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Schillingreport 2016 gender diversity: 107 Unternehmen aus 10 Branchen stellten Daten zur Verfügung.
8% Frauen in Geschäftsleitung
15% Frauen im Topmanagement
23% Frauen im Middlemanagement
39% Frauen in der Belegschaft
domain:Social  subdomain:Gender  topic:Diversity  form:Study 
february 2017 by novom
Digital Redlining After Trump: Real Names + Fake News on Facebook – Medium
How Facebook has created a system that favours fake news and real-name policies over pluralism and informed debate. And how this affects women and minorities disproportionately.
“Digital redlining”: how the shape of information access controls the intellectual (and, ultimately, financial) opportunities of some.
domain:Social  subdomain:InternetCulture  subdomain:Minorities  topic:Bullying  topic:Ads  topic:Trends  topic:Sociology  form:Report  form:Study 
january 2017 by novom
(blog) Curious Rituals, Gestural Interaction in the Digital Everyday
This research project is about gestures, postures and digital rituals that typically emerged with the use of digital technologies (computers, mobile phones, sensors, robots, etc.): gestures such as recalibrating your smartphone doing an horizontal 8 sign with your hand, the swiping of wallet with RFID cards in public transports, etc. These practices can be seen as the results of a co-construction between technical/physical constraints, contextual variables, designers intents and people’s understanding. We can see them as an intriguing focus of interest to envision the future of material culture.
domain:UX  topic:Rituals  form:Study  form:Collection  topic:PeopleCentred 
october 2016 by novom
Stack Overflow’s developer survey analysis hurts women — Medium
Author writes about how Stack Overflow’s survey and how exclusive its language and the conclusions drawn from it are. Stack Overflow responds pretty well to it in the comment section
domain:Social  subdomain:Gender  topic:WomenInTech  topic:Bias  topic:BeingGood  form:Report  topic:Wording  form:Study  form:Apology 
march 2016 by novom

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