The 21st-century great food transformation - The Lancet
Humanity's dominant diets are not good for us, and they are not good for the planet.
health  diet  vegetarianism  climatechange  science 
3 days ago
A small travel plan for the year – Composite
On visiting every Bart stop. (I should keep track of those too! I would love to have visited, like actually gotten out and gone somewhere, at every Bart stop.)
bart  sf  sfbay  travel 
7 days ago
24th St Mission BART station report – Composite
A detailed report on a visit to the architecture, people, accessibility and surrounding venues of the 24 St Mission Bart. I wish there more of this kind of personal accounting/ethnography of our city places.
bart  via:mastodon  sf  blog  city  flaneur 
7 days ago
Goulet Notebook w/ 68gsm Tomoe River Paper - A5, Dot Grid (5.83 x 8.27 – The Goulet Pen Company
A Goulet Pens exclusive! This side stapled notebook features 32 sheets (64 pages) of white 68gsm fountain pen friendly dot grid Tomoe River paper, a dark brown 150g kraft paper cover printed with soy ink, rounded corners, and measures 14.8cm x 21cm (approximately 5.83in x 8.27in, or standard A5 size).
notebooks  paper  tobuy 
8 days ago
Flat — Xxyxyz
Flat is a library for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts.
python  art  programming  via:mastodon  processing 
8 days ago
How Not to Use pandas' "apply"
It feels more "vectory" to use `apply`, but actually, there can be huge memory savings in using `iterrows` -- for one thing you can regularly call `gc.collect()` to minimize the memory leaks that pandas has everywhere.
pandas  python  memory  vector 
9 days ago
Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics - The New York Times
Disturbing in so many different ways. Steve King openly admits he doesn't think "white supremacy" is a bad thing. And he assumes that Democrats must not be a party for white men, when 38% of House Democrats are white men (an overrepresentation).
politics  racism  whitesupremacy  statistics  uspol  nytimes 
9 days ago
What It Felt Like When “Cat Person” Went Viral | The New Yorker
Kristen Roupenian writes about what it was like when her short story “Cat Person” was published in The New Yorker, in December, 2017, and how it felt when the piece went viral.
internet  metoo  writing  via:mastodon 
9 days ago
Convict Sentenced To Generating $80,000 To $100,000 In Profits For Private Prison
OLNEY SPRINGS, CO—After being tried and convicted of armed robbery and two counts of aggravated assault, local 24-year-old Elijah Rudin was officially sentenced Friday to generating $80,000 to $100,000 in profits for the privately held Crowley County Correctional Facility. “The defendant is hereby ordered to create a minimum of $80,000 in net profits at a medium security prison owned and operated by the CoreCivic corporation,” said Judge Gary Mueller, adding that Rudin will be proces...
prison  satire  capitalism 
11 days ago
What Cafés Did for Liberalism | The New Yorker
They were essential social institutions of political modernity—caffeinated pathways out of clan society and into a cosmopolitan world, Adam Gopnik writes.
cafes  community  habermas  Europe  via:zsnasr 
16 days ago
Public Domain Day 2019 | Duke University School of Law
January 1, 2019 is (finally) Public Domain Day: Works from 1923 are open to all!
copyright  publicdomain  hurray 
17 days ago
Electric cars won’t save the climate—or California | Texas, California, and the future of the United States
Even switching every car to all-electric and making electricity generation much cleaner won't be enough for our emission reduction goals. We have to decrease the currently rapidly increasing number of vehicle miles traveled.
climate  california  history  transportation 
4 weeks ago
Dinosaur Comics - December 10th, 2018 - awesome fun times!
Also: if you're reading this site via RSS, I've gotten reports that the "contact" link at the top may just show as text. Unfortunately, that's not ME: that's your RSS service over-zealously trying to protect you and stripping away the "mailto" link used to do that. It goes against spec, but if that's what they're doing I can't really... stop them? Due to society being a free place and me not being in charge of it? FOR SOME REASON
via:feedbin  qwantz  standards  rss  mailto 
5 weeks ago
The Yellow Vests and Why There Are So Many Street Protests in France | The New Yorker
Two truths hold: rage is ignored at its peril and must always be addressed, however irrational it may seem; and rage can never, in itself, constitute a politics.
populism  politics  yellowvests  france  via:zsnasr  protest 
5 weeks ago
Snap! The local HOA just captured your license plate number - SFChronicle.com
I find this trend so disgusting. And having completely private entities do it in public seems especially intrusive, in a way. What authority do they have for surveillance of public rights of way?
privacy  wealth  alpr  hoa  surveillance 
5 weeks ago
Dropping the F-Bomb on Web Standards
Metaphor of lexicography applied to Web standards.
standards  web  lexicography  via:mastodon 
6 weeks ago
How It All Started: Pre-W3C Web and Internet Background
Screenshot of the "WorldWideWeb" browser is probably a good one to refer to in terms of the vision of the Web, even though the NeXT interface won't really be familiar to anyone.
picture  web  history  timbl  screenshot 
10 weeks ago
Bay Area, a reluctant metropolis, needs to become enthusiastic instead - SFChronicle.com
The only way out of this is to stop being the reluctant metropolis and to become the enthusiastic metropolis — to move with energy and commitment to scale up the urban systems of the Bay Area.
spur  housing  sf  urbanplanning  sfchronicle  via:numtots  transit 
10 weeks ago
A bizarre wiki, blog, life work, journal, guide.
web  indieweb  personalwebsite  philosophy  awesome 
11 weeks ago
Reading poetry is an intimate, subversive act. It deserves to be protected.
I'm proud of how this privacy policy starts.
poetry  privacy  verse  me 
12 weeks ago
Why I'm excited about decentralized social networks by Darius Kazemi, Oct 5 2018
My hope is that the utility of social networks being able to talk to one another leads to a flourishing of different kinds of software for different kinds of people. Maybe person A only cares about Instagram style stuff, so they post to Pixelfed and forget about everything else. Meanwhile their extremely nerdy friend B has a kind of Star Trek supercomputer interface that mixes blogs and photos and video channels and live streams and status updates from friends into an exquisitely sorted information management system. Both of those software interfaces can exist and everyone keeps plugging along happily. That's the web I want.
web  decentralization  activitypub  interoperability  diversity  yes  via:mastodon 
october 2018
Statement from Mayor London Breed Opposing Proposition C
Deeply disappointing statement from Mayor Breed, using generic and misleading arguments to oppose funding to address homelessness. "Lacks accountability" is especially strange -- Breed is our mayor, if she wants to review or audit how we spend money, she can do so today.
disappointing  politics  sf  housing  homelessness 
october 2018
Adactio: Journal—Declaration
(Another suggestion of a declarative input type for geolocation.)
via:feedbin  web  privacy  geolocation 
october 2018
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