A Captain and a Cause - rhymer23 - The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
“Daerion was dangling upside-down from an apple tree when the King came for the first time to Minas Tirith.” Thorongil touched many lives when he served in Gondor, more than at first he knew. This is a story of Aragorn in Gondor, seen through the eyes of a young boy from Minas Tirith.

Really fantastic outsider POV on Aragorn. I loved this.
lotr  aragon  outsider_pov 
4 hours ago
If Only In My Dreams - odetteandodile - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky is a highly successful cooking and lifestyle blogger, the gay New England Pioneer Woman if you will. He writes all about life in his Connecticut home with his D.H. (darling husband). Only problem? It’s all complete fiction. He actually lives in a shitty Brooklyn apartment, is single as hell, and has visited Connecticut exactly one time at the age of eight.

When his agent Sam informs him that he's been offered an exclusive sponsorship deal with Stark Media and a three book contract to go with it, Bucky's forced to fess up to Sam, who's predictably...displeased. But Sam's also convinced the deal is too good to miss—even if they have to put on a little bit of a show in order to get it.

So Tony and Pepper descend on Bucky and Sam's fake home for Christmas with a devastatingly handsome War Hero in tow, and their already complicated plan quickly gets even more complicated as Bucky finds himself falling head over heels for Steve. Can he keep it together just for the holidays? Did he ever have it together in the first place?

Tis the season for lovely Christmas fluff.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
18 days ago
Long Off Skies - eyres - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky’s daily circuit, without fail, takes him to the small plot of land where Steve is buried. Brooklyn’s ghostly ruins are the perfect setting for the once proud tombstone, now battered and sloping from wind and grit.

Sometime in the future, Earth has been left uninhabitable after a long alien war. The few humans remaining fled to the skies, leaving only Bucky Barnes behind to monitor the dying planet.

Then, a very much alive Steve Rogers crash lands at his front door.
Loved this post-apocalyptic AU (despite the fact that it kinds of suggests Steve can't die, which really creeps me out when I think about it).
5 weeks ago
Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin's Guide to Supersoldier Seduction - galwednesday, silentwalrus, skellerbvvt - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.

I was initially a bit leery, since some ABO variants can be too issueficcy, but this is actually just a big warm cuddly blanket of happy SteveBucky feels. 90,000 words.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky  fluff 
5 weeks ago
yer a wizard, dudley - dirgewithoutmusic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Dudley gets a Hogwarts letter. It doesn't change him, precisely, at least not immediately.
harrypotter  dudley_dursley 
5 weeks ago
Turn, Archer, and Heed the Wild Hunt - Mhalachai - Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis [Archive of Our Own]
In the summer of 1983, Clint Barton goes to live with his new foster mom in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. Now he just needs to figure out how negotiate this new life... and also what's up with all the strange things happening in the night.
This was utterly lovely.
avengers  narnia  crossover  clint_barton  susan_pevensie 
6 weeks ago
Under the Bridges of Fame - alby_mangroves, notlucy - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
For better or for worse (usually worse), Steve Rogers has been the most famous guy in the room for a while. And though newsreels have given way to YouTube, people's reactions haven't changed much in seventy-some years. Steve's become an expert at keeping his head down and getting on with his life.

A head-on collision on a busy street sends books flying and sweeps Steve off his feet. The point of impact has a name: James. A charming mess of long hair, thick glasses, and a crooked, not-quite-smile. If he recognizes Steve, he chooses not to comment, placing him firmly in Steve's good graces.

As far as Steve can tell, they might be Bogie and Bacall all over again, save for the group of idiots with selfie sticks who surround them. But for once, the request isn't for Steve.

Which begs the question: if James is James, then who the hell is Bucky?

AU where Steve is Cap and Bucky is a former child actor.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
6 weeks ago
Be It Bravery or Stupidity - portraitofemmy - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The Battle of New York leaves Bucky Barnes with a lot of bruises and a surrogate niece he never bargained on having. She’s scared and clingy and unwilling or unable to speak to anyone but him. But Bucky’s never been one to turn away someone who needs his help, and he did save her life after all.

This by itself would be enough to keep him busy, nevermind that fact that he keeps running into Captain America everywhere. At first it’s an accident, then when Steve starts going out of his way to find him, Bucky’s faced with the possibility of a blossoming romance added onto the craziness that has become his life. After all, sometimes family is what your born with, and sometimes it finds you when the Park Avenue Subway Station is blown up by aliens.

Sweet AU. My only complaint is I wanted more.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
6 weeks ago
Chase the Lightning From the Sky - SilverSlashes, TrishArgh - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
If Bucky has to be stuck doing this ridiculous summer work program before his senior year of college, on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, then at least he’s got a hot as hell cowboy for a boss and host. Steve Rogers, owner of the Truth & Justice Ranch, is what Bucky’s completely theoretical but very imaginative bisexual fantasies are made of. Steve’s a widower though, and a nice guy in need of help, and no doubt 100% straight… so Bucky’s gonna work his ass off and keep his head down.

But neither Bucky nor Steve are prepared for the friendship that forms between them as they work side by side. And they certainly aren’t expecting the budding feelings, confessions, and passions that summer heat and the loneliness of the great open plains stirs in each of them. What rages to life between them will shake each man to his core and will linger long after the storms and the summer have passed.

I do love a good cowboy AU.
captamerica  steve/bucky  au 
7 weeks ago
A Night at the Gray Gosling - greenteeth - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve’s plans for a quiet night in are put on hold as he is pulled into a SHIELD mission. Now he’s at a fancy party with Natasha’s voice in his ear telling him how to be a spy.

Bucky’s night is going exactly to plan, he’s made it into the party now he just has to figure out who’s crooked. One thing he knows for sure is there's something strange about Roger Stevens.

The dinosaurs, those came out of left field.

This was REALLY fun.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky  and  dinosaurs! 
7 weeks ago
Lessons in Normality - relenafanel - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Things Steve know about his boyfriend Bucky: How he looks with his face relaxed in sleep. That he can perfectly flip pancakes. The way he’s open about things Steve is still adapting to, like therapy and depression and sex toys and being a millennial. The way he laughs with his mouth wide open and his eyes squinted, and the cheerful way he cheats at cards and loses at laser tag.

The way he seduces Steve with a knowing glint in his eye. The way Steve responds to it, stronger each time, taken by his beauty and competence and snark and compassion (or the compassionate way he boots Steve in the ass when he needs a push).

Things Steve doesn’t know about his boyfriend Bucky: That he’s an undercover operative gathering intel on Hydra, SHIELD, and which Steve is affiliated with.
Really good.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
7 weeks ago
don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break - suzukiblu - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“He’s traumatized from being brainwashed and imprisoned and can’t submit to an alpha with combat training without either having a panic attack or straight up trying to kill them,” Sam says bluntly. “He’s detoxing off illegal suppressants before we can put him on new ones. Dr. Cho was going to cycle off hers for him, but he burned through faster than we expected.”

“So . . . he’s in heat, and there’s nobody around he doesn’t see as a threat?” Darcy summarizes, frowning.

“Long story short, yes,” Sam confirms.

“. . . and long story long?” Darcy asks skeptically, genuinely unable to help herself.

He tells them.

“Jesus Christ!”

I don't read much Darcy fic any more, but this had excellent characterization and was just hot.
captamerica  bucky/darcy  abo 
7 weeks ago
Roll Out the Red Carpet - Lorien, Quarra, talkplaylove-art (talkplaylove) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The premiere for Steve Rogers' newest Captain America movie was just around the corner, and Steve knew it was going to be a hit. The big downside was that he had to have a date. The last several times he'd brought someone to an event like this, things had ranged from unpleasant to disastrous. In a last ditch effort to get out of taking someone that might make his night hell, Steve went on Twitter and invited the Winter Soldier to be his plus one.

The Soldier was an international fugitive, and currently wanted for a series of high profile attacks on corrupt businessmen. Since every person the Soldier attacked was involved in some truly vile criminal activity, the public loved him, despite his crimes. Inviting him to the premiere was the perfect cop out. There was no way he was ever going to show.


Fun AU where Steve + the Avengers are actors, but SHIELD and Hydra exist, and the Winter Soldier is still the Winter Soldier.
captamerica  steve/bucky  au 
7 weeks ago
Baby I was Afraid Before - phoenixflight - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter met in the medic’s tent.
She looked at Steve, asleep beside his friend's cot, his hand on Barnes' chest, and raised her eyebrows. Barnes, looking back, narrowed his eyes. It was like one of those picture puzzles where a hidden image emerged if you looked at it right, but once you had seen it you couldn’t stop seeing it. Steve and Barnes. Together.
captamerica  steve/bucky  steve/bucky/peggy 
8 weeks ago
So far I've come (to get to you) - layersofart (layersofsilence), obsessivereader - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
There aren’t many things Steve won’t do to save his mother when her cancer turns terminal. Tracking down an ex-Hydra battle mage in the Dead Zone to offer his life as sacrifice for a cure is just one example. Turns out the mage has a conscience. He agrees to help, but he refuses to take Steve’s life. Instead, Steve must give up something else—something precious, something so dear to him it can fuel the magic to cure Sarah.

Now, all they need to do is figure out what that something is...

A really lovely AU
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
8 weeks ago
fail_fandomanon | FFA DW Post # 965 - Your powers of conjuring do not impress me, Lord Thunderbowl.
I once read a fic where Hermione was using a dildo with Harry's face on it ARE YOU GLAD I SHARED THAT.
This whole thread is peak FFA, but I think the fanart linked in the thread is the best part.
ffa  lol  harrypotter 
8 weeks ago
A Long, Long Way - Chapter 1 - thepinupchemist - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-Thanos, post-Captain America, post-Nomad, Steve Rogers is lost. He takes a Volkswagen bus on a self-discovery tour of the United States.

When Steve hits a bicyclist in the Rocky Mountains, he meets the love of his life.
AU where Bucky is just a modern boy. Very sweet, though I would have liked it to be longer.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
8 weeks ago
A Better Version of Our Past - crackdkettle - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The Commandos find Bucky in a Hydra facility just days after Steve crashes. A few months later, Peggy comes to Bucky for help: she’s pregnant with Steve’s child and she wants him to claim the child as his so the SSR won’t experiment on it to try to crack Erskine’s formula. Over the next several years Bucky slowly learns how to navigate the life that was meant for Steve — as a husband, father, and founding member of SHIELD — while never giving up the search for the man he lost and still loves.

Loved this. I want more they-all-survived-the-war threesome fic, dammit.
captamerica  steve/peggy  steve/bucky  bucky/peggy  steve/bucky/peggy 
8 weeks ago
Flourless Peanut Butter Banana Muffins | Detoxinista
1 cup natural organic peanut butter
2 very ripe bananas, mashed (about 1 cup mashed)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 whole eggs
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup honey (or stevia, to taste)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
350, 15 minutes in muffin tins.
recipes  peanut_butter  muffins 
8 weeks ago
Ink of a Rosy Morning - rose_indigo_and_tom - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After the war, Bucky just wanted to get away. He’d given up enough for a cause he didn’t even really believe in, and even once the battles were over, he couldn’t seem to leave it all behind. But he got as far away as he could, and then he walked a little further, and then he settled down, to carve a place and a life for himself out of the land on DC-202.

He was expecting quiet, and a fair amount of worrying about the weather, and learning how to be a farmer instead of a city boy. He wasn’t expecting any of the other stuff. He wasn’t expecting Steve.

A sweet Bucky recovery AU set in space. (Well, technically set on another planet).
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
8 weeks ago
37 Moons - lionessvalenti - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky works to move forward with his life, including love, finding a community, and saving Steve.
I do love Wakanda-centered recovery stories. Not the happiest ending, but a hopeful one.
captamerica  steve/bucky  shuri 
9 weeks ago
So I Took a Faithful Leap - odetteandodile - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky doesn’t fall and Steve doesn’t crash. The Howling Commados take out the remaining Hydra bases…and then they go home, just like all the other allied soldiers. Throughout the war, they discuss what each of them would do if they make it back again. The only person Steve doesn’t ask is Bucky. He’s afraid of the answer.

Steve himself isn’t sure if he knows how to do anything but be a soldier and a weapon anymore, but remembering the promise he made he vows to try to be just a good man again.

He buys a farm in Washington state, and tries to relearn how to be at peace.

(Featuring: Steve as a bearded farmer, two rescued puppies, badass Peggy Carter speaking truth, the Howling Commandos doing the same, an apple orchard, soldier homecoming angst, and two dumb boys waiting way too long to talk it out–but don’t worry, they do.)

This was sweet.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
9 weeks ago
Dark as Blood - Lorien, Saetha - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
"How do you do it?" Steve finally asked, his voice brittle as he was trying to wipe his eyes dry. "How do you not break over and over again?" He was well aware that as a sergeant Bucky had seen, had commanded, more than his own fair share of death.
"I do," Bucky told him. "We all do. We just can't let the cracks swallow us whole."
Magic has always been a part of this world. Some have it, others don’t - and Bucky discovers early on just how destructive his own is. As much as he might hate his abilities, however, he will use them to keep first his family and Steve and then the entire Howling Commandos safe. Things get more difficult once they get thrown into the fray of war, but somehow they endure, the Commandos growing stronger as they grow closer.

An excellent look at Bucky before and during the war.
captamerica  steve/bucky  steve/peggy 
9 weeks ago
Hearts Like Ours - FindingFrancis, wearing_tearing - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Today, of all days, is the day Bucky is going to meet the love of his life. Imagine his surprise when it turns out to be Captain America.
Or: The Adventures of Bucky Barnes, the Shitty Psychic.

Long, mostly fluffy AU where Steve is Cap but Bucky is a modern nurse with a bit of precognition, in a world full of fae, witches, werewolves, etc.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
9 weeks ago
Home of the Brave - MonocerosRex - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After the helicarrier Steve hasn't seen nor heard from Bucky for months until one night he shows up on his doorstep half dead with a little girl and a baby. Unable to turn to even their friends for help they go into hiding, fighting tooth and nail to keep their newfound family secret and safe. But can they carve out a home for themselves when everyone is out to get them?


Lovely, especially if you're in the mood for something from the post-WS era.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky  kidfic 
10 weeks ago
Apple Cinnamon Coconut Cookies
Try cooking for 22-25 minutes and maybe flip halfway?
recipes  low-carb  desserts  apples  cookies 
12 weeks ago
A Wild Call and a Clear Call - Oko (tucuxi) - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
Hiram Kalloway joined the naval service at the late age of thirteen, his mother having insisted on him remaining home until that age in order to gain some additional polish.

Over the years, Hiram gained a reputation for being an odd, bookish sort, but a fair enough captain who fought like a devil and read the sea like a lover, and kept to himself for the most part. Hiram knew he had a good reputation, as these things went, but also rather a peculiar one. He swam, because he liked it, which was considered very odd, and he did not eat jellied desserts, because he did not like them. He detested any number of naval practices that were standard on other ships, and turned a blind eye to others, and as a result he had been called an odd duck more than once.

And that was all fine, until he met Isaac Upton, a ship's master with a sharp tongue and a sharper temper, a man who seemed willing to castigate any and all members of the Admiralty who were inclined to cheat his captain, regardless of their power or influence.

Excellent original fic.
originalfic  british_navy  m/m 
september 2018
Far Above Rubies - Beatrice_Otter - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]
All in all, it was a highly eligible match and Mary was quite pleased with herself for securing it. She might wish Mr. Collins paid more attention to his scriptures and the writings of the great theologians than to the edicts of Lady Catherine, but Mary's own scholarship in that area was more than sufficient to remedy the lack.

Really interestin AU--I do like this Mary a lot.
pride_and_prejudice  mary_bennett/william_collins 
september 2018
All's Fair in Larb and War - phonecallfromgod - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
Ned Leeds just wants to transition painlessly into college life, but that's easier said than done when Tony Stark has a personal beef with you, Liz Allan's back in town, and your roommate and your superhero boyfriend hate each other (but just don't know it yet).

This was really fun.
spideman  peter_parker/ned_leeds 
august 2018
Black Dog - leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
So long ago the details were lost to time, people began creating guardians of the dead. They were made from dogs, dogs who were buried in graveyards before anyone was laid to rest, their spirits arising as black dogs, bound protectors of the human dead.

Steve had always wondered what would happen after he died. He hadn't expected the answer to be 'wake up in the cemetery he'd been buried in', but here he was, some kind of ghost, and he could see the trees through his hands. It wasn't so bad, and he wasn't alone—a sleek black dog, golden eyes glowing bright, was happily waiting to greet him when he woke up.

Decades later, on what was supposed to be a quiet, peaceful, definitely-not-life-changing walk through the woods, Bucky stumbled across an abandoned cemetery and into the impossible.

(It's a ghost story and a love story and a story about dogs.)


SO very sweet. 55,000 words
captamerica  steve/bucky  au 
august 2018
You Shouldn’t Have to Read These Books in High School
A discussion of the high school canon, but has some interesting suggestions I haven't read.
august 2018
The Changeling - Annerb - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Ginny is sorted into Slytherin. It takes her seven years to figure out why.

Wow. I think this might be the best Harry Potter AU I've ever read. Mostly gen (a tiny bit of Harry/Ginny hinted at), but a fantastic Ginny and a great look at the series from an alternative Slytherin perspective. 182,000 words
harrypotter  au  gen  Ginny_Weasley 
august 2018
The Beyonds of Mirrors - littleblackfox - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Every night the dream is the same.
There is a door. A door at the end of a long, dark corridor.
Steve has seen the door so many times in sleep that he can picture it clearly when awake. The damp, rough-hewn stone walls that stretch into the darkness. The heavy oak door, its hinges rusted and flaking like dried blood.
There is no door handle, no lock, no key. If you press your ear to the old, soaking wood, you can hear someone singing.

Lovely fusion of Captain America with Neil Gaiman's Sandman universe--I really enjoyed this. 33,000 words.
captamerica  sandman  fusion  crossover  steve/bucky 
august 2018
Fic: Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281
So maybe everything didn't work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he'd gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he'd have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn't have had to go back and do everything AGAIN.

Fun satirical AU Where a 20-something Harry goes back in time to first year, and decides to fix things but have a lot of fun while doing so. Probably best in short doses, but I really enjoyed it.
harrypotter  au 
august 2018
The Medium Place - Marks - The Good Place (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Like Eleanor says, "I was a medium person! I should get to spend eternity in a medium place!" The one where Shaun, the Wise Eternal Judge Who Sits on High, agrees with her.
the_good_place  eleanor_shellstrop/chidi_anagonye 
august 2018
After her death, Hermione Granger gets an opportunity to go back in time and change things for Tom Riddle. Really excellent long AU. 256,000 words.
harrypotter  HermioneGranger/TomRiddle  AU 
august 2018
we've got some work to do - thingswithwings - Ocean's 8 (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The prompt was "Parker from Leverage meets Debbie and Lou," which I loved.

Parker interviews candidates for Leverage International.

Oceans8  Leverage  crossover  fun  via:esther_a 
august 2018
Brisingr - ironychan - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Jane Foster discovers an object on a course for the inner solar system, it looks like a job for the Avengers. But when what looked like a comet turns out to be a refugee ship from another galaxy, it's not clear whose job this is anymore. Tony Stark and the Vision find they have an uncomfortable amount in common with the creatures called the Brisings, while Jane learns that the aliens are being followed by something they thought they'd left behind five million years ago. Set post-AOU, pre-CW.

Long, plotty gen fic with excellent Jane, Wanda, and Tony. (The other Avengers are there too, but except for Thor and Vision don't get a lot of screen time).
avengers  gen  jane_foster 
july 2018
You're Looking For a Way Out - camwolfe - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky's therapist recommends that he try hiking, so he gives it a shot. He runs into Steve on his very first hike, during an unfortunate encounter with a bird.

It goes from there.

I enjoyed this, though I would have liked a little more of an ending.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
july 2018
Family Placement - notlucy - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers had a train ticket in hand and the chance to begin again after losing everything in Brooklyn - his father, his mother, the comfort and familiarity of home. Going west meant the opportunity to become his own man and stake his claim on the wide, flat prairie.

Then, of course, there was Bucky Barnes.

Now complete! 19th c. western AU with some period typical stuff, but a happy ending. 88,000 words.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
july 2018
who tells your story - msbluesunflower - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Remembering Steve G. Rogers: A Conversation with James Buchanan Barnes
A seventy-five year old photograph, lost and found. Columnist Sean T. Dugan talks to Sergeant James Barnes about the late Captain Rogers.

If you feel like celebrating Steve's 100th by having your heart ripped out of your chest, this is the story. Set after the presumed ending of Avengers 4. Painful but lovely.
captamerica  steve/bucky  major-character-death 
july 2018
The Accidental Animagus - White_Squirrel - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry escapes the Dursleys with a unique bout of accidental magic and eventually winds up at the Grangers' house. Now, he has what he always wanted: a loving family—and he'll need their help to take on the magical world and vanquish the dark lord who has pursued him from birth.

Compelling, excellent AU of books 1-4. 660,000 words.
harrypotter  au  gen  verylon 
july 2018
Fourth Floor - dirtybinary, mithborien, picoalloe - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve has his life in order, okay. He goes to wizard college, even if he can't technically do magic. He has his own apartment, even though it's small and dinky and kind of gross, and forgets to exist sometimes, and might also be alive? Plus, he has a crush on the hot cyborg in unit 404 who cooks fiendishly good breakfast foods, and may or may not have some kind of weird connection to the sentient building they live in. He's not sure.

He's dealing, all right, his life is in tip-top condition, or it was until an eldritch monstrosity called the Hydra started posing as a real estate company to try and buy over his new home.

He's really pissed about that.

(The one where Steve is an angry millennial wizard, Sam is a Disney prince, Natasha is a shapeshifter, and Bucky is a spoiler.)

Surprised I haven't bookmarked this already--really unusual and interesting AU.
captamerica  steve/bucky  au 
july 2018
Just About Half-Past Ten - rohkeutta - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
But as he reaches Madison Avenue, Stark Tower a mere block away, the skies open with a whoosh, and he barely manages to duck under the construction scaffolding perched over the sidewalk. Thunder rumbles overhead, and Bucky frantically checks every compartment of his bag for an umbrella he knows is there.

It’s not. He does find some loose glitter, though, and a lipstick he wore for Pride and had thought he’d lost, plus a spare Metro Card he can’t remember buying.

He also gets a crystal clear flashback of leaving the umbrella under his desk to dry yesterday morning, and never picking it up again.

This is positively charming and fluffy.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky 
july 2018
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