Stripe: Atlas Guide to Transactions and Agreements
LOIs are also a cheap but real signal of actual interest in getting a deal done. It is very, very easy for many people at any company to say yes to a meeting and say any number of positive sounding things at that meeting. “That sounds like a great idea!” may be the least expensive sentence to utter in the English language. Forcing the production of a formal document, however, activates impulses in real businesses like legal departments and corporate officers. The legal department of a real company does not sign documents just to be polite. Forcing one’s counterparty to go to their legal department and generate work for them demonstrates that one’s counterparty is at least willing to pay some nominal social cost to continue a conversation.
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february 2018
Free talk Friday : consulting
a really close second was the lobster "pie" (deconstructed lobster bisque pot pie?). The bisque was good, the lobster tail was huge and delicious, but the garlic flan was incredible. I noticed that the garlic flan was changing the flavor of the lobster tail as I was chewing it in my mouth. I let my girlfriend try some lobster, then gave her some garlic flan, and she noted the same change. It tasted like some meat I've never had that was rich and full of umami.
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february 2018
Can Noisy Shorts Be Secret? - Bloomberg
Why not pay in 2017 for everything that you'll need in 2018? The goal is to reduce your 2017 taxable income (under a 35 percent rate) to zero, and defer it all to 2018 (under a 21 percent rate). If you can do that then I think you can count it as an arbitrage.
february 2018
Someone is wrong on the internet, Mercedes-Benz edition | FT Alphaville
(Schopenhauer brought us the will to life, Nietzsche the will to power, and the collective genius of the internet has bestowed upon us the equally unquenchable will to be offended).
february 2018
The practical, unsexy steps it takes to actually become a millionaire | Hacker News
My steps:
1. Buy a house in a place where it's normal for people for rent rooms or have roommates.
2. Rent out all of the rooms other than the one you live in.
3. Renovate the house, depreciating all expenses.
4. Make all necessary repairs, deducting all expenses.
5. Buy things like solar panels, which also can be depreciated (5 years) and improve the cost basis of your home.
6. When the house is paid off from rental income + what you had to pay in mortgage anywhere (this will take between 5 to 10 years) buy another house and do a 1031 exchange.
7. Repeat step (1) with a nicer house, ideally with a duplex/triplex/four-plex. Stop repeating when you're seeing diminishing returns on the cash flow of your home (this will likely be at the multi-family level).
Eventually all of your housing related expenses will be 0. Take the money you would've had to spend and put it into an index fund.
Unlike most advice, the above steps are guaranteed to work as long as you buy a house you're capable and willing to pay the mortgage of without renting it out. Finally, because you're an owner occupant you have the ultimate leverage and it's effectively zero risk, since costs is spread across your tenants and benefits go to the property you own.
What's the catch you're thinking? Why doesn't everyone do this if it's guaranteed?
Turns out people don't like being a landlord or living with others. Swallow that pill and financial success is inevitable as long as you don't try to become an investor (that's an entirely different set of problems).
Unlike a lot of other advice, you don't even have to make a lot of money to do the above.
february 2018
How we grew from 0 to 4 million women on our fashion app, with a vertical machine learning approach
(a) identify retention levers using behavioral cohorts (we use Mixpanel for this). We run cohorts not only over the actions that people performed, but also over the value they received. This was hard to conceptualize for an app such as Chicisimo*. We thought in terms of what specific and measurable value people received, measured it, and run cohorts over those events, and then we were able to iterate over value received, not only over actions people performed. We also defined and removed anti-levers (all those noisy things that distract from the main value) and got all the relevant metrics for different time periods: first session, first day, first week, etc. These super specific metrics allowed us to iterate (*Nir Eyal’s book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products discusses a framework to create habits that helped us build our model);
february 2018
People Are Worried About the Stock Market - Bloomberg
Here are some notes taken by John Bares, then the head of Uber Technologies Inc.'s autonomous vehicle group, at his meeting with Travis Kalanick, then the CEO of Uber, in December 2015 to discuss what Uber hoped to gain by acquiring Otto, an autonomous-vehicle company started by former Alphabet Inc. engineer Anthony Levandowski:

TK what we want
all of their data
road map
pound of flesh
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february 2018
Building Python 3.6 from source on Ubuntu and Debian Linux | Solarian Programmer
1 sudo apt install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev libreadline-dev libsqlite3-dev
february 2018
Theory - Why Hexagons 1
This structure is reminiscent of Richard Feynman’s metaphoric description of antimatter: “It is as though a bombardier flying low over a road suddenly sees three roads and it is only when two of them come together and disappear again that he realizes that he has simply passed over a long switchback in a single road.”
february 2018
Anglishized fqgkkrez 1
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february 2018
Is Cyber-Insider Trading Illegal? - Bloomberg
The gunman also demanded the victim hand over a 24-word password to his Ledger Nano S—a device known as a hardware wallet that lets users store digital currency offline and safe from hackers (though not from kidnappers).
february 2018
meganz/webclient: The web client
js/ -- contains all generic JavaScript files

todo: review
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february 2018
Some thoughts on security after ten years of qmail 1.0 | the morning paper
For many years I have been systematically identifying error-prone programming habits — by reviewing the literature, analyzing other people’s mistakes, and analyzing my own mistakes — and redesigning my programming environment to eliminate those habits.

Some of the techniques recommended include ensuring data flow is explicit (designing large portions of qmail to run in separate processes connected through pipelines made much of qmail’s internal data flow easier to see for example), simplifying integer semantics (using big integers and regular arithmetic rather than the conventional modular arithmetic), and factoring code in order to make it easier to test error cases.
january 2018
Today in cryptocomedy | FT Alphaville
Both websites, as it happens, were recently registered by the same anonymising Panamanian registrant.
january 2018
Protectionism Can't Fix Trade Imbalances - Bloomberg
What's important to recognize is that the deep trade imbalances afflicting the U.S. in recent years mainly reflect the impunity with which other countries exploit access to its capital account. Capital markets in the U.S. are deep, flexible and completely open, making it easy for countries that aim to run trade surpluses to park their excess savings there.

As a result, the U.S. is forced to absorb roughly half the world's excess savings. Even though American businesses are sated with cheap capital, and sit on hoards of unused cash, money is still pouring into the U.S. and forcing its capital account into surplus. It thus has no choice but to run a trade deficit.

Rather than intervene directly, only to undermine global trade and worsen these imbalances, Washington must address the role the U.S. plays in absorbing global capital. This is the only way to resolve American trade deficits.
january 2018
Not Everyone Appreciates CDS Creativity - Bloomberg
Sure, fine, yes, if a meteor had hit Steinhoff, you'd be like "eh, risk, amirite?" But what actually hit Steinhoff were accounting irregularities for which it had long been criticized. ("A decade ago, in a 56-page research report, analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. asked why Steinhoff’s accounts lacked 'pivotal information' about where it was generating revenue and why it appeared to focus on tax breaks rather than the actual business.") Saying generically that one nine-digit loss won't change a giant bank's "risk appetite" is perfectly reasonable: Banking is a risky business, you will have losses, and your risk appetite should be based on your overall portfolio, not your single worst trade. But you want to learn something from missing a giant accounting problem in your due diligence. You want to make some changes to your processes. "Yeah sure we're going to keep lending against shares of companies whose accounting we don't understand, whatever, it's just a few hundred million dollars" is not the right lesson to draw from Steinhoff.

[todo: what were the irregularities]
january 2018
Amazon announces candidate cities for HQ2
trip idea: indianapolis, columbus, pittsburg
january 2018
Scaling Kubernetes to 2,500 Nodes
todo: collect and read all openai writings
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january 2018
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