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Using Dnsmasq for local development on OS X - Passing Curiosity
This is a quick guide to installing Dnsmasq on OS X and using it to redirect development sites to your local machine.
macos  server  configuration  tipps 
may 2017 by npostulart
Using Fetch | CSS-Tricks
Whenever we send or retrieve information with JavaScript, we initiate a thing known as an Ajax call. Ajax is a technique to send and retrieve information b
javascript  ajax  tipps 
may 2017 by npostulart
How to Set Up a Project in Angular 2
The introduction of Angular 2 meant big changes for Angular developers. Often the best thing to do is to undertake a rewrite of the app, module by module.You can learn how to get started in this...
angular  tipps 
april 2017 by npostulart
How to Order and Align Items in Grid Layout
Nitish Kumar shows how you can quickly order and align content using the shiny new CSS Grid Layout module.
css  grid  tipps  tutorials 
march 2017 by npostulart
Understanding PHP Generators | Scotch
When it comes to driving, speed is not everything. But on the web, speed makes all the difference. The faster your application, the better...
php  tipps 
october 2016 by npostulart
Overview of JavaScript ES6 features (a.k.a ECMAScript 6 and ES2015 ) | Adrian Mejia Blog
Adrian Mejia blog about programming and software engineering. Featuring MEAN stack (AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB and Express), BackboneJS, RESTful APIs, Algorithms and data structures.
javascript  es6  tipps 
october 2016 by npostulart
The SVG `path` Syntax: An Illustrated Guide | CSS-Tricks
The element in SVG is the ultimate drawing element. It can draw anything! I've heard that under the hood all the other drawing elements ultimately use path
svg  tipps  knowledge 
october 2016 by npostulart
Load more with Ajax | Kirby
Learn how to add a load more button to your pages to append data via Ajax.
kirby  tutorials  tipps  ajax 
october 2016 by npostulart
Local Analytics - Fix "Leverage Browser Caching" Warning
Follow this tutorial on hosting local analytics to fix the "leverage browser caching" warning from Google Analytics in PageSpeed Insights.
performance  tipps 
september 2016 by npostulart
How to hack beautiful flourishes into your font — Superhuman — Medium
I’ve recently been doing some work on making Superhuman the most beautiful email experience in the world.
font  css  tipps 
august 2016 by npostulart
Cookbook | Kirby
A/B Testing with Kirby Category: extensions Learn how this plugin helps you to test content variants or design options on different user groups Structuring content with fields Category: content
collection  tipps  kirby  tutorials 
august 2016 by npostulart
<head> Cheat Sheet
A list of everything that could go in the
html  knowledge  tipps  collection 
august 2016 by npostulart
UX Myths
UX Myths collects the most frequent user experience misconceptions and explains why they don't hold true.
ux  collection  tipps 
august 2016 by npostulart
Full Width Containers in Limited Width Parents
I bookmarked a tweet a few months ago, as it was a bonafide CSS trick and that's what we love around here. The issue is: how do we make a full-browser-width container when we're inside a
css  tipps 
july 2016 by npostulart
How to Declutter your Design — WDstack — Medium
Tips for a neat UI. Learn ways to strike a balance between conveying relevant stuff to the user, and keeping the UI clean and minimal.
tipps  ux  design 
july 2016 by npostulart
Dominant Colors for Lazy-Loading Images |
Pinterest, Google Images and lots of image-heavy sites lazy-load their content. They also calculate the dominant color of each image to use as a placeholder....
lazyloading  image  tipps  tutorials  color 
june 2016 by npostulart
10 Lodash Features You Can Replace with ES6
Dan Prince demonstrates 10 ways in which you can use native ES6 features (such as arrow functions
tipps  es6  javascript 
june 2016 by npostulart
Ways You Need To Tell The Browser How To Optimize | CSS-Tricks
In the past few years, there has been a number of front end features in which the performance onus has shifted from browser to developer. Rather than the p
css  tipps  optimization 
june 2016 by npostulart
Web Developer Checklist
The ultimate checklist for all serious web developers building modern websites.
tipps  development  cheatsheet 
may 2016 by npostulart
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