” to stand for the complicated, obscure, un-understood process of the conception and formation of what is going to be a story when it gets written down. The process may not involve ideas in the sense of intelligible thoughts; it may well not even involve words. It may be a matter of mood, resonances, mental glimpses, voices, emotions, visions, dreams, anything. It is different in every writer, and in many of us it is different every time. It is extremely difficult to talk about, because we have very little terminology for such processes.
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may 2015 by nth
According to team titanic gallery, one hundred cameras will be built, and all will be released to the german public on 16 May 2014. Anyone who visits Friedelstrasse 29 in Neukölln that evening will have the opportunity to participate in the surveillance program, paying a 10€ deposit for one of the cameras. Participants will be free to hide their cameras anywhere in Berlin that they deem worthy of long-term clandestine observation, and they'll be expected to keep the location secret into old age. At that stage, the participant will reveal the location to a child, who in turn will be responsible for keeping the secret into adulthood, so that 100 years from now one person in the world will know where to retrieve each camera. Whoever brings a camera back to team titanic in 100 years will collect the 10€ deposit, and the 100-year photo will be extracted from the sealed pinhole canister for inclusion in a special team titanic exhibition. The exhibit is scheduled to open on 16 May 2114.

Mr. Keats does not plan to attend the 2114 event, as he'll be dead. "I don't regret it at all," he says. "For me, it's much more interesting to be here today, seeing the behavior of people who know they're being watched by the unborn, and also to be watched myself, living vicariously as a future memory of the 22nd century."
surveillance  pinhole  camera  berlin  art  future  conceptual 
march 2015 by nth
FRICKbits: your data is now art on your iphone by Laurie Frick — Kickstarter
Hidden patterns reveal something unusual about you

Many websites and fitness apps gather pedometer and location data, but the output has a cold, clinical feel of infographics. Coming from an artist this app is like hand crafted watercolor drawings and hopes to change the way you see data gathered about you. FRICKbits uses your location to draw patterns of where you travel in a city, or for that matter – anywhere on the globe. Location data is the easiest to understand, we tend to go the same places over and over. The repetition of travel patterns and stray movements will transform into an abstract data portrait of you.
data  art  visualization  kickstarter  app  patterns 
september 2014 by nth
STUDIO for Creative Inquiry » Previously Unknown Warhol Works Discovered on Floppy Disks from 1985
A multi-institutional team of new-media artists, computer experts, and museum professionals have discovered a dozen previously unknown experiments by Andy Warhol (BFA, 1949) on aging floppy disks from 1985.
art  history  warhol  andy  digital  floppy  disc  disk  1985  2014  recovered 
april 2014 by nth
This 98-Year-Old Man Spent 13 Years Creating Remarkable Art in MS Paint | Underwire | Wired.com
Hal Lasko may be 98 years old, but while many of his peers devote their leisure time to shuffleboard and bridge, he has a very different passion: creating huge works of art pixel by pixel in Microsoft Paint.

While most people have long since abandoned MS Paint as an outdated graphics application, Lasko has spent the last 13 years using the program to digitally create works of art, spending up to 10 hours a day on his work. Originally a traditional painter, he switched to MS Paint full-time in 2005 when his vision was impaired by wet macular degeneration, an eye disease that causes blindness in the center of his vision. He has since created more than 150 digital works, though his blindness means he will never be able to view them in their totality.

“When I started to go blind, I wasn’t able to get the brush quite where I wanted it,” Lasko told WIRED. “So when I got into the art program on the computer, I appreciated that I could blow it up eight hundred times [larger] and be sure that I was hitting the right spot.”
art  microsoft  paint  digital  painting  artist  senior  citizen 
october 2013 by nth
The bigger, the better – is that also true for cities?
Slinkachu answers: I started my little people project in 2006, leaving miniature figures around the streets of London to explore the way we interact with the city and the problems that living in a giant metropolis can cause. The loneliness of a modern city, that sense of being lost and overwhelmed, is definitely a theme of my work.

Over the past couple of years I have travelled to many other cities around the world, abandoning my little people on the way, and what struck me most is how similar modern cities are, no matter where they are or what their size. You can stand on the street corner of modern Beijing and if it weren’t for the signs, you could be in Moscow or London or Paris. And as cities become more similar and the world becomes smaller, our problems become the same too.
slinkachu  little  people  art  project  london  uk  sculpture  photography 
august 2013 by nth
Don’t go to art school — I.M.H.O. — Medium
There are excellent atelier schools all over the world that offer superior education for a mere fraction of the price. Here are a few:

Watt’s Atelier
Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts
The Safehouse Atelier

There are more. Many, many more. And none of them will cost nearly as much as a traditional four year school.
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july 2013 by nth
Paper Metropolis: An Interview With Kiel Johnson | Los Angeles, I'm Yours
Kiel Johnson is a maker. He’s an artist, yes, but he is a maker first. He’s hands on, he’s constructive, and he’s resourceful, pulling everything from scraps of paper to corrugated cardboard to use as his medium. The latter–cardboard–has become his trademark as he uses the material to erect very detailed cities, masks and objects. Recently this work has allowed him to be able to travel the world as he has been taken under the giant creative wing of TED, the now international idea spreading speaking and activity series. We met up with Kiel at his El Sereno workspace, which is referred to as Hyperbole Studios.
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august 2012 by nth
acrylic painting techniques|free lessons & video tutorials|Beginners painting tips
I'm Will Kemp, I'm an award-winning professional artist and teacher.
I've studied in Italy, ran my own art gallery, taught in museums and schools and I'm going to share my professional art secrets with you.

Every week I post free tips techniques and information on improving your painting.
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march 2012 by nth
The ontario Daily
But, what if we “re-framed” selling art as something fun and even joyful? Is it possible to have fun (and even joy) when talking about and selling your art or program or product or whatever you have created? I think so. I really do.

Read more: http://www.finearttips.com/2011/10/7-ways-to-make-selling-your-art-more-fun/#ixzz1kuZqFnhE
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january 2012 by nth
BBC News - David Hockney rebuffs 'greatest living artist' title
Hockney told the BBC he felt that landscapes had fallen out of favour in recent years.
The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011 (twenty eleven) by David Hockney One room in the Royal Academy exhibition is spring-themed

Artists have "given up drawing," he said, because "they think the photograph does it all".

But he said he would continue to draw because "I am depicting the world, or the way you see it.

"I've often said, photography doesn't do it that well," he added.

Speaking to the BBC's Arts Editor Will Gompertz, he also bemoaned the dominance of film in modern art.

"There are things you can't film," he noted. "The camera loves movement - smoke, fire, water.

"The consequence is you'll see more pictures of Rome burning and flooding than Rome being built because the camera likes it."
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january 2012 by nth
Edward Burra – review | Art and design | The Observer
The paintings (they are all works on paper) divide roughly in four: the early portraits of new immigrants, sailors, drinkers and prostitutes in London and New York; the macabre and surrealist paintings in which men wear terrifying bird masks and sinister events occur around every corner; the landscapes; and Burra's designs for theatre. A good place to start, though, is with The Straw Man (1963), a painting that Pallant House has on long-term loan, and around which, therefore, the exhibition could be said to have been built.
edwardburra  watercolour  painting  uk  usa  art  exhibition  from delicious
october 2011 by nth
Edward Burra at Pallant House Gallery - in pictures | Art and design | The Observer
Edward Burra's unconventional and uncategorisable watercolours are appearing in the first major exhibition of his work for 25 years. We take a look at some of his finest paintings
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october 2011 by nth
Lines of beauty: the art of Sylvia Plath | Books | The Observer
I have the frequently conflicted desire to write poetry and to draw and paint also. While my parents chose to direct their primary energies into writing, despite their ability as artists, I have found it impossible to do one without the other.
sylviaplath  artist  author  freidahughes  daughter  drawing  writing  art  exhibition  uk  from delicious
october 2011 by nth
Sketching Out a New Course for Architects - WSJ.com
It's not that they hate modernity. But at the just-launched Beaux-Arts Atelier, the belief is that an architect should know how to draw buildings by hand—and the best way to do that is to study the classical forms. Having absorbed that technique, a broader spectrum of creativity is at the architect's command, even if he wants to create contemporary buildings that don't have a pediment in sight.

"If you don't understand the tradition profoundly, you can't turn it on its head," said the program's director, Richard Cameron.
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october 2011 by nth
The Dark Art of Pricing | Jessica Hische
You can learn a lot of the business end of design and illustration by trial and error and reading articles and books, but one thing that is seemingly impossible to get a grasp on is pricing. Whether you are a student, a young designer, or a seasoned pro, pricing jobs can be one of the most frustrating parts of the creative process. The cost of creative work is shrouded in mystery and very subjective. While it makes some people uncomfortable to talk about art and money together (as we all know creatives are really meant to suffer through life and die penniless), they are incredibly similar when you think about it. What is money other than dirty rectangles of pressed tree pulp? Because we all believe it has value it is valuable.
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september 2011 by nth
About «
It’s a mother/daughters thing. The three of us share a passion for all things design, art, fashion, and pop-culture related. The three of us are soon to be in different cities. This is where we share our links and finds. One of the ways we stay connected. Welcome to our CollabCubed.
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september 2011 by nth
3-D experience is really UnReal
RealTime UnReal inserts viewers, one at a time, into a 3-D projection that reacts to the viewer's movements. The installation drew rave reviews and record crowds in New York, the only other place it has been seen - or rather, experienced. The technology was developed by Workspace Unlimited, a collective led by two Belgian-born artists who now live and work in Montreal.<br />
<br />
A large double-sided screen is suspended from the ceiling within an area enclosed by railings that seem to float within the darkened gallery. A soft electronic beat enhances the sci-fi setting. The gallery appears on the screen within a simulation of the museum's lobby. The visitor walks into the enclosure wearing 3-D glasses and is inserted into the scene by tracking cameras. The view on the screen changes as the visitor moves through the space. When the viewer passes near the edges of the screen, architectural elements are broken up and reassembled.
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september 2011 by nth
TheRecord - An idea takes shape in Waterloo
Before moving to Saskatoon, Lee and partner Paul Koopman, a Saskatoon native, worked with architectural and design practices in London, England. They moved to Saskatoon to set up a practice there after winning their first independent commission, a landmark piece called Prairie Wind that celebrated the 100th anniversary of the City of Saskatoon in 2006.<br />
<br />
This year is a transition year as Lee sets up her own practice in Toronto. She would like to create more opportunities for playfulness in her work, she says.<br />
<br />
“In an architectural office, immersed in serious projects, there isn’t time or space to play and explore,” she says. “But it’s part of a healthy practice, and a way of working.
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september 2011 by nth
Katie Brown - Glass Artist ::: Wanganui New Zealand
Much of Katie's work is inspired by the natural world and this is reflected within her use of hot glass. Through her use of colour and cold techniques her pieces display a delicate sense of structure. Katie's work reflects her versatility, producing a variety of pieces ranging from jewellery to goblets, bowls, platters and ambience lighting.
newzealand  artist  glassblower  art  from delicious
july 2011 by nth
The Ultimate Hot Wheels Track - My Modern Metropolis
Get your favorite Hot Wheels ready for the race of a lifetime! California artist Chris Burden has now built the “Hot Wheels track of epic proportions,” says MAKE magazine in their most recent issue. (Here's Alice writing about it back in November 2010.) Burden’s astounding sculpture Metropolis II is a cityscape that allows 1,100 toy cars to blaze down 18 lanes of freeways equipped with endless loops. Chief engineer Zak Cook, Burden and ten assistants built this magnificent track in four years at his Topanga Canyon studio! This is some serious dedication that has produced some excellent results.
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june 2011 by nth
Urban Sketchers
Urban Sketchers is a grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the art of on-location drawing.
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june 2011 by nth
Saatchi Online : Sell Artwork, Buy Original Paintings, Art Prints, Discover New Artists
Welcome to the world's biggest art market place for emerging artists. Buy art today from tomorrow's stars.
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june 2011 by nth
Jason Santa Maria
Jason Santa Maria is a graphic designer living and working in sunny Brooklyn, NY.
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june 2011 by nth
Welcome to Electro Art Works. My name is Andy Hill, sometimes known as Andyman. I've combined two of my passions, recycling and robots, to create unique, whimsical sculptures that are sure to bring a smile to your face. My major influence has been retro-science fiction design including those wonderful tin robot toys of the 50's and 60's. All of my works are built from cast away electronic parts, appliances, scrap metal, junk parts and virtually anything else that hasn't been used in the last five minutes.
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june 2011 by nth
Yatzer is a totally captivating global online destination for those who are passionate about design in all its forms, together with those searching for inspiration and unique coverage of modern design and trends.
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may 2011 by nth
Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School at Marvelous Mustache Factory
I’ve tried many different methods of self promotion. I’ve sent out postcards in the mail, I’ve tried shmoozing at conventions, I’ve sent cold emails and have considered cold calling art directors (I’m still considering it). The most effective thing I’ve done has actually been the simplest: Draw awesome stuff and put it on the internet. Do this for a while and good things will happen.
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may 2011 by nth
Rhizomatic Art Stories - Balancing between Innovation and Usability | conference.archimuse.com
In 2008 SMK, the National Gallery of Denmark, initiated a 5-year digital strategy. A core project of this strategy is Art Stories: an innovative online resource that offers stories and background material about artworks, artists and how they connect. The ambition is to make art history come alive on the Web, utilizing the possibilities offered by digital media. Art Stories was developed over a three-year period in a highly iterative process. Our vision has been to create an 'art history on the terms of the Web' which implies structuring the content in a complex, 'rhizomatic' way. We have repeatedly invited users to discuss and test the concept, hoping to ensure an engaging and intuitively navigable online art experience. This paper goes through the process of developing the site in dialogue with users – but also sometimes against their immediate demands and expectations.
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april 2011 by nth
Morbid Anatomy: Italian Devil Automaton, 15th or 16th Century, From the Wunderkammer of Ludovico Settala
Automata were... theologically and culturally familiar, things with which one could be on easy terms. They were funny, sometimes bawdy, and they were everywhere... Mechanical devils were...rife. Poised in sacristies, they made horrible faces, howled and stuck out their tongues to instill fear in the hearts of sinners. The Satan-machines rolled their eyes and flailed their arms and wings; some even had moveable horns and crowns. A muscular, crank-operated devil with sharply pointed ears and wild eyes remains in residence at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.<br />
--Jessica Riskin, “Machines in the Garden.” Republics of Letters: A Journal for the Study of Knowledge, Politics, and the Arts 1, no. 2 (April 3, 2010)
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april 2011 by nth
Portfolio websites for fine artists - OtherPeoplesPixels
We've already designed a website for your artwork.<br />
You don't need to do any of the tough stuff, just plug in images of your work and your portfolio can be online today.<br />
If you already have a website, you can keep the same domain name. If not, we'll get the one you want and set it up.<br />
OtherPeoplesPixels was created by artists to help artists and students get their work online quickly and easily.
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april 2011 by nth
Conscientious is a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. It offers daily profiles of photographers, in-depth interviews, exhibition and book reviews, and general articles about photography and related issues. More detailed contents – such as the interviews and longer articles, including contributions by guest writers – can be found in the "Extended" section.
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april 2011 by nth
Be Your Own Souvenir! on Vimeo
_This proposal aims to connect street users, arts and science, linking them to under-laying spaces and their own realities. The installation was enjoyed during two weekends in January 2011 by the tourists, neighbours of La Rambla and citizens of Barcelona, a city that faces a trade-off between identity and gentrification, economic sustainability and economic growth.<br />
_This shapes through a technological ritual where the audience is released from established roles in a perspective exchange: spectator-performer, artist-tourist, observer-object.<br />
_The user becomes the producer as well as the consumer through a system that invites him/her to perform as a human statue, with a free personal souvenir as a reward: a small figure of him/herself printed three-dimensionally from a volumetric reconstruction of the person generated by the use of three structured light scanners (kinect).
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april 2011 by nth
News: Portfolio (The Awesome Version): It's Here!
At deviantART we want every artist to have the essential tools to thrive. A Portfolio is a crucial tool for all Artists to showcase their very best work for formal consideration. Until now, there wasn’t a clean, frictionless way to make an on-line Portfolio. Now, within a matter of minutes, you can start submitting your creative work for review by potential employers, art schools or clients. You will impress your viewers without ever having to deal with the hassles of web design, server hosting, or writing a single line of code. We did all the hard back end work to allow you to focus on doing what you do best: stunning artwork.
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march 2011 by nth
Arlo / Pricing & Features
Designed specifically for artists, photographers, designers & creatives, Arlo/Artists is the easiest & most affordable way to build a great-looking portfolio site.<br />
<br />
No monthly hosting fees or hidden set-up costs. Our reasonable yearly flat-fee includes: handsome themes, custom domains, attentive support, unlimited embed-able portfolios and a powerful templating system. You get all the control you’d ever want and a clear and easy to use interface to let you focus on organizing & promoting your work.
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march 2011 by nth
MICROMACHINA on the Behance Network
MICROMACHINA examines what makes the insect world tick, and considers our attempts to control nature and the consequences. Humanity’s blatant disregard for nature, where profit comes before life, will ultimately be our undoing. Pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and massive urban expansion push the fine balance of life toward disaster. There has to be a point, when mother nature will say ‘too far’, and rid the earth of its biggest pest... us.<br />
<br />
Once the stuff of science fiction, today flying and crawling insects are used by the military, fitted with audio and video devices. This exhibition experiments using real taxidermy beetles as mechanised shells, to show how we mistreat our fellow inhabitants, forcing them to do our will.<br />
<br />
When the planet’s soul is gone, all that’s left is cogs and pipes. You won’t see insects like these on the Discovery Channel.
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march 2011 by nth
Poppytalk is a Canadian design blog collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent
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march 2011 by nth
Miru Kim
The Pig That Therefore I Am<br />
<br />
"The skin, a single tissue with localized concentrations, displays sensitivity. It shivers, expresses, breathes, listens, loves, and lets itself to be loved, receives, refuses, retreats, its hair stands on the end with horror, it is covered with fissures, rashes, and the wounds of the soul."1 -Michel Serres<br />
<br />
I lift up my shirt with my left hand and carefully touch my lower abdomen with my right hand. My right ring finger delicately runs over a few raised bumps on the right side, directly over the appendix. I look down and count the bumps. Seven raised scars from shingles I had at the age of sixteen. It was a turbulent time. My skin had spoken out about the inner distress. My third year in boarding school, I would often sit in a dark dorm room and silently cry and scream until I felt I didn't exist anymore. No one listened. The language barrier was aggravating. It was a rigorous regimen for a maladjusted teenager. The sensation of my finger touching the scar
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march 2011 by nth
OpenProcessing - Share Your Sketches!
Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. It can be downloaded from externalprocessing.org.
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february 2011 by nth
Rhino News, etc.: Concrete 3D printed sculpture by Rinus Roelofs
Rinus Roelofs created recently a sculpture for the Arte Sella park (Italy).
The sculpture is designed in Rhino and printed in concrete, using the latest technology from D-Shape, a huge concrete 3D printer.
3dprinting  rhino  concrete  sculpture  art 
november 2010 by nth
Magazine Drink The Ring | Issue BERLIN | MagCloud

27 stops. 27 beer. 3 guys. 1 inevitable conclusion.

See www.drinkthering.com for more information.
drinkthering  berlin  art  culture  ring  beer  ubahn  sbahn 
november 2010 by nth
A spectre is haunting Berlin -- the spectre of people not drinking the ring.  

1. One beer per stop

2. Thirty (30) minutes time limit per stop (time starts running at arrival and stops when participants step onto the platform for the next ring bahn)

3. Beer will be purchased at bars, cafes, or kneipe

4. Failure to complete your beer before the stopping of the train at the following station means you are no longer an official participant  

5. Formal wear obligatory
berlin  drinkthering  drinking  sbahn  ubahn  ring  art  culture 
november 2010 by nth
The Associated Press: Courtroom sketches heading for Library of Congress
Marilyn Church didn't even have to ask Bernard Madoff, Martha Stewart, Woody Allen and John Gotti to sit for their portraits. She simply found a good seat in court and pulled out her pad — then got paid.
sketching  courtroom  law  art  usa  drawings  church  marilynchurch 
october 2010 by nth
44 Wide Photography and Large Format Printing - Photos On Canvas
At 44 wide we deliver the highest quality canvas prints consistently. We treat every customers image the same way we treat our own. Our Process starts by making sure the print file is properly prepped before it's sent to the printer. Lightroom 3 is our print engine of choice. Lightroom allows for amazing image enhancements changing a good photo into a great one.
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september 2010 by nth
When LEDs and math equal high art | Geek Gestalt - CNET News
reporter's notebook SAN JOSE, Calif.--Can math make art? Can logic inform patterns and sequences that are visually compelling? Is light a medium suitable for the artistic canvas? Clearly, the answer to all those questions is yes, and people like James Turrell and M.C. Escher have offered years of proof of that.
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september 2010 by nth
Health Care Fine Art: Newmat Stretch Ceiling Systems
Recently some designers from Chicago asked me to provide artwork for 6 very large back-lit panels in a Radiology suite. The unusual thing about the project was that the images will be seamless and elliptical rather than small rectangular ceiling grids. The fabricator is NewMat Stretch Systems. I learned from their website (www.newmatusa.com) that they use a flexible PVC material, custom cut and surrounded by a welded, semi-rigid "harpoon".
barrisol  newmat  ceilings  stretch  images  art  healthcare  backlit  hospital  interiors  interiordesign 
september 2010 by nth
The man with 230 turntables | The Audiophiliac - CNET News
When Theo Braakman was 12 years old, he got a turntable "just to demolish," but he was so fascinated by the machine's inner workings he spared the turntable's life. He put a mirror under it to get a better view of the automatic record changing mechanism's gears, belts, and levers that lifted the tonearm and the end of a record side, moved the arm to the rest position, dropped another record to play, and gently lowered the "needle" into the grooves. Braakman played records on that first turntable until he fully understood how the mechanism worked. But that just led to more turntables!
turntables  art  design  industrialdesign 
august 2010 by nth
I Don't Know Much About Art But I Know What's Online
So here are half a dozen great digital art collections you can visit to inspire your own trip, or your own thinking about art, or to remind yourself or to learn a bit for no other reason than digital art is better by far than no art at all. In order to keep from wandering off the path never to be seen again, let's focus on Western painting.
art  online  toread 
august 2010 by nth
Welcome to Artweaver.de
Artweaver lets you paint creatively with the help of a huge range of painting tools. You can create sketches from photos or just experiment with colors.

For professional users, Artweaver offers layers, group layers and support for the PSD file format. It is also possible to load and run Photoshop compatible filters (only Artweaver Plus).
artweaver  free  freeware  graphics  art  painting  windows  lua 
july 2010 by nth
10 Sites That Will Teach You How To Draw Well
They say that there are two skills that most humans wish they were born with. The first – to sing and play in tune; the second – to draw with ease. Unfortunately, most of us can only stare with envy as some of the blessed ones give voice to their talents.
drawing  howto  art  tutorial  tutorials  free  learning  sketching 
july 2010 by nth
Arduino - HomePage
Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
hardware  electronics  arduino  programming  opensource  diy  processing  architecture  design  art 
july 2010 by nth
Telegramme.ca - posters toronto, fine art posters, gig posters, home decor ideas, lithographs, Poster Art Lithographs, screenprints, serigraph, art posters toronto
Located in Toronto, Telegramme Prints and Custom Framing (est. 2006) specializes in signed / numbered and limited edition prints not for sale anywhere else in Canada. We also offer a wide range of custom framing services:
art  shopping  prints  gifts  design  screenprint  silkscreen  toronto  posters 
june 2010 by nth
David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve | Video on TED.com
As his career grew, David Byrne went from playing CBGB to Carnegie Hall. He asks: Does the venue make the music? From outdoor drumming to Wagnerian operas to arena rock, he explores how context has pushed musical innovation.
music  architecture  ted  davidbyrne  evolution  art  video  toview 
june 2010 by nth
Drawing on the iPad, a Brushes & Sketchbook Pro Walkthrough | today in art
After getting an iPad, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Brushes and Sketchbook Pro. Both of these apps are really nice on the iPod and iPhone, but I had not taken to them like I had hoped. I found that the screen size was crippling for me and this was too great a hurdle for me to overcome. The iPad is a much better tool for drawing since the size is closer to the size of a sketch book. The iPad also has more room to include app menus and options.
ipad  illustration  art  brushes  comparison  review  sketchbookpro 
june 2010 by nth
More from Eyjafjallajokull - The Big Picture - Boston.com
As ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano continued to keep European airspace shut down over the weekend, affecting millions of travelers around the world, some government agencies and airlines clashed over the flight bans. Some restricted airspace is now beginning to open up and some limited flights are being allowed now as airlines are pushing for the ability to judge safety conditions for themselves. The volcano continues to rumble and hurl ash skyward, if at a slightly diminished rate now, as the dispersing ash plume has dropped closer to the ground, and the World Health Organization has issued a health warning to Europeans with respiratory conditions. Collected here are some images from Iceland over the past few days.
photography  photos  nature  art  iceland  volcano  stunning  bestof  toread 
april 2010 by nth
SCHOTT North America - Architecture - Index
Solar architecture, fascinating illumination effects plus decorative glass ideas – SCHOTT offers multifaceted applications for interior and exterior architecture. Some of the most progressive designs around the world bear the distinctive signature of our multinational technology-based group. When glass and light are combined to create aesthetically pleasing and fascinating beauty, you can bet that SCHOTT was involved.
glass  architecture  art  JohnCarpenter  canada  toronto  rep  cool  archref 
april 2010 by nth
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