Cabin Porn – Our 120-sq ft off-grid cabin in the foothills of...
I love idea of wood fire logs that fill in the sides of a little house.
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9 days ago
No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities – hypatia dot ca
Identifies rock stars as the problem, but also provides a list of measures for organizations to prevent them.
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10 days ago
Digital Security Training Resources for Security Trainers, Winter 2017 Edition
“Where can I get up-to date security training links? What tools should I use and why?”
(Not totally clear how this is different from the other Shelton meta-guide.)
security  training  tutorial  cryptoparty 
13 days ago
Security Education Companion
A set of tools for teaching security (configurable lessons, advice for trainers, etc.) that can connect to the surveillance self-defense guidance.
security  teaching  eff  education  cryptoparty  tutorial 
13 days ago
The Wealth-Made City | Current Affairs
I've generally been frustrated by proposals that people who live in a particular area should be able to vote to control anything that happens in that area subsequently. But this article also describes in fine detail the painful outcomes that can occur from making urban planning decisions purely financial -- that it can prevent housing for people (in much the way that NIMBY neighbors can block housing for the young, or the old, or the poor, or people of other races).
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13 days ago
Security Advice for Congressional Campaigns (Tech Solidarity)
Another brief security tutorial/advice. This one seems especially misguided (in terms of what tools will work for people doing work and in terms of what security advice is important), and more about picking software/hardware/companies that the author thinks is good. Without any threat model or explanation, it becomes very hard to evaluate these guides.
security  tutorial  privacy  politics 
14 days ago
The Web's Grain
But this is not a technological response. It is an explicit act of will—an individual’s choice to change their behaviors about what to use, where to work, what to adopt, what to pay attention to. It is simple mindfulness, that thing which needy technology makes so hard to practice. And it starts with a question: what is technology’s role in your life? And what, really, do you want from it?
web  design  technology  intention 
16 days ago
Your company's Slack is probably sexist — Quartz at Work
Ignoring gendered communication patterns on Slack, or any digital platform, is a game where women lose the most, but no one truly wins.
gender  sexism  feminism  slack  chat  communication  inclusivity  email  mailinglist  research 
22 days ago
The Medium - daverupert.com
I have to keep reminding myself that I do have some control. I can build The Medium I want. I can cling to what’s good. And this gives me hope.
web  ethics  engineering  privacy  optimism  pessimism 
28 days ago
Scripting News: Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Winer is skeptical of integrity as a motive for HTTPS adoption.
Google would have you believe they want you to do the conversion so your words cannot be changed. No one gives a damn about changing your words.
security  integrity  confidentiality  surveillance  https  google  research  handoffs 
5 weeks ago
'Web cleansing': China's Xinjiang residents forced to install surveillance apps on their mobile phones | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP
Jingwang is a protection service with an adult and child categorization system introduced by Jiangsu Telecom. The main function is to block pornographic websites, online scams, trojan horses, and phishing sites; to alert users of how much time they spend online; and to enable remote control of one’s home network. The tool is intended to help kids develop a healthy lifestyle by building a safe web filter for the minors.
Terrifying double-speak for surveillance software t...
china  surveillance  privacy  security  web  totalitarianism 
5 weeks ago
This Is What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like
All of these things are terrifying. Of particular interest to me was the "web cleansing" software that you can be forced to install on your phone.
surveillance  china  privacy  web  internet  totalitarianism 
5 weeks ago
Territory is a literary project about territories and the maps that will always fail to capture them. It’s about the naive dream of objectivity, and how we use the act of representation to both hide and broadcast our subjectivities.
maps  territory  literature  litreview  art  via:mohitgupta  onexactitudeinscience 
5 weeks ago
Statement: The Russell-Einstein Manifesto – Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death.

More than once, they call on scientists and politicians to act as individuals, rather than representa...
manifesto  einstein  nuclearweapons  ethics  engineering  history  peace 
5 weeks ago
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web
(Long, and not as helpful in its suggestions, but part of an increasing trend of these pieces.)
privacy  surveillance  web  advertising  ethics  dnt  engineering  essay 
5 weeks ago
Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter: "Tech has the capacity to destroy us. We see the negative effect of social media. & no ethical considerations are going into dev of tech."
Tech has the capacity to destroy us. We see the negative effect of social media. & no ethical considerations are going into dev of tech.
Actor from Silicon Valley show, discussing Silicon Valley.
engineering  ethics  techdel  twitter  siliconvalley 
5 weeks ago
The Shame Game: How Local Politics Took a Tasteless Turn | Political News | thebaycitybeacon.com
It’s just wrong - factually incorrect. Queers do not speak in a monolithic voice - in fact you can hardly get us to agree about much of anything. I’m queer and I don’t hate techies. Further, there are many Queer techies who are not self loathing. In the age of "Fake News”, facts matter.
queershatetechies  graffiti  hate  sf  mission  housing  gentrification  politics 
5 weeks ago
thanks for this prompt to analyze my own location data at a broad scale. My map:
from twitter
5 weeks ago
When Did I Last Visit __?
thanks for this prompt to analyze my own location data at a broad scale. My map:
from twitter
5 weeks ago
Anti-Fascist History and Politics, Explained | Teen Vogue
Unsurprisingly, the best explanation with historical and political analysis of "antifa" and anti-fascism is published in Teen Vogue.
antifa  fascism  politics  history  teenvogue  activism  resistance  racism 
6 weeks ago
A U.S. drone advisory group has been meeting in secret for months. It hasn’t gone well. - The Washington Post
Interesting example of a closed-door multistakeholder process, and the inevitable problems when confidentiality agreements prevent even the participants in the group from seeing the documents under discussion.
msh  standards  drones  process  secrecy  transparency 
6 weeks ago
Design Principles
A list of lists of design principles, with a non-exclusive focus on the Web.
design  principles  standards  adactio 
6 weeks ago
Voice Guidelines | Clearleft
A list of lists of advice, based on voice/conversational interfaces from various software products.
voice  conversational  conversationalui  bots  principles  design  advice  lists 
6 weeks ago
The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community | ashe dryden
I hesitate to break down actual percentages because attempting to discern someone's race or gender identity from their photo and name is dodgy business.
ethics  opensource  gender  via:benwerd  foss  github  hiring  discrimination 
10 weeks ago
The Copenhagen Letter, 2017
Let us move from human-centered design to humanity-centered design.
pledge  ethics  engineering  design  values-in-design  techdel  delegation 
12 weeks ago
draft-thomson-postel-was-wrong-01 - The Harmful Consequences of Postel
I'm not entirely sure that the design principles here are directly in contrast to the robustness principle, but they are common ideas that reflect the long-term issues with ignoring or replicating bugs.
history  design  ietf  interoperability  internet  robustness  postel  i-d 
12 weeks ago
Technical Standard-Setting Bibliography
Trying out maintaining a bibliography of standards-related work.
standards  litreview  bibliography  bibtex  mendeley  research  academia  dissertation 
12 weeks ago
The Ethics Canvas
An online tool/printable worksheet to map affected parties and ethical implications of a technology.
ethics  engineering  via:slack  techdel  decisionaltool 
september 2017
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