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Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative and Preserves the Status Quo
A very critical look at design thinking and a proposed alternative under the name “interpretative engagement”.
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12 weeks ago by novom
Autopsy of a Failed Holacracy: Lessons in Justice, Equity, and Self-Management - Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly
Very insightful analysis of the shortcomings of Holacracy:
– how it doesn’t account for power structures beyond formal organisational power
– how it dictates processes that might now fit in every environment,
– how it creates a formally equal and “colour blind” space, gaslighting those who struggle with the complex interpersonal power dynamics that go unaddressed
– etc.
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march 2018 by novom
Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online || Data & Society
An in-depth report about the “alt-right” and how they have influenced and manipulated the public perception and the mainstream media.
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may 2017 by novom
Tech and the Fake Market tactic – Humane Tech – Medium
Anil Dash on the evolution from open internet markets to their impending monopolisation by a couple large corporations.
1. Free internet markets
2. Rigged markets
3. Fake Markets (now)
4. After Markets (future)
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february 2017 by novom
Digital Redlining After Trump: Real Names + Fake News on Facebook – Medium
How Facebook has created a system that favours fake news and real-name policies over pluralism and informed debate. And how this affects women and minorities disproportionately.
“Digital redlining”: how the shape of information access controls the intellectual (and, ultimately, financial) opportunities of some.
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january 2017 by novom
Mir geht’s heute 430 | Was 2017 bringt | Dezember 2016 | NZZ Folio
Wenn Krankenkassen ihre Prämien aufgrund von Fitnessdaten der Kund_innen festlegen. Ein Trend, der sich abzeichnet, der bereits im Gange ist.
domain:Social  topic:Privacy  topic:Data  topic:future  topic:Training  topic:Trends  form:Report 
december 2016 by novom
ventil verlag - Wörterbuch des besorgten Bürgers
Dieses Wörterbuch kartografiert und kritisiert – unvollständig und selbst wertend – in 150 Einträgen den sprachlichen Zauber, der weite Teile der politischen Öffentlichkeit erfasst hat und der beharrlich mit stilisierten Ängsten spielt.
domain:Social  topic:Trends  topic:Wording  topic:Rhetoric  form:Book  topic:Politics 
december 2016 by novom
Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy | Moira Weigel | US news | The Guardian
Tracing the history of political correctness. From left/liberal insider term to a target for right/conservative groups to a what it has become today: anti-PC as a rhetoric cheat code to avoid accountability.
domain:Social  topic:Politics  topic:Trends  topic:Wording  topic:Rhetoric  form:Report 
december 2016 by novom
It’s Time For a New Kind of Power Fantasy
“Perhaps we can’t change the consumers. But we can – and we must – offer different definitions of power, different fantasies for different people.”
A piece by Leigh Alexander about how the classic straight male power phantasy from “back in the day” has basically made its way to the America presidency. The same people who harassed her for challenging that stereotype are now seeing themselves represented at the top.
domain:Social  subdomain:InternetCulture  topic:Trends  topic:Sexism  topic:Change  form:Report 
november 2016 by novom
(pdf) Curious Rituals, Gestural Interaction in the Digital Everyday
A book written by Nicolas Nova that documents many physical behaviours he has seen people perform in relationship with their devices.
domain:UX  topic:Trends  topic:Rituals  form:Book  form:Collection  topic:PeopleCentred 
october 2016 by novom
Chinese use AssistiveTouch on iPhone - Business Insider
Article about the habit of Chinese people of using assistive touch on iOS. As mentioned in ATP #187 and #188
domain:UX  topic:Rituals  topic:Accessibility  topic:Trends  form:Report  topic:PeopleCentred 
october 2016 by novom

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