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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 alerts users to bad photos - BBC News
Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 has a new feature that sounds like the digital equivalent of those advisory stickers that Boots used to put on your crappy photos when you got the developed.
photography  #tw  samsung 
august 2018 by nrturner
DSLRs vs. Mirrorless Cameras: The 10 Crucial Things You Need to Understand
Good overview of the 10 key differences between DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and which one is best.
camera  dslr  photography  #tw 
april 2017 by nrturner
15 Hidden Instagram Hacks
You can re-arrange the list of Instagram filters. Mind. Blown. (Plus 14 other tips)
photography  instagram  #tw  hacks 
january 2016 by nrturner
#Christmas: The most festive cities on Instagram - BBC News
Leeds is the most Christmassy city in England, based on Instagram hashtags
christmas  instagram  leeds  #tw  hashtag  photography 
december 2015 by nrturner
Study Finds Londoners Take the Most Miserable Selfies | Lifehacker UK
Londoners take the most miserable selfies, according to yet another ridiculous survey
selfie  photography  london  #tw  misery 
november 2015 by nrturner
How to Take Better Photos Using Your Camera's Mode Dial
Great 3 minute video explaining the different modes on DSLR cameras
#tw  video  howto  photography  camera 
may 2015 by nrturner
Gay marriage poster family warns over stock image sites - BBC News
The family in a photo used by the Irish gay marriage 'no' campaign support gay marriage
lgbt  stockphotography  photography  gayrights  gaymarriage  #tw 
may 2015 by nrturner
Europe's former border stations: obsolete, desolate, but still redolent of their past
Photos of Europe's abandoned border crossings, made obsolete by the Schengen Agreement
#tw  schengen  immigration  borders  europe  photography 
february 2015 by nrturner
Get More Instagram Likes with Blue-Toned Photos
Bizzarrely, Instagram photos with a blue hue are more likely to get likes
instagram  photography  #tw  lifehacker  from delicious
november 2013 by nrturner
Maroon 5 discovers young photographer on Flickr
The story behind the girl on the cover of Maroon 5's new album
maroon5  photography  music  album  cover  #tw  from delicious
october 2013 by nrturner
Miniature fakes « Flickr Blog
I love these great examples of tilt-shift photography, on the Flickr blog
flickr  #tw  tiltshift  photography  miniature  from delicious
july 2013 by nrturner
60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos
60 unusable stock images. Some of these are a little disturbing...
#tw  #fb  wtf  image  stock  photography  from delicious
january 2012 by nrturner
Nick Tosches: Autumn and the Plot Against Me | Vanity Fair
One man's quest to find the location of the 'autumn' desktop background in Windows XP (via @utterlyboring)
photography  wallpaper  autumn  windows  #fb  #tw  from delicious
november 2011 by nrturner
best wedding pictures ever...
Awesomely different wedding pictures...
photography  zombies  funny  wedding 
august 2011 by nrturner
BBC News - London riots: Before-and-after images
BBC have matched some #londonriots photos with Google Streetview to show before and after images.
london  riots  photography  londonriots  beforeandafter 
august 2011 by nrturner
We’re just not that kind of newspaper -
Private schools compete to have pictures of their attractive female students in newspapers on A-level results day.
a-levels  exams  school  media  photography  via:qwghlm 
august 2011 by nrturner
Hacker stock art – Boing Boing
Stock imagery used by the media for hacking stories.
stock  photography  hacking  security 
august 2011 by nrturner
Kuriositas: The Fleet – London’s Underground River
The story of the River Fleet, a river which runs underneath central London.
london  photography  underground  riverfleet 
july 2011 by nrturner

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