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Valley News - Column: Three Bills That Support N.H. Jobs, Forests, Tax Revenues and Energy Independence
Within the next week or two, three renewable energy bills — Senate bills 365, 577, and 446 — will reach New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s desk. All of these bills were passed by the state Legislature with strong bipartisan support, and the governor will have five days, once the bills land on his desk, to sign the bills into law, veto them, or allow them to become law without his signature.
ValleyNews  column  energy  legislation 
june 2018 by northernpass
When is a road not a road? When it’s a winter wonderland
The group paused. Eric's good ears had detected faint birdsong and he directed our attention to a trailside spruce.
MonadnockLedgerTranscript  column  millerstatepark  upgrades 
january 2018 by northernpass
My Turn: A renewable energy vision for Concord
Communities across the nation are embracing a renewable energy future, choosing to embark on an ambitious path to achieve 100 percent renewable energy generation by 2050. The city of Concord has an opportunity to join this movement, and the Concord Energy and Environment Committee will formally launch the Ready for 100 percent Renewable Energy Campaign this Saturday, Oct. 14, at the State House.
ConcordMonitor  column  RenewableEnergy 
october 2017 by northernpass
It’s all about values
Events in Texas, Florida and the Islands make clear that we need to prepare for unexpected natural disasters. National responses to those disasters also demonstrate our basic need to ensure that we keep each other well. People are digging deep to help others recover.
PlymouthRecordEnterprise  column  RenewableEnergy 
october 2017 by northernpass
Plymouth: No to Northern Pass
The Northern Pass proposal would spoil scenic vistas and disrupt towns and businesses, speakers said at a rally Tuesday while a state committee looked at areas that would be crossed by the 192-mile power transmission project.
LaconiaDailySun  column  opponent  burial  Plymouth 
october 2017 by northernpass
Could electricity become too cheap to meter? - CommonWealth Magazine
YEARS AGO, DURING AN ERA in which nuclear power had great promise, advocates for this energy form said that it would produce electricity “too cheap to meter.” While that prediction did not provide a useful preview of the future of nuclear power, the economic premise behind it had some merit. While each nuclear power plant would have a substantial capital cost, the running cost—the cost per kilowatt-hour produced—would be so low that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to spend the money on meters and accounting to send out bills based on usage. And, with ever-improving technological advances, the capital cost of each new nuclear power plant would decline. Electricity would truly be a decreasing cost industry, and it would be to society’s advantage to use a rate structure that would promote consumption.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  RenewableEnergy  batterystorage 
october 2017 by northernpass
Lawmakers Hear Truths and Tales about Electricity |
If you testify before Congress you do so under oath, but no such obligation accrues to those who address hearings of the New Hampshire General Court. Still, every so often, the sonorous ring of truth echoes through the State House in Concord.
InDepthNH  column  DMo  ISO-NE  electricityrates 
october 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Biomass is good for the environment and the economy
David Brooks’s column headlined “My ‘burn wood for power’ argument goes up in flames” (Monitor front page, Sept. 26) offers an incomplete picture of how timber markets (in this case biomass) benefit New Hampshire’s forests and our environment.
ConcordMonitor  column  biomass 
september 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: One town’s response to a changing climate
Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”
ConcordMonitor  column  cleanenergy  climatechange 
september 2017 by northernpass
Granite Geek: Burning wood for power makes sense – or so I thought
It’s no fun to realize that you’ve been wrong, so this isn’t a fun column.
ConcordMonitor  column  biomass  schiller 
september 2017 by northernpass
Felix Carroll: What the wind may blow | The Berkshire Eagle | Pittsfield Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic
Michael Fairneny invites you to his home. Everyone, come visit. He insists. It's way up, just off the Mohawk Trail, the Berkshires' top shelf, where the county holds for safekeeping its lovely curiosities, including the town of Florida, which, according to Fairneny, is not so lovely anymore.
BerkshireEagle  column  windpower  cleanenergy 
september 2017 by northernpass
Proposed Yankee sale is dubious | Times Argus
The New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution is dedicated to protecting the environment from the dangers of nuclear radiation, particularly those associated with the nuclear power industry. These dangers are well documented.
TimesArgus  column  VermontYankee  sale  decommissioning 
september 2017 by northernpass
Another View: Katherine Aldrich Cote - Northern Pass impact would be more than towers | New Hampshire
I WRITE as a proud third generation owner of Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill. For 79 years we have served countless New Hampshire families — and maybe some of you reading today — as well as thousands of tourists who come annually to enjoy our breathtaking scenery and natural beauty.
UnionLeader  column  opponent  construction  business 
september 2017 by northernpass
Milton A. Eaton: Defending Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Against Unjustified Potshots | Columns |
When NorthStar’s plan to decommission Vermont Yankee receives inaccurate attacks, I feel the need to address the inaccuracies because I care about the local economy.
CaledonianRecord  column  VermontYankee  decommissioning 
september 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: I can see for miles; I don’t want to see Northern Pass
As general manager of the Mount Washington Auto Road for the past 30 years, I like to think that I have a fairly decent handle on New Hampshire’s tourism business and what people are coming to see.
ConcordMonitor  column  tourism  view  opponent 
september 2017 by northernpass
Another View -- Stuart Sinclair Weeks: Preserving the legacy of the Weeks Act | New Hampshire
SEN. JOHN WINGATE WEEKS, my great-grandfather, was the author of The Weeks Act, which saved our Northern Kingdom from what was becoming desolation in the White Mountains.
UnionLeader  column  Hydro-Quebec  environment 
august 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Hydro-Quebec cannot rewrite history
Hydro-Quebec is “shocked,” “outraged” and “offended,” according to spokeswoman Lynn St-Laurent (Monitor Forum, Aug. 11) at Laura Magzis’s suggestion of “cultural genocide” (Monitor letters, Aug. 8).
ConcordMonitor  column  NorthernPass  Pessamit  Hydro-Quebec 
august 2017 by northernpass
Another View -- Pamela Martin: Looks aren't everything for Northern Pass opponents | New Hampshire
It is absolutely pathetic that the Union Leader editorial staff cares so little about the state beyond the Manchester environs that it has written such a simplistic, misinformed editorial such as “Northern Pass: It’s all about aesthetics.” It reads as though Eversource public relations actually wrote it themselves.
UnionLeader  column  opponent  PublicHearings  SEC 
august 2017 by northernpass
Sorting out our perverse electricity markets - CommonWealth Magazine
THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT by developers of the Access Northeast natural gas pipeline that they are suspending the project until legislation allows for electric ratepayer financing of pipelines illustrates a major flaw in our electricity markets. A market structure that doesn’t incentivize natural gas power generators to subscribe to firm pipeline capacity, and federal open access tariff laws which make speculative pipeline construction financially infeasible, combine to cripple the prospects to expand natural gas supply, and drive electricity prices lower, in New England.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  naturalgas  pipeline  financing 
august 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Northern Pass and the land that gave me sobriety
I am the chief operating officer, and soon to be part owner, of Lakeside Life Science. We are a small biotech company here in New Hampshire, likely the only one of our kind.
ConcordMonitor  column  environment  view 
august 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Sununu doesn’t have the facts on Northern Pass
In a recent interview on NHPR, Gov. Chris Sununu made a number of important statements regarding the Northern Pass that are incorrect.
ConcordMonitor  column  dollymcphaul  Sununu 
august 2017 by northernpass
Another View -- David Worthen and Jim O'Brien: New Hampshire's energy future is now | New Hampshire
New Hampshire's energy challenges are complex — with cost, reliability and access to new forms of energy generation comprising just a few of the challenges facing businesses in our state.
UnionLeader  column  electricityprices  businesses  industry  policy 
august 2017 by northernpass
Interim FERC Chairman: Coal and Nuclear 'Need to Be Properly Compensated' | Greentech Media
One of Neil Chatterjee's top priorities in his new role as interim chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is to ensure coal and nuclear power receive some form of compensation for the "resilience and reliability" benefits they provide to the U.S. electric system.
GreentechMedia  column  nuclear  reliability 
august 2017 by northernpass
Price shouldn’t be sole focus of clean energy buys - CommonWealth Magazine
Large-scale hydro-electricity from Hydro-Quebec may cost more than the average wholesale price of energy. Should we be alarmed by this? Not quite. But why not?
CommonWealthMagazine  column  Hydro-Quebec  prices  cleanenergy  Massachusetts  RFP 
august 2017 by northernpass
Managing Grid Stability and Transmission Congestion - Utility Products Magazine
The New York subway officially opened in 1904, yet after more than 100 years, it has remained relatively the same - effective still, but little changed. Similarly, the U.S. power grid traces its beginnings to more than a century ago, and in many ways it’s not tremendously different today than it was then.
utilityproducts  column  grid  infrastructure  reliability 
august 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Conservatives and climate change: Let solar, wind compete
My granddad always drove an Oldsmobile. As a proud American who beat the Japanese and Germans in World War II, and made his living in American manufacturing, Grandpa took it for granted that our nation’s Big Three automakers would do the same.
ConcordMonitor  column  RenewableEnergy 
august 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass: Tourism in the Looking Glass |
Many people have an opinion about how the Northern Pass Transmission Project may impact the state’s tourism industry. Having spent more than a quarter of a century coordinating research for the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development, one might say I’m familiar with travel behaviors. Rather than choose sides in this controversy, I hope to use my experience to enhance the reader’s ability to frame an informed opinion.
InDepthNH  column  tourism 
august 2017 by northernpass
To local control and local decision making!
Our grass roots opposition to the Northern Pass finally has a
chance to weigh in on the consequences of the current Northern
Pass plan. On NHPR’s “Exchange” (July 10), Gov. Sununu said,
“Let’s maintain local control and local decision making.” He was
referring to another town’s decisions, but here’s to equal rights
for all towns in New Hampshire.
PlymouthRecordEnterprise  column  opponent  burial  roads 
august 2017 by northernpass
Western Massachusetts and New England need natural gas - and the infrastructure that delivers it (Guest viewpoint) |
Demand for clean-burning natural gas is increasing throughout New England -- but unfortunately the region lacks the infrastructure needed for consumers to fully realize the benefits of this affordable energy resource.
masslive  column  naturalgas  demand  pipeline  constraints 
august 2017 by northernpass
Securing America’s Grid Will Boost Economic Growth and Jobs – InsideSources
There is an intrinsic link between our nation’s energy security and our nation’s economic security, and I believe both are threatened today. As a nation, we are at a crisis point when it comes to the baseload (or 24/7) power plants that we have relied on for decades to ensure electric reliability, provide resiliency to our electric system, and support thousands of well-paying American jobs.
insidesources  column  grid  security 
august 2017 by northernpass
The Bath Bridge, hummingbirds, porcupines, and Northern Pass
Readers send me photos every now and then, mostly of landscapes
and structures from long ago, or various wild creatures caught on
camera by determination or good luck.
BerlinReporter  column  JohnHarrigan  bustour 
august 2017 by northernpass
PSNH to be Restructured at Last – Maybe |
The calendar said January 9, 1996. Motorola had just unveiled the first flip phone, Boston was digging out from a blizzard, NBC was airing the first episode of Third Rock from the Sun, and, at the State House in Concord, the pending question was what to do about the ridiculously high rates being charged by Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH).
InDepthNH  column  divestiture  OCA 
august 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: From Northern Pass to Afghanistan, there is a better way
Why are the utilities so averse to putting Northern Pass all underground, and the people who scream for clean power so averse to paying for it? Both want the people along the route to visually pay for it, as it’s not in the Northern Pass power customers’ backyard. We are told underground is too expensive, yet our European friends are doing it.
ConcordMonitor  column  burial  opponent 
july 2017 by northernpass
Of dirt roads, lobsters, and loons, and the insult of Northern Pass
What is the etiquette of dirt-road driving, called “gravel roads”
in polite circles?
baysider  column  JohnHarrigan  opponent 
july 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Concord must block Northern Pass lines
On Thursday, the Site Evaluation Committee meets to hear public input on Northern Pass and the impact of the project as it weaves through Concord. I write today to implore you to raise your voice and join the council in community unison to bury the lines.
ConcordMonitor  column  PublicHearings  SEC  opponent 
july 2017 by northernpass
TOM WARD - We need to stop kidding ourselves about power | The Valley Breeze
I already know how the battle will turn out in the next decade or two between fossil fuels and sustainable energy like wind and solar. Fossil fuels will win. Why? Because they have to, or we’ll all be cold and unable to charge our phones.
valleybreeze  column  energy  future  coal  fossilfuels 
july 2017 by northernpass
Another View: Cheap hydro power from Canada not so cheap - Portland Press Herald
In a June 24 column attacking solar energy, James LaBrecque argues that importing hydro power would be cheaper than investing in local solar. Getting Canadian power here would require billions of ratepayer dollars to build massive new transmission lines. That puts foreign hydro power at double the cost of locally generated solar.
PortlandPressHerald  column  solar  hydro  transmission 
july 2017 by northernpass
Will New Castle finally embrace solar power?
Where does the electric utility invest its money these days? Not in building large fossil fuel generation plants (because they are not allowed) but in new transmission lines so that the utility can move electrons easily from one place to another. This is cheaper than building a power plant and the utility can amortize the cost by charging the customers for the transportation of these electrons. Hence, Northern Pass, which plans to move electricity a thousand miles from flooded 1st nation territories in Northern Quebec and the Seacoast Reliability Project in Durham. Like the Seabrook nuclear plant, the promise that these programs will drive down the cost of electricity is ephemeral.
seacoastonline  column  solar 
july 2017 by northernpass
DOT should follow N.H. law for Northern Pass burial route
When Northern Pass announced its intent to bury a 52-mile segment in and around the White Mountains, property owners along the new route faced a rude awakening.
ConcordMonitor  column  DOT  burial 
july 2017 by northernpass
OP-ED: DOT Should Follow NH Law for Northern Pass Burial Route |
When Northern Pass announced its intent to bury a 52-mile segment in and around the White Mountains, property owners along the new route faced a rude awakening.
InDepthNH  column  burial 
july 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: David M. Chenevert, Douglas W. Gablinske and Michael F. Sabitoni: R.I. needs affordable energy to prosper
On June 1, New England finally shuttered its last large coal plant, Brayton Point. Environmentalists, policymakers, and many residents of the East Bay and Southeastern Massachusetts cheered the closure. This has been a long time in the making.
ProvidenceJournal  column  coal  retirements  energycosts 
june 2017 by northernpass
Round three on renewable energy - CommonWealth Magazine
A RECENT OPINION PIECE in Commonwealth (“The Upside of Renewables” by Peter Rothstein and Michael Behrmann) attempts to rebut an earlier piece by me which pointed out the high cost and lack of reliability of renewable energy. However, any objective analysis of their data undercuts their arguments that renewables are economically productive.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  RenewableEnergy  grid  energyprices 
june 2017 by northernpass
The upside of renewables - CommonWealth Magazine
A Commonwealth opinion piece (“The downside of renewables”) published on May 11 provided a flawed argument against renewable energy and its implications for the New England electricity grid by picking and choosing facts from European countries that are decades ahead of the US in the clean energy transition. We should learn from the successes and failures of other countries as we transition to a clean energy economy.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  RenewableEnergy  grid  energyprices 
june 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: A crucial piece of natural resource legislation
The guest opinion in Monday’s Monitor, “Biomass bill is a bad deal for New Hampshire,” by lobbyist Marc Brown and state Rep. Michael Harrington, certainly caught my attention, as it did for thousands of other forestland owners, loggers, truckers, sawmill operators and foresters throughout New Hampshire. As a New Hampshire tree farmer who has managed timberland and who has been affiliated with the forest products industry for more than 56 years, I must respond to several points in the column. The full economic story needs to be told.
ConcordMonitor  column  sb129  biomass 
june 2017 by northernpass
Our Turn: Biomass bill is a bad deal for New Hampshire
New Hampshire legislators continue to look at electric ratepayers as nothing more than ATM machines for special interest groups.
ConcordMonitor  column  sb129  biomass 
june 2017 by northernpass
As I See It: Need for natural gas supply growing
As badly as all of us in Massachusetts have needed improved access to natural gas, three weeks ago our need – and the challenge to our economy and energy security – grow even more critical.  column  gas  expansion  demand 
june 2017 by northernpass
Another View -- Richard Sampson: Yale could stop Northern Pass | New Hampshire
The residents of Coos County have a deep appreciation for our land. We have some of the last remaining family dairy farms in New Hampshire. We are people who have scratched out a living through sustainable logging and showing vacationers the beauty of our mountains. We have dedicated our lives to showing and educating others about our environment.
UnionLeader  column  yale  opponent 
june 2017 by northernpass
Beware Cape Wind’s insidious new strategy - Opinion - - Hyannis, MA
I thank those who stood up for our environment and our economy — in particular our Cape Cod legislators, the Steamship Authority, the Barnstable Municipal Airport, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and many other stakeholders — for telling the federal government that we don’t want Cape Wind built and we want the company’s lease of our Nantucket Sound seabed canceled – now (“Opposition persists to Cape Wind plans,” June 12, Page 1).
CapeCodTimes  column  offshorewind  project  opponent 
june 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Alvin Weinberg and the future of nuclear power
Given President Donald Trump’s denial of man-made climate change, and his indifference toward the Paris accords, he has effectively put America on a course that is at odds with the 194 other countries that have agreed to work toward the reduction of global warming.
ConcordMonitor  column  nuclear 
june 2017 by northernpass
Paris withdrawal won’t deter wind, solar - CommonWealth Magazine
PRESIDENT TRUMP’S WITHDRAWAL from the Paris climate agreement, and the reactions to that retreat, are more theater than substance. Whether the United States is in or out does little to prevent the rise of clean energy at the expense of coal, nuclear, and other traditional sources of electric power. There are two reasons. One is political: all of the major states of the United States – California, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Minnesota – are committed to clean power. Support is strong, and the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord will have the opposite of its intended effect: It will only strengthen the convictions of the leaders of these states to pursue a clean-energy economy.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  Trump  climateagenda  cleanenergy 
june 2017 by northernpass
Mr. Quinlan: tear down this wall - New Hampshire Business Review - June 9 2017
Resting comfortably, in a manila folder in my office, is an intriguing and much-talked-about document. Unfortunately, I cannot show it to you.
NHBR  column  DMo  PPA  PUC 
june 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass plot thickens
The Northern Pass current proposal threatens the health and safety
of Grafton County residents. Claims that the proposal would be
cheaper than burying the line down I-93 are simply not true. Here
are potential dangers to residents that the NP is trying to hide.
PlymouthRecordEnterprise  column  opponent  construction  roads  underground 
june 2017 by northernpass
BIA Business Perspective: NH should just say no to energy subsidies | New Hampshire
The need for a steady, reliable supply of electricity at lower rates in New Hampshire is well established. Our power currently comes from generators throughout the region that use a variety of fuels and methods: natural gas, oil, nuclear, coal, and to a lesser extent, solar, wind, hydro, and biomass.
UnionLeader  column  BIA  sb129  biomass  RenewableEnergy  energycosts 
june 2017 by northernpass
The truth about electric rates and Northern Pass - New Hampshire Business Review - May 26 2017
In her May 12-25 NH Business Review opinion column, “Northern Pass just isn’t worth it,” Judy Reardon repeated a fundamental misunderstanding of the potential benefits that a transmission project like Northern Pass can deliver to families and businesses in New Hampshire and the region.
NHBR  column  NERA  electricityprices 
june 2017 by northernpass
Your View: With the chance to lead on wind, Massachusetts dithers
It’s not been easy, but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is on the verge of blowing our competitive lead on offshore wind. We were going to build the first offshore wind in the nation. Rhode Island beat us to it. Then we were going to build the first “commercially scaled” offshore wind farm in America. Maryland and New York are moving faster.  column  offshorewind  projects  policy 
june 2017 by northernpass
Our Turn: Pass SB 129, save 900 New Hampshire jobs
The House of Representatives has an opportunity to support New Hampshire jobs. Senate Bill 129 (the New Hampshire Clean Energy Jobs and Opportunity Act of 2017), the product of almost a year of hard work and compromise among numerous stakeholders, will be voted on today.
ConcordMonitor  column  sb129 
june 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: SB 129 is unfair to state’s electricity customers
Today New Hampshire’s House lawmakers will take up Senate Bill 129, a bill designed to increase the subsidies provided for electricity produced by burning wood and wood waste products.
ConcordMonitor  column  sb129 
june 2017 by northernpass
Offshore wind moving too slowly - CommonWealth Magazine
“GOOD THINGS COME to those who wait” is an old phrase extolling the virtues of patience. When it comes to bringing offshore wind energy to Massachusetts, it is advice we should ignore. We shouldn’t wait a moment longer than we need to.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  offshorewind  projects  jobs 
may 2017 by northernpass
Brayton Pt closing ups need for gas - CommonWealth Magazine
AS BADLY AS ALL OF US in Massachusetts have been needing improved access to natural gas, Wednesday at midnight our need–and the challenge to our economy and energy security–grow even more critical.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  BraytonPoint  pipelinecapacity 
may 2017 by northernpass
Clean Tech Corner: the power of storage - New Hampshire Business Review - May 26 2017
As New England continues to move toward a greater use of renewable energy, we are concurrently witnessing growing interest and deployment of small to large-scale power storage systems. This growth brings up many questions concerning what technology options are available; what developments are occurring elsewhere; how New Hampshire should establish our policies; and what this does for regional power concerns. Let’s take a look and clarify some of these items.
NHBR  column  cleanenergy  technology  batterystorage 
may 2017 by northernpass
Boston seizes clean energy opportunity - CommonWealth Magazine
IT’S BEEN A sobering few months for clean energy advocates. Despite the Trump administration’s disdain for programs and policies intended to lower the carbon emissions that threaten the safety and well-being of the nation, Boston and like-minded cities are surging ahead to take advantage of the economic, health and other benefits inherent in a carbon-free economy.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  cleanenergy  carbonemissions 
may 2017 by northernpass
The downside of renewables - CommonWealth Magazine
MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN about New England’s electricity markets and the distortions caused by policy makers. There are many lessons that elected officials and bureaucrats can learn by looking overseas at several countries that are going “all in” on renewable power. The results are not good, at least if you are a major employer, manufacturer, or a residential ratepayer – or frankly anyone who uses electricity.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  RenewableEnergy 
may 2017 by northernpass
Past lessons in electric rates - New Hampshire Business Review - May 12 2017
Nineteen years ago, the NH Supreme Court made the following observation regarding lower rates granted by Public Service of NH to large customers under special contracts that had threatened to relocate out-of-state or to install self-generation:
NHBR  column  electricityrates 
may 2017 by northernpass
Kathy Sullivan: Hearings reveal true costs of Northern Pass | New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) is conducting hearings on the Northern Pass project. The developer, Connecticut-based Eversource, is facing some tough questions.
UnionLeader  column  adjudicativehearings  construction  costs 
may 2017 by northernpass
Granite State Debates -- Hunter Carbee: Biomass is a foundation of rural NH's economy | New Hampshire
In the past year, there has been a lot of talk about the high cost of electricity in New Hampshire. Compared to other regions of the U.S., New England continues to be burdened with some of the most expensive electricity costs to both New Hampshire residents and manufacturing facilities.
UnionLeader  column  sb129  carbee  biomass 
may 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Clean energy for the common good
I never thought much about fuel growing up in rural New Hampshire. Summer air conditioning was out of the question, on account of the pond nearby. Winter chores included chopping kindling and hauling cords of firewood to keep the wood stove crackling – a warm welcome after a cold day skiing on nearby Temple Mountain.
ConcordMonitor  column  RenewableEnergy  solar  sb129 
may 2017 by northernpass
Another View -- Michael Harrington: Don't return to the bad old days on electric rates | New Hampshire
Here they go again. Legislation now before the New Hampshire House risks returning us to the days when the state’s consumers paid much more for electricity than they should have.
UnionLeader  column  sb128  PPA 
may 2017 by northernpass
Northern Pass — the ugly truth comes out!
The ugly truth is that the Northern Pass proposal is a scam to benefit Eversource and Hydro Quebec, not to provide New Hampshire with clean, renewable energy.
PlymouthRecord  column  opponent 
may 2017 by northernpass
Your Reps in Concord: Examining electricity and SB 125
The proper relationship between government and business is always under debate, but even those who believe in letting market forces govern accept state regulation of the electric power system. A testament to this is the passage of SB 125 on a voice vote in the House. This bill creates a study committee to look at transmission, distribution, generation, and other electric system costs. The committee will assess the reasons for high electric rates in N.H., and investigate grid modernization. But what does all this mean?
Fosters  column  sb125  energycosts  solar  netmetering 
april 2017 by northernpass
Vote with your dollars on Earth Day | Opinion |
Each year, Granite Staters send over $6 billion of our hard-earned dollars out of state to heat our homes, fill our gas tanks, and power our way of life. We buy tankers worth of oil from the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East, trainloads of coal from Colombia and the Rocky Mountains, pipelines full of natural gas from Canada and Appalachia.
EagleTribune  column  solar  ReVisionEnergy 
april 2017 by northernpass
Earth Day: Defending our future
If you want to hear about one of the effects that climate change is already having on New Hampshire, you can just ask Ray LaRoche. Ray is the owner and operator of Maple Meadow/LaRoche Farm in Durham, and I heard his story at a recent Climate Impact Breakfast at UNH.
seacoastonline  column  MaggieHassan  RenewableEnergy  RGGI 
april 2017 by northernpass
Beware NP, Hydro Quebec’s Way of Going
To understand reservations people have for Hydro Quebec/Eversource’s Northern Pass on our health, we need to
know the story of Hydro Quebec’s takeover of Hydro power in Labrador at Churchill Falls.
LittletonCourier  column  opponent 
april 2017 by northernpass
The GOP’s dangerous dependence on Northern Pass - New Hampshire Business Review - April 14 2017
So far in 2017, New Hampshire’s Republican leaders have followed a clear pro-Northern Pass agenda. As a conservative Republican who has worked on energy issues and projects for over 20 years, this is disappointing but predictable.
NHBR  column  NorthernPass  energycosts 
april 2017 by northernpass
Derrick Z. Jackson: Trump can see which way the wind blows after all | Columnists |
Last month, the Interior Department auctioned off 122,405 acres of water off Kitty Hawk to the Spanish-based Avangrid for $9 million. Avangrid, a division of Iberdrola, beat out three competitors, including Norway’s Statoil and Germany wind farm developer wpd.
greensboronewsandrecord  column  offshorewind  Trump  DONGEnergy 
april 2017 by northernpass
My Turn: Tilting at windmills on energy prices
The fictional character Don Quixote maintained a staunchly hopeful attitude in his gallant adventures. His comportment reminds me of those who think New Hampshire and New England can solve our electrical energy cost crisis by simply investing more in energy efficiency and renewable energy like wind and solar.
ConcordMonitor  column  BIA  energy  costs 
april 2017 by northernpass
Jim Roche: Don Quixote and Energy Prices | Columns |
The fictional character Don Quixote maintained a staunchly hopeful attitude in his gallant adventures. His comportment reminds me of those who think New Hampshire and New England can solve our electrical energy cost crisis by simply investing more in energy efficiency and renewable energy like wind and solar. Like Don Quixote, they are tilting at windmills.
CaledonianRecord  column  BIA  energy  costs 
april 2017 by northernpass
Natural gas shouldn't be the boogie man - CommonWealth Magazine
IT’S IRONIC THAT SEVERAL DAYS after Emily Norton’s op-ed in CommonWealth (“Kill the Northeast pipeline“), the Department of Environmental Protectiion announced that greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts decreased from 2013 to 2014, continuing a downward trend that began nearly a decade ago.
CommonWealthMagazine  column  gas  emissions  costs 
april 2017 by northernpass
Sandra Levine: Cleaning up Vermont Yankee - VTDigger
One of the more vexing problems of closed nuclear power plants is making sure the sites get cleaned up. Once closed, the operators no longer have electricity to sell that can help pay for the cleanup. Most sites will remain somewhat contaminated for decades — if not centuries. Vermont is no stranger to the legacy of pollution left behind by old power and industrial plants. From the PFOA contamination in Bennington to the Barge Canal in Burlington, and the battery plant in St. Albans, no corner of Vermont is spared.
VTdigger  column  VermontYankee  decommissioning 
april 2017 by northernpass
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