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Number Crunch
How many miles of the Northern Pass Transmission will be allowed by the U.S. Forest Service to be buried by Eversource along existing roads in the White Mountain National Forest.
BusinessNHMagazine  underground  wmnf 
february 2018 by northernpass
Utilities Bury More Transmission Lines to Prevent Storm Damage - IEEE Spectrum
In the past six months, transmission lines have been destroyed by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, singed by wildfires in California, and bitterly opposed by residents in Utah and Pennsylvania who want to stop utilities from building more.
spectrum  utilities  underground 
january 2018 by northernpass
Saint-Adolphe turns to superior Court in its fight against Hydro-Québec |
The Municipality of Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard has filed an appeal with the Superior Court of Montreal to suspend the development work on its territory of a high-voltage line by Hydro-Québec. (Choose "translate" feature if article appears in French)
radiocanada  hq  underground  quebec 
december 2017 by northernpass
Hydro-Québec power lines go underground in Hereford but not in Dollard | Montreal Gazette
The push to convince Hydro-Québec to sink three kilometres of high-tension wires in Dollard-des-Ormeaux is not over despite the fact the above-ground version of the project has been given the green light by the Quebec government.
MontrealGazette  HQ  underground 
december 2017 by northernpass
Hydro changes his mind and enfouira his line to Hereford | The Quebec Post
Hydro-Quebec turns around and enfouira, at a cost of $ 60 million, 18 kilometres of high-voltage power line to preserve the landscape of the forest Hereford in the eastern Townships.
QuebecPost  Hydro-Quebec  underground  herefordforest 
november 2017 by northernpass
Committee considering Northern Pass permit tours proposed route
A commission in charge of deciding whether the Northern Pass project will get a key permit toured part of the state Tuesday.
WMUR  bustour  SEC  underground  Plymouth 
october 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass panel pays a visit to proposed project sites | New Hampshire
In Bristol, Eric Worthen wanted to know why some northern areas would get Northern Pass lines buried through their communities, while his 70-plus acres — home to five cows — would get higher towers than already exist.
UnionLeader  bustour  SEC  underground  Plymouth 
october 2017 by northernpass
Site Evaluation Committee views potential impact of Northern Pass on Concord 
Despite being moments away from Interstate 93, the Brookfield development has the look and feel of a quiet, rural neighborhood.
ConcordMonitor  bustour  SEC  underground  Plymouth 
october 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass hits another obstacle - CommonWealth Magazine
THE TROUBLED NORTHERN PASS power line project was dealt another blow as the federal Environmental Protection Agency called for an additional 40-mile stretch of the transmission line to be buried underground rather than disrupting wetlands and wildlife through northern New Hampshire.
CommonWealthMagazine  EPA  underground 
october 2017 by northernpass
EPA: Burying 40 More Miles of Northern Pass May Cost a Bit More, But Better for Wetlands |
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says burying an additional 40 miles of Northern Pass transmission line in its most northern segment would be less damaging to wetlands and wildlife than as currently proposed and “appears practicable.”
InDepthNH  EPA  underground  wetlands 
september 2017 by northernpass
I'm familiar with the people, policies & politics of N.H. government
I'm a Republican running for the vacated House seat in District 9 - Grafton County, which includes the towns of Grafton, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol and Ashland.
LaconiaDailySun  letter  candidate  underground 
july 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass plot thickens
The Northern Pass current proposal threatens the health and safety
of Grafton County residents. Claims that the proposal would be
cheaper than burying the line down I-93 are simply not true. Here
are potential dangers to residents that the NP is trying to hide.
PlymouthRecordEnterprise  column  opponent  construction  roads  underground 
june 2017 by northernpass
City puts best face forward at Weirs
The completion of an eight-month, $4.3 million project to improve Lakeside Avenue in the Weirs Beach area was celebrated during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday.
LaconiaDailySun  Laconia  underground  utilities 
may 2017 by northernpass
NH city turns detraction into attraction with massive renovations | NH1
The Mayor of Laconia Edward Engler cut the ribbon for the brand-new reconstruction of one of New Hampshire's top tourist destinations Thursday afternoon.
NH1  Laconia  underground  utilities 
may 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass: Hydro-Québec rejette le tracé souterrain | Le Devoir
Hydro-Québec once again rejected Wednesday the possibility of burying a portion of the Quebec-New Hampshire line to protect what environmental groups consider to be "one of the last protected forest massifs" in southern Quebec.
libredepenser  Hydro-Quebec  underground 
may 2017 by northernpass
Revised Eversource plan still buries cable under bay
Eversource has amended its Seacoast Reliability Project and now plans to bury almost a half mile segment under Frink Farm in Newington.
seacoastonline  SRP  underground  littlebay 
march 2017 by northernpass
Group seeks changes to Hydro-Québec’s Northern Pass project in the Eastern Townships | Montreal Gazette
The most important conservation area on Quebec private land will be devastated by a Hydro-Québec transmission line project to New Hampshire, argues SOS Mont Hereford, a group that’s calling on the government to rethink the project.
MontrealGazette  Hydro-Quebec  route  underground  conservation 
march 2017 by northernpass
Coalition opposes Hydro-Québec's Northern Pass project in the Eastern Townships | Caroline St-Pierre | National
The largest remaining testamentary conservation legacy in Québec's history will be devastated by a Hydro-Québec transmission line to New Hampshire, supports a new coalition that calls on the government to force the Crown Review its project.
lapresse  Hydro-Quebec  conservation  underground 
march 2017 by northernpass
$324,684 saved
A dispute over the cost of burying power lines in a major improvement project at The Weirs has been resolved, with the City Council agreeing to provide an additional $150,000 over three years.
LaconiaDailySun  underground  costs  agreement 
march 2017 by northernpass
Chopping the cost
Following a meeting with officials from Eversource on Thursday, the City Council could find its dispute with the utility over the cost of burying the power lines along Lakeside Avenue in The Weirs resolved by its next regularly scheduled meeting on Monday.
LaconiaDailySun  underground  utility  project  costs 
march 2017 by northernpass
Eversource vows to work with Laconia to address nearly $500k in powerline project cost overruns | New Hampshire
Eversource has pledged that it will work with the city to resolve what could be a nearly $500,000 overrun in the company’s estimate for burying utilities underground in The Weirs.
UnionLeader  Laconia  underground  utility  project  costs 
march 2017 by northernpass
City’s fault?
A spokesperson for Eversource has claimed that the cost of burying power lines Lakeside Avenue at The Weirs increased because the city asked the utility to complete the project March 15, not May as originally planned.
LaconiaDailySun  underground  utilities 
march 2017 by northernpass
Eversource raises price of project after NH town requests quicker completion | NH1
Eversource has raised their asking price for the burial of power lines in the Lakeside Avenue project due to the city wanting it completed sooner.
NH1  laconia  underground  costs 
march 2017 by northernpass
Burying Islington St. utility lines could cost $8.6M - News - - Portsmouth, NH
Burying overhead utility lines would drive up the cost of the Islington Street corridor design project by anywhere from $5.6 million to $8.6 million, according to city staff.
seacoastonline  underground  utilities  costs 
march 2017 by northernpass
Hydro-Québec and sale at a loss in the United States | JDM
The past few days have been tumultuous for Hydro-Québec and its Northern Pass Transmission (NPT) project. Recall that Hydro-Québec proposed to invest $ 1.6 billion to sell a portion of its large surpluses to New England. That sounded good news. Yet the project already had lead in the wing. Hydro-Québec seems to take all the risks and leaves the benefits to the Americans. All this by denying the privileges granted to the American population to the people of Quebec.
LeJournalDeMontreal  Hydro-Quebec  NorthernPass  underground  financing 
march 2017 by northernpass
Nature Québec requests the burial of the interconnection line | Claude Plante | Eastern Townships and Regions
"The government of Quebec must bring Hydro-Québec to order, not authorize the project as presented and return the crown corporation to its drawing board."
laTribune  Hydro-Quebec  NorthernPass  underground  financing 
march 2017 by northernpass
The St-Adolphe line comes back to haunt Hydro-Québec
Mayor Lisette Lapointe does not digest that Hydro-Québec agrees to bury power lines in the United States, even though it is not in the municipality.
L'InformationduNord  Hydro-Quebec  NorthernPass  underground  financing 
march 2017 by northernpass
Hydro songe à abandonner le projet Northern Pass | JDQ
Not only does Hydro-Québec finally admit that it could indirectly pay the cost of building a $ 2.1 billion line in New Hampshire, but it is challenging its participation in the project after "redrafting its plan" on Wednesday.
LeJournaldeQuebec  Hydro-Quebec  underground  financing 
march 2017 by northernpass
Hydro-Québec changes version | News
Hydro-Québec says it will not pay for the construction of a $ 2.1 billion line in New Hampshire, but this interpretation is denied by its own US partners. Even the spokesperson for the Crown corporation, Serge Abergel, changed its version in a few days.
TVANouvelles  Hydro-Quebec  underground  financing 
march 2017 by northernpass
100 kilometres of buried line in U.S. as part of Hydro Quebec project
Activists in New Hampshire are forcing a project important to Hydro Quebec to do something the utility has refused to do in this province: spend extra money to put its high voltage power lines underground.
CJAD  Hydro-Quebec  underground  financing 
march 2017 by northernpass
Chris Holt -Dummer - select - Berlin Daily Sun
Northern Pass should be researched by all residents. The landowners that this line may go through have all the right to sell a right of way to them. I question why going through National Forest all lines will be underground so it cannot be seen by hikers. Yet, once in Coos County/Dummer it is a high transmission line. We would appreciate the same courtesy; we live here and have to see it every day. I strongly feel DRA (Department of Revenue Administration) in Concord should realize as taxpayers this should affect the view tax involved in our tax bill. Without getting further into the discussion of taxation and being a donor town, I lean more against Northern Pass.
Dummer  Selectmen  BerlinDailySun  NorthernPass  underground  burial 
march 2016 by northernpass
Dennis Bachand - Dummer - select - Berlin Daily Sun
I don't oppose Northern Pass Project due to all the good that could be done with the taxes the town will be collecting. I do oppose the transmission cables being supported rather than buried as this creates yet another eyesore on our beautiful landscape.
Dummer  Selectmen  BerlinDailySun  NorthernPass  burial  underground 
march 2016 by northernpass
Editorial: City should bury lines on Main Street - Concord Monitor
Normally, save in the most scenic spots, familiarity leads people to ignore overhead lines and look past them. The lines on that stretch of street form an ugly profusion that mars the view of the Cap Center, the adjacent Kimball mansion, the co-op and other properties. Developers and the real estate firm marketing the city-owned former Department of Employment Security building say the unsightly lines reduce the value of the properties and make them less attractive to buyers. The city, which purchased the building from the state for $1.7 million, sorely wants to see it used for something that adds jobs and vitality to downtown. It would like to get it on the tax rolls as soon as possible. Burying the wires will help.
ConcordMonitor  powerlines  burial  underground  editorial  Opinion 
march 2016 by northernpass
NH society includes DOT in Northern Pass legal action - New Hampshire Union Leader
The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests on Friday filed a motion to include the DOT in its court action against Northern Pass Transmission, a partnership between Eversource-NH and HydroQuebec.
UnionLeader  ForestSociety  SPNHF  lawsuit  eversource  Hydro-Quebec  NorthernPass  DOT  burial  underground 
february 2016 by northernpass
Eversource would add transmission lines through Needham - Needham Times
According to Eversource Energy spokesman Mike Durand, Eversource is exploring options for how to route the lines, including putting them underground.

“It would likely include the use of existing rights of way and running lines under public roads,” explained Durand.
Eversouce  transmission  burial  underground  reliability  ISO-NE 
february 2016 by northernpass
Downtown: A ‘last opportunity’ to bury utilities on South Main Street - Concord Monitor
(First comment from NPT opponent) The idea to bury the overhead wires between Pleasant and Thompson streets was part of the first plan for the downtown redesign. The original cost was $2.5 million.

But when price estimates for Main Street came in way over budget, underground utilities got the ax. The city decided to use those dollars to make up a gaping hole in the construction budget.
ConcordMonitor  powerlines  burial  underground  concord 
february 2016 by northernpass
Modernization of Hydro substation in Dollard worries citizens - Montreal Gazette
The group is concerned about possible health risks linked to living near a more powerful, above-ground transmission line, so they want the line buried. But Hydro-Québec said sinking the line would quadruple the estimated $13 million it will cost to install an above-ground line.
MontrealGazette  EMF  burial  underground  transmission  Hydro-Quebec 
february 2016 by northernpass
Multiple items - Coos County Democrat
Coverage of Cate Street's intervention in the Northern Pass SEC process and details of the planned Coos Loop upgrades, the RFP submission, the announced DOE hearings, and an editorial claiming Hydro-Quebec can afford to and should fully bury the project (all in the Berlin Reporter and Littleton Courier as well). The Democrat also runs Commissioner Rick Samson's column about the NCIC cell tower.
CoosCountyDemocrat  LittletonCourier  BerlinReporter  coos  intervener  SEC  DOE  EIS  Hydro-Quebec  burial  underground  NorthernPass  eversource 
february 2016 by northernpass
Opinion: Pipeline woes proliferate - Rutland Herald Online
Eight hundred-plus feet of pipe have been pulled and scrapped over safety concerns, and “ecofriendly” horizontal drilling has already failed in places. Rocky soils, large solid quartz deposits and unmarked landfills don’t respond well to horizontal, resulting in invasive trenching in these areas. When you add in sloppy contracting and inept project management, the company’s claimed cost cap may mean more corner cutting and even greater damage to properties, farms and wildlife.
Opinion  naturalgas  pipeline  RutlandHerald  VermontGas  underground  trenching 
january 2016 by northernpass
Buried line puts New England Clean Power Link plan on fast track - New Hampshire Union Leader
Northern Pass opponents seized the opportunity to once again point out that the Clean Power Link encountered minimal public resistance in Vermont because of the burial of the line.
UnionLeader  NorthernPass  eversource  opponents  NECPL  NewEnglandCleanPowerLink  TDI  doe  eis  PresidentialPermit  SPNHF  burial  underground 
october 2015 by northernpass
Multiple items - Berlin Reporter
Negative editorial on NPT (in all Salmon Press papers), a write up of how to navigate the maps on the In My Town section of the Northern Pass website, coverage of the Balsams application (also in the Coos County Democrat)and the economic activity of the AMC huts (all papers), and a mention of the latest updates with NCIC.
BerlinReporter  CoosCountyDemocrat  LittletonCourier  NorthernPass  eversource  burial  underground  HydroQuebec  Opinion  opponents 
october 2015 by northernpass
Multiple items - Coos County Democrat
Negative editorial about Northern Pass (in all Salmon Press papers), story about a planned article warrant in regards to Northern Pass for Whitefield's 2016 town meeting (also in the Berlin Reporter), and stories about the Balsam's application and the economic activity of the AMC huts (also in the Littleton Courier).
CoosCountyDemocrat  BerlinReporter  LittletonCourier  NorthernPass  eversource  opponents  burial  underground  HydroQuebec  Opinion 
october 2015 by northernpass
Council gets briefing on revised Northern Pass proposal - Berlin Daily Sun
Ramsey said initially the line traveled through 186 properties in the North County with overhead lines. When the northern section of the route was adjusted in 2013, he said that number was reduced to 31. Mayor Paul Grenier said he understood much of the line in Coos County would now go through Wagner Forest Management lands. Ramsey said approximately 25 miles of the line goes through Wagner woodlands.
BerlinDailySun  eversource  NorthernPass  SEC  overhead  burial  underground  ForwardNH  berlin  taxes  positive 
october 2015 by northernpass
On Northern Pass, Concord City Council makes ‘a clear statement’ to bury the lines - Concord Monitor
Northern Pass still needs state and federal approval; Concord and other individual communities do not have the power to decide whether Northern Pass moves forward. The comment period for the federal review has been extended to the end of this year, as the U.S. Department of Energy reopens its environmental review of the latest proposed route from Eversource.
ConcordMonitor  concord  citycouncil  NorthernPass  opponents  burial  underground  DOE  SEC  siting 
october 2015 by northernpass
Residents’ opposition to overhead Northern Pass lines is ‘unanimous,’ councilor says - Concord Monitor
A Concord City Council subcommittee will write a report about the overwhelming opposition to overhead transmission lines as part of the Northern Pass proposal in Concord, the chairwoman said Monday.
ConcordMonitor  NorthernPass  concord  burial  underground  overhead  opponents 
september 2015 by northernpass
Multiple items - Colebrook Chronicle
Letters to the editor regarding Northern Pass and an update on the Morse Mountain cell tower
celltower  ColebrookChronicle  MorseMt  openhouse  eversource  NorthernPass  TDI  NECPL  NewEnglandCleanPowerLink  burial  underground  lobbying 
september 2015 by northernpass
Rebecca More: Will the elected officials of Coös County represent the North Country at SEC hearings on Sept. 9? - Berlin Daily Sun
Will they ask the SEC why none of the Coös County townships are worthy of burial of the proposed lines?
Will they ask the SEC how much revenue the State of New Hampshire could benefit from through ongoing leases generated by burial along existing roadways?
Will they ask the SEC if the new powerline technology the NPT is proposing should result in abandonment of the old ROWs in favor of burial which will provide long-term economic and quality of life benefits to the people of NH and their constituents, rather than short term profits for shareholders and the Quebec government?
BerlinDailySun  eversource  NorthernPass  Opinion  ForwardNH  burial  underground 
september 2015 by northernpass
More of Northern Pass could be buried because of cable technology - Concord Monitor
This technology, part of an electric-transmission cabling system known as HVDC Light, to differentiate it from plain old high-voltage DC lines, means that instead of Northern Pass’s original plan to bury four power-transmission cables plus two smaller copper cables alongside them, it could get by with burying two parallel cables.
ConcordMonitor  NorthernPass  burial  underground  openhouse  ForwardNH  eversource  positive 
september 2015 by northernpass
My Turn: Northern Pass divides state into winners, losers - Concord Monitor
However, the new route, Northern Pass 3.0, fails miserably in one very important aspect. It divides New Hampshire into winners and losers. Divides us into “tower towns” and “burial towns.” Offers cash to tower towns in an attempt to soothe the dual injury of a disfigured landscape and loser status. Offers “job creation” grants to paper over the fact that Coos County is the biggest loser of all.
ConcordMonitor  NorthernPass  ForwardNH  Opinion  nancymartland  opponents  burial  underground  eversource 
september 2015 by northernpass
My Turn: Northern landowners taken for a ride - Concord Monitor
(This appeared Wednesday in the Salmon Press weekly papers and the Colebrook News and Sentinel) In response to the many changes proposed to the Northern Pass project, Forrester wrongly claims that Northern Pass is trying to build this project on private property without the permission of the landowners. This statement is so far removed from truth that it is troubling coming from an elected official.
ConcordMonitor  northernpass  eversource  SPNHF  positive  Opinion  AllenBouthillier  JeanieForrester  underground 
september 2015 by northernpass
Winchester prepares for underground transmission line project - - The Winchester Star
A 20-month underground transmission line project could lead to ripped up roads and disruption in town, but is necessary to meet electricity demands, says ISO New England, a not-for-profit corporation responsible for monitoring electricity flow in New England.
WickedLocal  underground  project  transmission  Eversource 
august 2015 by northernpass
An open letter to Gov. Hassan on Northern Pass plans - Laconia Citizen
Hopefully you may remember me. I was the developer of Owl’s Nest Resort & Golf Club in Campton and Thornton before our ability to market real estate was summarily torpedoed by the announcement of Northern Pass on 10/10/10 that it was going to run its aesthetically disastrous power line through the middle of our project.
letter  LaconiaCitizen  NorthernPass  Owl'sNest  Campton  burian  underground  KinderMorgan  NewHampshire  NH  CODEL 
august 2015 by northernpass
New Northern Pass Proposal Calls for More Buried Lines, Fewer Megawatts | New Hampshire Public Radio
“We’ve taken all of that feedback," said Quinlan. "We’ve come up with a plan which in my estimation addresses each and every one of those concerns that we’ve heard across New Hampshire.”
NHPR  NorthernPass  BillQuinlan  ForwardNHPlan  SolutionsAnnouncement  Eversource  energy  underground  burial  positive 
august 2015 by northernpass
Forest Society Reacts to Northern Pass Project Reconfiguration | Forest Society
"Northern Pass deserves credit for agreeing to adopt advanced cable technology that would enable them to bury more of their proposed transmission line. Proposing to bury another 28 percent of the 187-mile line along existing transportation corridors is an improvement as well, assuming they can acquire permission to do so. This is a step in the right direction.
SPNHF  JackSavage  NorthernPass  underground  burial  viewshed  SolutionsAnnouncement 
august 2015 by northernpass
Eversource Energy modifies Northern Pass plans in New Hampshire - Middletown Press
“The plan we are announcing today represents a balanced solution, providing unique and significant benefits for New Hampshire, while helping the entire region address the acute need for new, clean energy resources,” Quinlan said during a press conference in Pittsfield, New Hampshire. “It’s not a question of whether we import hydro power from Canada. It’s a question of when and how.”
MiddletownPress  BillQuinlan  NH  WMNF  underground  NorthernPass  SolutionsAnnouncement  positive 
august 2015 by northernpass
Eversource Proposes Burying Northern Pass Lines in Scenic Areas | RTO Insider
The company said the additional underground construction will result in the longest HVDC underground land cable installation in North America.
BillQuinlan  NorthernPass  RTOInsider  route  underground  SolutionsAnnouncement  positive 
august 2015 by northernpass
Eversouce Still Says Total Burial of Northern Pass Too Expensive; Feds Say It Is Feasible - New Hampshire Public Radio
Last week Eversource official Lee Olivier told analysts that the company still thinks completely burying the Northern Pass line is “unnecessary” and “prohibitively expensive.”

But, he said, some additional burial might be possible.
NHPR  investors  DOE  EIS  NorthernPass  eversource  burial  underground 
august 2015 by northernpass
Eversource says it is willing to bury more lines for Northern Pass project - New Hampshire Union Leader
Senior executives for Eversource-NH say the power company is willing to bury more of the transmission lines for the Northern Pass hydroelectric project, but not the entire 187-mile route from the Canadian border through northern New Hampshire to Deerfield.
UnionLeader  eversource  NorthernPass  DOE  EIS  underground  burial  investors  LeeOlivier 
august 2015 by northernpass
Northern Pass Fights Full Line Burial - The Caledonian-Record
Olivier, however, did not give specific cost estimates for full line burial, and the company to date has avoided mentioning the similar transmission line projects in neighboring states - these ones to be fully buried - that support the DOE burial estimates and call into question previous Northern Pass burial estimates.
CaledonianRecord  NorthernPass  investors  underground  burial  eversource 
august 2015 by northernpass
Concord officials will need time to review more than 1,000 pages of Northern Pass report -Concord Monitor
“We are going to be fairly heavily impacted if that route is above ground,” said Ward 8 Councilor Gail Matson, chairwoman of a council subcommittee to study Northern Pass.

Burying the lines would nearly double the construction costs for Northern Pass, but the federal report said taking the project underground would reduce negative impacts on the environment, tourism and local property values.
ConcordMonitor  NorthernPass  concord  burial  underground  DOE  EIS  eversource 
july 2015 by northernpass
Multiple items - Colebrook Chronicle
Multiple items including a story on the Section 106 meetings for Northern Pass, an article about potentially burying distribution lines in Colebrook as part of Main Street sewer work, and letters to the editor about the Ride the Wilds discussions.
ColebrookChronicle  NorthernPass  ridethewilds  Opinion  permitting  burial  underground 
july 2015 by northernpass
David-and-Goliath battle shaping up over Hydro Quebec’s plan for new transmission line in DDO - Montreal Gazette
They have formed a group called Build it Underground Dollard-des-Ormeaux. They are demanding the new 315-kV transmission line be buried underground.
MontrealGazette  HydroQuebec  transmission  burial  underground 
may 2015 by northernpass
Opinion: Power plan eyesore, old tech - Foster's
The need for this project is not disputed.
But if approved as proposed it will be an eye-sore, reduce property values on nearby homes and leave many more wooded acres clear-cut since 20 feet on both sides of the line require clearance.Overhead wiring is 19th century technology, not 21st!
seacoastonline  Fosters  seacoastreliabilityproject  poles  view  burial  underground 
april 2015 by northernpass
Hudson River power line project faces challenges - Capital New York
Construction on what is essentially a 333-mile extension cord down the Hudson River from Quebec to New York City was to have begun two years ago. But the Champlain Hudson Power Express has not received final permits and needs key federal energy market exemptions to remain economically viable. In addition, observers of the state's energy and transmission markets say the $2.2 billion price tag is wildly underestimated and the planned main source of hydropower has not yet committed to the project.
CapitalNewYork  ChamplainHudsonPowerExpress  CHPE  underground  burial  transmission  TDI  HydroQuebec 
april 2015 by northernpass
Nancy Marland: A state utility corridor opens the door for new energy development
Do we really want to see more Northern Pass type projects in New Hampshire, and more protracted battles between transmission developers and New Hampshire communities? Why not make it efficient for energy developers to locate their underground projects in our state? Why not expand the energy market to foster this new type of installation? Why not enable private, for-profit businesses to build their underground projects here in New Hampshire?
NancyMartland  Eversource  NH  NorthernPass  underground  burial  NECPL  SugarHill  opponents 
march 2015 by northernpass
National Grid cable project gets underway in Salem - Salem News: Local News
National Grid began construction this week on its controversial project to replace aging, underground utility cables — a project that will be churning through more than a mile-and-a-half of city streets for the next year.
NationalGrid  SalemNews  underground  construction  utility 
march 2015 by northernpass
Eversource Takes a Licking: Greenwich Residents, P&Z and Pet Pantry Owners Unite Against Electric Utility - Greenwich Free Press
On the significance of “buying homes,” Cecelia Morgan said, “Twice this evening, there was a thinly veiled reference to ‘We don’t like to take over properties.’ But they can. They have the power of eminent domain. They are Big Brother. They are Orwellian and scary. So, be very very careful.”
Connecticut  CL&P  eversource  substation  underground  burial  opponents  nimby 
march 2015 by northernpass
Off Main: A walloping for the ages - Concord Monitor
Seeing what a single storm could do, New York eventually decided to move its trains underground, creating the nation’s most famous subway system. Boston created its subway system for the same reason. Utility lines were ultimately buried, too.
Opinion  powerlines  weather  storm  utlities  burial  underground 
march 2015 by northernpass
Opinion: Utility corridors would benefit state - Nashua Telegraph
Indeed, one wonders why Eversource, the out-of-state owner of New Hampshire’s largest utility, would mount fleets of lobbyists to crush a bill that only opens opportunity to developers. Are they afraid of the competition? Why should developers with underground know-how be denied this opportunity because Eversource and its partner, IBEW, make hollow claims that it can’t be done? New Hampshire is not a PSNH/Eversource fiefdom.
opinion  burial  underground  nancymartland  NorthernPass  NashuaTelegraph  utility  rightsofway 
march 2015 by northernpass
CL&P, Now Eversource, Public Meeting on Proposed 2.3 Mile Line Project & Substation | Greenwich Free Press
Eversource (formerly CL&P) is proposing to construct a new 115-kilovolt (kV) bulk substation and two new 115-kV underground transmission lines in Greenwich, Conn. The proposed Greenwich Substation and Line Project will extend approximately 2.3 miles between the existing Eversource substation in Cos Cob to a new substation. A public information session will be held by Eversource on Tuesday March 3, 2015 in the Town Hall Meeting Room from 6:00 to 8:00p.m. According to Eversource, the project is necessary to address increasing customer demand and improve reliability of electric supply in Greenwich.
Eversource  CL&P  GreenwhichFreePress  CT  Connecticut  pipeline  transmission  underground  project  substation  infrastructure  customers  electricity  siting  publicinput 
february 2015 by northernpass
Power on the line - Cape Cod Online
Eversource, formerly known as NStar, last year offered to pay for the buried power line that would extend from Wellfleet to Provincetown, so that Provincetown would have a secondary source of electricity in the event the above-ground lines are knocked out, said Michael Durand, spokesman for Eversource.

Underground power line installation costs about $1 million a mile, although estimates can vary widely, Durand said. The underground line, as proposed last year, would have run about 12 miles, Durand said.
capecodonline  capecod  underground  powerlines  burial  reliability  outages  eversource  eversourceenergy 
february 2015 by northernpass
Housen/My Turn: Why this pipeline makes sense | The Recorder
As nuclear and coal power plants like Vermont Yankee, Mount Tom in Holyoke, and Brayton Point in Somerset continue to close and are replaced by natural gas power plants, a lack of adequate natural gas capacity is holding back the Massachusetts economy and hurting the commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens. This winter, Massachusetts utilities hiked their rates by as much as 37 percent, while some utilities have stopped accepting any new customers because of limited natural gas supply.
TheRecorder  VermontYankee  Mt.Tom  Massachusetts  Vermont  winter  wintercrisis  BraytonPoint  KinderMorgan  NH  NewHampshire  NorthernPass  underground  burial  pipeline  lng  Maine  energy  energyprices  utilitybill 
february 2015 by northernpass
Rindge: United in pipeline opposition | Ledger Transcript
While the nearly 60 community members gathered at Rindge Memorial School were not in total agreement at Saturday’s Deliberative Session, they were united on one issue: opposition to a natural gas pipeline running through the town.
MonadnockLedgerTranscript  openhouse  publicinput  opponents  naturalgas  pipeline  selectmen  burial  underground 
february 2015 by northernpass
Opinion: Costs to ratepayers pile up, but who’s listening? - New Hampshire Business Review - December 12 2014
(This letter has appeared elsewhere) Elected officials who have repeated the “bury the lines” mantra need to answer as to why they are so willing to let ratepayers pick up the tab for billions in additional costs for burying Northern Pass through higher electricity rates.
NHBR  MarcBrown  burial  underground  transmission  powerlines  NERA  NorthernPass 
december 2014 by northernpass
Opinion: Can we find a way to prevent winter power outages? -
PBBP should start putting all wires underground. In this part of the U.S. it is ridiculous not to do so and ASAP.

And, why not Northern Pass? They plan to do some underground wiring (they should do it all) and what’s not to like about lower bills and hey, electricity when you need it?

Whatever it takes.
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december 2014 by northernpass
CL&P Transmission Upgrade Completed in Stamford Ahead of Schedule - TDWorld
After nearly nine months of intense construction in a busy section of Stamford, Connecticut Light & Power has completed the Stamford Reliability Cable Project ahead of schedule and under budget. This project is part of a long-term plan to improve electric reliability to the power grid that serves the growing needs of Stamford and surrounding area.
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december 2014 by northernpass
CL&P Completes Transmission Upgrade In Stamford - The Stamford Daily Voice
“The Stamford Reliability Cable Project continues CL&P’s strong track record of making targeted investments to improve our system,” said Dwayne Basler, vice president of transmission projects, engineering & maintenance for Northeast Utilities, parent company of CL&P.
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december 2014 by northernpass
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