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Fake tweets by 'socialbot' fool hundreds of followers - tech - 23 March 2011 - New Scientist
THREE anonymous teams have let loose software that pretends to be human, and used it to manipulate a group of Twitter users.

Over a two-week period, the three "socialbots" were able to integrate themselves into the group, and gained close to 250 followers between them. They received more than 240 responses to the tweets they sent.

This sinister-sounding effort was in fact part of Socialbots 2011, a competition designed to test whether bots can be used to alter the structure of a social network.
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Should we worry about Robin Sage? :: The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It
J.Zittrain's bog piece on Thomas Ryan’s presentation to the 2010 Black Hat conference about one Robin Sage: a fake identity the author created on LinkedIn and elsewhere. The author says he intentionally chose the photo of a young, attractive woman in order to better do what he did next: friend a bunch of security professionals on LinkedIn. He says that Robin’s success in social networking said something about the security chops of those who friended her.
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