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Amazon Confuses Bob Woodward's Fear for L. Ron Hubbard Book
Whoops - Amazon posted reviews of ‘Fear’ by L Ron Hubbard onto its page for ‘Fear’ by Bob Woodward.
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september 2018 by nrturner
Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more: We put 7 speakers to the test - BBC News
The BBC compares 7 smart speakers (but doesn’t really recommend any of them)
googlehome  homepod  amazon  alexa  #tw  siri  apple  google 
march 2018 by nrturner
Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay [u]
Google, Amazon and eBay have dropped Apple Watch support from their latest iOS app releases.
google  ebay  amazon  applewatch  smartwatch  app  ios  apple  #tw 
may 2017 by nrturner
Amazon typo knocked websites offline - BBC News
This week's Amazon Web Services downtime was caused by a typo in the billing system. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
amazon  cloud  #tw  fail 
march 2017 by nrturner
Amazon and Apple end exclusive deal on audio books - BBC News
Amazon/Audible and Apple have ended their exclusive deal, so hopefully cheaper audiobooks are on the horizon.
amazon  audible  audio  audiobooks  apple  ibooks  #tw 
january 2017 by nrturner
Banned by Amazon for returning faulty goods
Return too many items to Amazon, and you risk being banned; losing access to Kindle
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march 2016 by nrturner
Amazon customer complains, finds spiteful 10-inch dildo in his shopping basket
From earlier this month: Amazon customer finds massive dildo in shopping basket after complaining
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january 2016 by nrturner
12 Companies You Might Not Know That Amazon Owns | Mental Floss UK
12 companies that not everyone realises are owned by Amazon
amazon  #tw  business 
april 2015 by nrturner
Doctor Who and other BBC shows are vanishing from Prime in Amazon's fight for exclusivity | The Verge
Doctor Who & other BBC shows coming off Amazon Prime as BBC won't sign exclusive deal that would block out Netflix
amazon  netflix  video  doctorwho  #tw 
february 2015 by nrturner
How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction
How to avoid using services that will die off. Note no Microsoft services mentioned
google  apple  amazon  dropbox  evernote  #tw  from delicious
february 2014 by nrturner
Introducing O.W.L.S. | Waterstones Blog
Not to be outdone by Amazon's drone delivery service, rival bookseller Waterstones announces a similar service
books  delivery  drones  amazon  waterstones  owls  #tw  #fb  from delicious
december 2013 by nrturner
BBC News - Amazon advances with Autorip - who can compete?
Amazon's AutoRip comes to the UK. Although last time I bought a CD on Amazon was in 2008.
music  #tw  mp3  autorip  amazon  from delicious
june 2013 by nrturner
Amazon wipes customer's Kindle and deletes account with no explanation | Money |
Amazon deletes customer's account and remotely wipes her Kindle, without explanation. Well, crap.
#tw  kindle  amazon  drm  from delicious
october 2012 by nrturner
How The Kindle Stomped Sony, Or, Why Good Solutions Beat Great Products | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
If Sony's e-reader looked better than Amazon's Kindle, was lighter and launched sooner, why did it fail?
kindle  sony  amazon  ebooks  design  from delicious
march 2012 by nrturner
Man faces libel allegations over Amazon book review - Crime - UK - The Independent
Father of 3 from West Midlands facing libel allegations in court over a book review posted on Amazon
libel  amazon  law  court  richarddawkins  censorship  #tw  #fb  from delicious
november 2011 by nrturner
BBC News - Virtual monkeys write Shakespeare
Using Amazon EC2, a programmer has got several million 'virtual monkeys' to write Shakespeare.
monkeys  shakespeare  amazon  #fb  from delicious
september 2011 by nrturner

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