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Money to help Trump immigrants rejected - BBC News
Salesforce has had a $1million donation turned down by RAICE, who are instead demanding that they stop working with US Customs.
salesforce  customs  immigration  #tw  charity  usa 
july 2018 by nrturner
Train Buffs Are Traveling Cross-Country in Super Luxe Railcars Hitched to Amtrak Trains - WSJ
Some of the American super-rich travel around the country in their own private rail carriages, hooked onto regular Amtrak trains.
railways  #tw  rail  transport  usa 
july 2018 by nrturner
Is it true only 10% of Americans have passports? - BBC News
It's a myth that only 10% of Americans have passport; nowadays, it's more like 40% and increasing.
#tw  passport  travel  america  usa 
january 2018 by nrturner
9 Brexit Lessons From Britain That America Might Want To Learn - BuzzFeed News
From @flashboy - 9 Brexit Lessons From Britain That America Might Want To Learn
#tw  america  brexit  usa  donaldtrump  politics  trump 
november 2016 by nrturner
Has Donald Trump Ever Used a Computer?
It's possible that Donald Trump has never used a computer.
donaldtrump  trump  #tw  politics  usa 
march 2016 by nrturner
Why expat Americans are giving up their passports - BBC News
Record numbers of ex-pat Americans are renouncing their US citizenship, for tax purposes
citizenship  usa  america  tax  migration  #tw 
february 2016 by nrturner
Six things Americans should know about mass shootings
6 things Americans should know about mass shootings, and how to prevent them
usa  shooting  #tw  guns  america 
december 2015 by nrturner
Mapping the United Swears of America – Strong Language
Swear words, mapped by their usage across America - via @kottke
america  usa  language  swearing  #tw 
july 2015 by nrturner
A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States
Some US states have some bizarre laws regarding sexual behaviour, such as limit on how many dildos you can possess
law  sex  usa  #tw  from delicious
december 2013 by nrturner
US Government Destroys Millions of Quid of Hardware in Absurd Effort to Stop Malware | Gizmodo UK
A US government department destroyed over £1million of computer equipment to stop a malware infestation
#tw  america  madness  security  usa  malware  from delicious
july 2013 by nrturner
BBC News - Emergency broadcasts can be hacked, US researchers say
Hackers exploited a flaw in the TV Emergency Alerting System in Montana, to warn of a zombie apocolypse
televison  #tw  emergencies  america  montana  tv  usa  zombies  from delicious
july 2013 by nrturner
BBC News - US election: 10 oddities explained
10 explanations of odd things about US presidential elections
#fb  #tw  oddities  election  usa  politics  news  from delicious
november 2012 by nrturner
How Fox News is helping Barack Obama's re-election bid
Because Fox has put off the best Republican candidates, Barack Obama will be much less vulnerable at the election
#fb  Jonathan  Freedland  republicans  conservatives  usa  politics  obama  foxnews  from delicious
december 2011 by nrturner
US map shows which states trend toward iOS versus Android | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Map showing the most popular smartphone handsets by US state. May be some correlation with voting patterns; some of the 'red' states seem to favour Android more.
android  iphone  blackberry  mobilephones  usa 
august 2011 by nrturner
BBC News - Why don't black Americans swim?
Around 70% of Black American children cannot swim, versus 40% of White American children
swimming  usa  race 
september 2010 by nrturner
BBC News - Why the US keeps minting coins people hate and won't use
The US keeps minting new $1 coins, even though few use them and many don't like them.
coin  currency  money  usa  dollar  minting 
august 2010 by nrturner

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