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Fake tweets by 'socialbot' fool hundreds of followers - tech - 23 March 2011 - New Scientist
THREE anonymous teams have let loose software that pretends to be human, and used it to manipulate a group of Twitter users.

Over a two-week period, the three "socialbots" were able to integrate themselves into the group, and gained close to 250 followers between them. They received more than 240 responses to the tweets they sent.

This sinister-sounding effort was in fact part of Socialbots 2011, a competition designed to test whether bots can be used to alter the structure of a social network.
identity  fictitious_identities  multiple_identities  non-human  artificial_intelligence  ai  social_bots  intelligence  tweets  twitter  research  experiment  truth  fake_identity 
may 2011 by norbertonuno
NET4SOCIETY - "Trans-national co-operation among National Contact Points for Socio-economic sciences and the Humanities" — NET4SOCIETY
NET4SOCIETY is the international network of National Contact Points for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in the 7th European Framework Programme (FP7).
research  EU  FP7  social_sciences  humanities  international  cooperation 
april 2011 by norbertonuno
The Law Lab:: The Law Lab
The Law Lab is a multidisciplinary research initiative and collaborative network of University, nonprofit and industry partners. Its mission is to investigate and harness the varied forces — evolutionary, social, psychological, neurological and economic — that shape the role of law and social norms as they enable cooperation, governance and entrepreneurial innovation. Through open observational and experimental web-based platforms and open source software, the Law Lab will develop new digital institutions to foster innovation and research tools to deepen our understanding of trust, transparency and human cooperation. We will bring a laboratory approach to legal scholarship and social science research, and build a body of knowledge, expertise and software technologies that will fundamentally transform law and entrepreneurial practice.
law  research  multidisciplinary  research_center  cooperation  governance  entrepreneurial  innovation 
april 2011 by norbertonuno
Digital Due Process :: About the Issue
To simplify, clarify, and unify the ECPA standards, providing stronger privacy protections for communications and associated data in response to changes in technology and new services and usage patterns, while preserving the legal tools necessary for government agencies to enforce the laws, respond to emergency circumstances and protect the public.
due_process  coalition  research  principles  data_protection  privacy  surveillance  government_access  us 
march 2011 by norbertonuno
PARADISO | Internet for the future
PARADISO is an initiative launched by Sigma Orionis and the Club of Rome (Italian chapter) in 2007. It aims at exploring how might or should our societies evolve in the next decades and at deriving recommendations on how could ICT in general, and the Future Internet in particular, contribute to making this future better. It is supported by the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media) through its FP7 research funding programme.
FP7  research  project  europe  future  internet  society  foresight 
march 2011 by norbertonuno
Society in Science
Personal Grants for Exceptional Talents
The fellowship is designed to promote outstanding young scholars and to support promising new areas of research, in particular in science and engineering. Fellows are expected to break across boundaries between different disciplines, to establish stimulating links and to develop new approaches. Ideally, fellows pursue an unconventional project involving societal aspects.
postdoc  fellowships  grants  academia  research  carreer 
january 2011 by norbertonuno
Scoop - Foresight
Foresight page of Scoop - Socio-economic and humanities research for policy
future  eu  foresight  research  policy 
january 2011 by norbertonuno
CETMONS | Consortium for Emerging Technologies, Military Operations, and National Security
CETMONS aims to understand the ethical issues raised by emerging technologies, their use in military operations and the broader issues for US national security.
ethics  military  cyberwarfare  US  national_security  emerging_technologies  research_center  research  future 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
Scientific Technology Options Assessment - STOA
STOA is an official organ of the European Parliament, but its work is carried out in partnership with external experts. These can be research institutes, universities, laboratories, consultancies or individual researchers contracted to help prepare specific projects. STOA increasingly focuses upon round-table expert discussions, conferences and workshops with associated or consequent studies. Members of Parliament and invited experts from EU institutions, international institutions, universities, specialist institutes, academies and other sources of expertise worldwide can jointly participate in the analysis of current issues at these events. They have a program of paid trainneships
research  EU  european_parliament  technology  future  science  traineeships  europe  STOA 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
La mappa della vita digitale - article on the mapping of the digital life. Extract (in italian): La mappa della vita digitale
Digital Life è la più grande ricerca globale sulle abitudini dei naviganti. Una mappa interattiva permette di esplorare migliaia di dati. E, a sorpresa, gli orientali sono più social degli occidentali.
DigitalLife, una mappa interattiva sviluppata dalal società di marketing TNS per organizzare i dati di quella che è considerata la più grande ricerca globale riguardante le abitudini dei naviganti. Per creare DigitalLife, sono state intervistate quasi 50mila persone tra i 16 e i 60 anni, in 46 diversi paesi. Agli intervistati è stato chiesto quanto tempo passano in internet, per cosa usano la Rete, in che modo sfruttano i social network e, in particolare, quale piattaforma di navigazione preferiscono usare, se il tradizionale PC o il proprio smartphone.
digital_life  study  map  research  internet  habits  behaviour  digital  world  social_network  statistics  survey 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
CESSDA - Council of European Social Science Data Archives
Homepage of CESSDA: CESSDA is an umbrella organisation for social science data archives across Europe. Since the 1970s the members have worked together to improve access to data for researchers and students. CESSDA research and development projects and Expert Seminars enhance exchange of data and technologies among data organisations.The CESSDA network involves organisations in 21 member countries. According to Dr Henrichsen, it builds on a rich tradition of cooperation.

And indeed, as part of its remit to facilitate the access to social science data and archives, CESSDA provides services to more than 30,000 researchers and students throughout the European Research Area (ERA) every year. Data collections include sociological surveys, electoral studies, longitudinal studies, opinion polls and census data, organised to enable users to find datasets as well as embedded subjects or variables.
data  database  EU  research  archive  statistics  surveys  CESSDA  datasets  survey  social_science 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
EU drives social science database hub
Europe's database cooperation project for the social sciences will be hosted by NSD (Norwegian Social Science Data Service) in Bergen. From its northerly home, the secretariat of the consolidated research infrastructure (RI) of the Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) will interact with dedicated resource centres in the contributing countries. Integration of the vast amount of social sciences data produced throughout Europe will take current initiatives to make this complex body of information available to the wider research community to the next level. It will improve data availability across borders and streamline the archiving of this data. 'CESSDA RI will be a decentralised institution.The CESSDA network involves organisations in 21 member countries. And indeed, as part of its remit to facilitate the access to social science data and archives, CESSDA provides
data  social_sciences  EU  research  norway  hub  database  archive 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
The human connectome: just another 'ome? : The Lancet Neurology
After the Human Genome Project there came proteomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes. There was even a Human Microbiome Project launched last year by the US National Institutes of Health. Are neuroscientists just jumping on the 'ome bandwagon, or is there truly a benefit to deciphering and detailing the human connectome? Ruth Williams reports.
We are still a long way from understanding how the human brain is wired, yet this might change with recent advances in imaging technology. Diffusion-based M ...
neuroscience  human_connectome_project  connectome  brain  research  genome 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
RFA-MH-10-020: The Human Connectome Project (U54)
The overall purpose of this five year Human Connectome Project (HCP) is to develop and share knowledge about the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain. This purpose will be pursued through the following specific efforts: Existing, but cutting-edge, non-invasive imaging technologies will be optimized and combined to acquire structural and functional in vivo data about axonal projections and neural connections from brains of hundreds of healthy adults.
connectome  brain  neuroscience  research  maps  human_connectome_project  US 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
PLoS Computational Biology: The Human Connectome: A Structural Description of the Human Brain
The connection matrix of the human brain (the human “connectome”) represents an indispensable foundation for basic and applied neurobiological research. However, the network of anatomical connections linking the neuronal elements of the human brain is still largely unknown. While some databases or collations of large-scale anatomical connection patterns exist for other mammalian species, there is currently no connection matrix of the human brain, nor is there a coordinated research effort to collect, archive, and disseminate this important information. We propose a research strategy to achieve this goal, and discuss its potential impact.
connectome  brain  neuroscience  human_connectome_project  research  connectomics 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
A technicolour approach to the connectome. [Nat Rev Neurosci. 2008] - PubMed result
A central aim of neuroscience is to map neural circuits, in order to learn how they account for mental activities and behaviours and how alterations in them lead to neurological and psychiatric disorders. However, the methods that are currently available for visualizing circuits have severe limitations that make it extremely difficult to extract precise wiring diagrams from histological images. Here we review recent advances in this area, along with some of the opportunities that these advances present and the obstacles that remain.
connectome  mapping  neuroscience  brain  human_connectome_project  research 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
Ome sweet ome: what can the genome tell us about the connectome?
Some neuroscientists argue that detailed maps of synaptic connectivity - wiring diagrams - will be needed if we are to understand how the brain underlies behavior and how brain malfunctions underlie behavioral disorders. Such large-scale circuit reconstruction, which has been called connectomics, may soon be possible, owing to numerous advances in technologies for image acquisition and processing. Yet, the community is divided on the feasibility and value of the enterprise. Remarkably similar objections were voiced when the Human Genome Project, now widely viewed as a success, was first proposed. We revisit that controversy to ask if it holds any lessons for proposals to map the connectome
connectome  neuroscience  brain  mind  human_connectome_project  research  genome  connectomics 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
Quest For The Human Connectome Imaging In The Information Age : Blog : GE Global Research
NIH funded 30 million dollar “Human Connectome Project” (HCP).
The idea of charting the human connectome (pronounced akin to genome), that is, building the connectivity map of the human brain. There has been much debate around the relevance and feasibility of a project of this magnitude. Proponents applaud the projects’ foresight, claiming that the human connectome will be indispensible to studying how variations in brains are related to numerous neural disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and schizophrenia. In contrast skeptics doubt that a “blueprint brain connectome” even exists, noting that there is vast individual variability in the connections of human brains.
brain  neuroscience  connectome  human_connectome_project  research 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
SMIT - Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication
SMIT stands for Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication. This research centre, founded in 1990 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, is part of IBBT, the Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology. SMIT specialises in social scientific research on media and ICT, with an emphasis on innovation, policy and socio-economic questions.
research_center  internet  media  telecommunication  website  ict  research  university 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
IADIS - International Association for the Development of the Information Society - Home
Homepage of IADIS - International Association for the Development of the Information Society. It has a section with conferences, events.
information_society  ICT  internet  association  research  event  conference 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
Future Internet Assembly: Future Internet
Homepage of Future Internet Assembly. The Assembly is structured to permit open interactions and cross-fertilization across technical domains, reaching out to whoever has talent.
It works towards: Common deliverables creating value for the projects concerned. Joint strategic research agenda regarding common actions and requirements. Developing a consolidated calendar of events aiming at avoiding fragmentation of efforts. Has a section with a list of events (conferences, etc in the ICT sector)
future  internet  event  conference  research  web  research_project  information_society 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
Main Page - Eilst - European Institute of Law, Science and Technology
The European Institute of Law, Science and Technology (EILST) is a non-for-profite, research organization that seeks to improve international and national legislations through better integration of scientific and technological achievements in laws. - excellent links to other institutions and journals
research_center  research  law  science  technology  university 
october 2010 by norbertonuno
Vanish: Enhancing the Privacy of the Web with Self-Destructing Data
Homepage of Vanish - a research project. Extract of NYtimes article about it: Researchers at the University of Washington, for example, are developing a technology called Vanish that makes electronic data “self-destruct” after a specified period of time. Instead of relying on Google, Facebook or Hotmail to delete the data that is stored “in the cloud” — in other words, on their distributed servers — Vanish encrypts the data and then “shatters” the encryption key. To read the data, your computer has to put the pieces of the key back together, but they “erode” or “rust” as time passes, and after a certain point the document can no longer be read. Tadayoshi Kohno, a designer of Vanish, told me that the system could provide expiration dates not only for e-mail but also for any data stored in the cloud, including photos or text or anything posted on Facebook, Google or blogs.
vanish  delete  expiration  privacy  identity  research  research_project  data  right_to_be_forgotten  memory  digital-memory  forgetting  encryption  security  software 
september 2010 by norbertonuno
President Sarkozy's meeting with Google CEO - France in the United Kingdom - La France au Royaume-Uni
Google opens a research centre in France, along with a European Institute for Culture in Paris + promises funding for french universities (including computer and law degrees)
google  France  research_center  research  institute 
september 2010 by norbertonuno
SEMIRAMIS Project - Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders
Homepage of Semiramis Project. SEMIRAMIS defines a Pilot infrastructure which provides e-services in line with the required underlying secure authentication and management approach and tests it on the basis of two scenarios representing a large number of options related to ID Management and Secure Data Transfer.
project  research  identity  eID  ID_management  authentication  identification 
september 2010 by norbertonuno
PrimeLife - Privacy and Identity Management in Europe for Life
Homepage of EU 7FP projec PrimeLife - Bringing sustainable privacy and identity management to future networks and services
project  EU  FP7  identity  privacy  identification  eID  future  research 
september 2010 by norbertonuno

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