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Our Computers | Endless Computers
Small, cheap computers (~$80-$150), designed for use by those who aren't familiar with computers. Runs a simplified Linux OS, apparently with browser as fairly primary.
linux  hardware  computer  tobuy 
january 2017 by npdoty
Fat Cat Software – iPhoto Library Manager
$30, and probably worth it for me. Merges libraries, splits libraries, detects duplicates. Free version will let you preview operations, which will be important.
software  osx  iphoto  tobuy  photos 
december 2014 by npdoty
The Big Chill (1983) - The Criterion Collection
Remastered, deleted scenes, etc. on Blu-Ray and DVD: $31.96.
movies  dvd  tobuy  gifts  thebigchill  via:zsnasr  criterion  lenadunham 
september 2014 by npdoty
ArduLog-RTC Data Logger | ARDULOG-RTC | HobbyTronics
The Ardulog-RTC comes with an ATmega328 chip and the Arduino UNO bootloader installed so you can use it as a standalone Arduino board with built-in microSD card adapter and Real Time Clock functionality.

£18. 44mm x 25mm. Not entirely clear what the power requirements are.
arduino  lifelogging  quantifiedself  datalogging  tobuy 
july 2014 by npdoty
ThinkGeek :: The Angels Have the Phone Box
"The angels have the phone box." That's my favorite. I've got that on a t-shirt!

tshirt  doctorwho  tobuy  theangelshavethephonebox  dontblink 
june 2014 by npdoty
Home - Autographer - The World's First Wearable camera
$399, for a device to hang around your neck and take pictures whenever a sensor thinks it might be an interesting time.
camera  photography  lifelogging  quantifiedself  gps  privacy  tobuy 
may 2014 by npdoty
Official Seal of San Francisco Shirts
$25 t-shirt with the seal of the City of San Francisco and the motto: ORO EN PAZ, FIERRO EN GUERRA
motto  seal  tobuy  tshirt  phoenix 
may 2014 by npdoty
Buy Dark Energy Reservoir by Dark Energy : Grand St.
$109, 8000mAh, two USB ports with up to 3A output.
charger  battery  usb  tobuy 
april 2014 by npdoty
$49 for personal use, but a nice set of icons in SVG or raster, which can be CSS-styled in really smart ways.
icons  svg  ui  design  css  web  tobuy  via:twitter 
march 2014 by npdoty
New York Times Op-Ed: Has Privacy Become a Luxury Good? | Julia Angwin
In particular, I like the spreadsheet of how much the various pieces of technology for privacy cost. $2,200 over the course of a year -- while some of that is subscription services, a lot of it will be reusable.
privacy  nytimes  juliaangwin  tobuy  cost 
march 2014 by npdoty
California Canoe & Kayak Sea Kayaking Classes
A $90-$100 class gives basic sea kayaking (including some rescue procedures) enough to be able to rent a sea kayak on the Oakland Estuary.
kayaking  tobuy  exercise  water  oakland 
february 2014 by npdoty
præclarum - Calca - the text editor for engineers
A little bit like iPython notebook, but just a general purpose calculation engine/text editor that can use variable names and simple math syntax and let you create plain text notebooks with auto-updating calculations and values. Nice, this is what computers should have been doing all along. Can't wait to get it for OS X.
calculator  ipython  notebook  app  ipad  tobuy  via:daringfireball 
july 2013 by npdoty
Fracture | Glass Photos
Print photos onto pieces of glass to hang onto your wall. Cool. Roughly $30, give or take.
tobuy  photography  glass  printing 
july 2013 by npdoty
Press (RSS Reader) - Android Apps on Google Play
$3. Looks pretty, functional (integrates with GReader, Feedly, Feedbin, maybe others?).
android  rss  reader  tobuy 
june 2013 by npdoty
Monoprice 5000mAh Battery Pack
With two USB ports, for simultaneous charging, including a 2.1 A output.
battery  usb  charger  tobuy 
june 2013 by npdoty
Munchery - San Francisco Delivery, East Bay Delivery, Peninsula Delivery, and North Bay Delivery | Food Delivery by Local Chefs
Home delivery of healthy, tasty-looking meals. Perhaps a little expensive including the $5 delivery fee, but for something healthy and different, it might be totally worth it.
delivery  food  tobuy 
may 2013 by npdoty
Arq: Online Backup for Mac to Amazon AWS Glacier and S3 | Haystack Software
A $29 piece of software to backup files to Amazon's S3 and Glacier; pay monthly bills to Amazon (1¢/GB on Glacier) for automated off-site backups for the disaster scenario.
amazon  backup  s3  software  glacier  via:ryangreenberg  tobuy 
april 2013 by npdoty
Another RSS reader alternative. $2 a month seems promising, but no free trial -- though if you cancel within a couple of days, you won't be charged.
rss  googlereader  tobuy  via:smmaurer 
march 2013 by npdoty
Press (Google Reader) - Android Apps on Google Play
A nicely done Android Google Reader client; they say they'll do whatever they can to keep working on it, given today's news. $3.
rss  tobuy  via:ihnatko  android  tablet  reading 
march 2013 by npdoty // Digispark
A tiny Arduino board that plugs right into a USB port (and is about that small and thin). 2 for $21 shipped.
arduino  tiny  project  cheap  tobuy 
january 2013 by npdoty

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