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Vietnam – Explore Parts Unknown
The homepage for all things Bourdain Parts Unknown in Vietnam.
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5 days ago by noodlepie
McDonald's Vietnam to open first restaurant in Hanoi | Corporate News, Latest Business
A giant red "coming soon" banner advertising McDonald’s Vietnam can be seen in one of the city’s prime locations facing Hang Khay and Hang Bai streets. The banner has seized the attention and curiosity of local people for the past month now. The French-style building is undergoing renovation for the upcoming opening of the first McDonald’s outlet in Hanoi in the near future.
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november 2017 by noodlepie
McDonald’s Opens in Vietnam, Bringing Big Mac to Fans of Banh Mi - The New York Times
“Sometimes I want to try something different,” she said, before taking a bite of her Whopper hamburger.
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november 2017 by noodlepie
Ho Chi Minh City downtown sidewalks set for informal food courts | Travel | Thanh Nien Daily
Thuan said around 600 hawkers often occupy streets in District 1, threatening traffic safety and giving the city a bad image in the eyes of visitors.
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march 2016 by noodlepie
Fresh spring rolls preparation in Hanoi
“Fresh spring rolls #Vietnam #springrolls #nem #pigskin #salad #animal #delicious #yummy #streetfood #streetstyle #streetvendor #instafood #foodie…”
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february 2016 by noodlepie
Colonial Architecture Fades From Ho Chi Minh City, and Residents Mourn - The New York Times
Nguyen Hong Tien, a Construction Ministry official in Hanoi, said Vingroup’s previous projects in downtown Ho Chi Minh City have benefited the city’s economy and aesthetic.

However, he added, “if we just see the immediate benefits of new development, then in the future we cannot restore what we have lost.”

Tim Doling, a historian in Ho Chi Minh City who profiles threatened properties on his website, Historic Vietnam, said the recent loss of so much urban heritage had diminished the...
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february 2016 by noodlepie
Astonishing, rare images of the Vietnam War from the winning side
We even came up with a new form of flash photography to illuminate our fighters and villagers who were living in bomb shelters and tunnels. We emptied gunpowder from rifle cartridges onto a small handheld device and then lit the gunpowder with a match. The burning powder provided all the light we needed.
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february 2016 by noodlepie
Astonishing, rare images of the Vietnam War from the winning side
We even came up with a new form of flash photography to illuminate our fighters and villagers who were living in bomb shelters and tunnels. We emptied gunpowder from rifle cartridges onto a small handheld device and then lit the gunpowder with a match. The burning powder provided all the light we needed.
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february 2016 by noodlepie
In Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, farmers fertilize rice with cement
“No scientist will ever recommend the use of cement as fertilizer,” he underlined.
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january 2016 by noodlepie
Top 10 shocking robbery videos of 2015 | Society | Thanh Nien Daily
Robberies are becoming an all-too-common occurrence throughout Vietnam’s big cities. Compiled by news website VnExpress, below are some of the most brazen robberies or attempted bag snatchings caught on film in 2015.
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december 2015 by noodlepie
South Korean execs flee Vietnam without paying 1,000 garment workers | Business | Thanh Nien Daily
Ho Chi Minh City mayor Le Hoang Quan has instructed the Department of Foreign Affairs to work with the South Korean Consulate General and the South Korean Business Association after executives of a garment firm fled without paying over 1,000 workers.
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october 2015 by noodlepie
Saigon street food: 'There's no future for my son selling food this way' | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian
Vietnamese street food is modernising with western tourists using YouTube and local blogs to find the best dishes, but 78% of vendors still work illegally
vietnam  guardian  streetfood  spinks  eatvietnam 
june 2015 by noodlepie
Chef Dan Holzman's Favorite Hot Spots In Ho Chi Minh City - ForbesLife
“Ho Chi Minh City is all about street food and it’s constantly evolving so, sadly, today’s find may not be there tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to try the street food—just be careful to only eat cooked hot food and not raw food. I would definitely suggest reading Graham Holliday’s new book Eating Vietnam. Graham is a reporter who spent many years stationed in Ho Chi Minh City and kept an updated blog, Noodlepie, with all of the best street vendors. ”
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june 2015 by noodlepie
Stunning video captures Vietnam like you never seen it before | Business Insider
Director Oliver Astrologo captured this beautiful footage while travelling through Vietnam for two weeks and over 10,000 miles.

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may 2015 by noodlepie
Job Interview | Pratidwandi (1970) | Bengali Movie Scene | Satyajit Ray - YouTube
Pratidwandi,is a 1970 Indian Bengali drama film directed by Satyajit Ray based on the novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay. This is a scene from the movie where the p...
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may 2015 by noodlepie
Shelf Awareness for Readers for Tuesday, March 31, 2015 | Shelf Awareness
Holliday's sensible, down-to-earth advocacy of street food will no doubt draw comparisons with Anthony Bourdain (whose imprint at Ecco is this book's publisher); but as the guy who started it all with his Vietnam-focused blog, Noodlepie, Holliday is an original. --Nancy Powell, freelance writer and technical consultant

vietnam  eatvietnam  review  eatvietreview  shelf  awareness 
march 2015 by noodlepie
Hà Nội 1940 qua 50 bức ảnh tuyệt đẹp của Harrison Forman | Việt Anh
Những nét đặc trưng của 36 phố phường cùng những dấu ấn của người Pháp ở Hà Nội trong khoảng năm 1940 - 1941 đã được tái hiện sinh động qua ống kính nhiếp ảnh gia Mỹ Harrison Forman. Tàu điện trên phố Hàng Đào.Những biển báo ở góc phố Hàng Đào - Cầu Gỗ.Góc…
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march 2015 by noodlepie
NPR Books Time for #FridayReads! Here’s what we’re working... : NPR
Karen Grigsby Bates: There’s no such thing as “too much Vietnamese food” IMHO, so I am slurping up Graham Holliday’s memoir of his time in Vietnam, Eating Viet Nam: Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table. Takes us way beyond pho and banh mi. (Not that I’ve ever been known to turn down either…)
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march 2015 by noodlepie
Tree-felling fiasco: symptom of a deep-rooted problem - Op-Ed - VietNam News
But two answers give the lie to any transparency claim. When the media posed questions of city officials after streets began looking like construction sites, one astounding response was that "all citizens were in favour of the project." Really?

hanoi  trees  vietnam  opinion  from twitter_favs
march 2015 by noodlepie
The Music, Rhythm, and Sonic Chaos at Vietnamese Street Stalls | Biography | Biographile
The streets of Việt Nam have their own indefinable magic. It’s also one that you can’t recreate elsewhere. It’s one that you can only appreciate by sitting on a plastic chair at a plastic table on the side of the street while eating something Vietnamese and delicious. It’s a magic that, after almost a decade of eating in the country, I realized you can't ship to another continent and replay in a spare room. There’s only one place to experience that kind of magic, and that’s in Việt Nam.
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march 2015 by noodlepie
Getting evangelical (or a little overzealous) about street food in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City — Medium
On assignment for Travel + Leisure in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City recently it was hard not to get a little evangelical (or …
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march 2015 by noodlepie
A History of Rain, the Flavors of Vietnam, Dazzling Dragonflies | Science & Technology Reviews, February 15, 2015
With a personal, often humorous tone, Holliday does an exceptional job of bringing the heat, noise, and plethora of scents and flavors of Vietnam to life, and this book will definitely spark the curiosity and appetite of all readers.
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february 2015 by noodlepie
Vietnamese Food: 25 Must-Eat Dishes in Saigon (and Where To Try Them)
Vietnamese food is an insanely delicious cuisine. Here are 25 Vietnamese dishes you need to try, and restaurants to eat them in Saigon.
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february 2015 by noodlepie
Off the wagon: Vietnam's binge-drinking problem | Society | Thanh Nien Daily
The rate of beer drinking in Vietnam has increased by more than 200% over the past 10 years, state media recently reported, due in part to rising disposable incomes and to demographics – a million people reach the legal drinking age of 18 each year.
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february 2015 by noodlepie
Northern province sells rescued wildlife to restaurants, angers environmentalists | Society | Thanh Nien Daily
Conservationists are voicing their concerns after the northern province of Bac Ninh chose to sell 42 pangolins seized from poachers, warning that such a move would only encourage wildlife trade. 
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february 2015 by noodlepie
Gusts Of Popular Feeling: Vietnam, Korea's 'womb colony?'
In September 2007, the Joongang Ilbo posted a lengthy article looking at the problems foreign wives imported from Southeast Asia face in Korea. It began with this story
vietnam  korea  mother  marriage  divorce  baby  surrogate  law  morality  ethics  eatkorea 
december 2014 by noodlepie
Hanoi authorities admit defeat on relocating historic markets - News VietNamNet
<em>&#160;VietNamNet Bridge</em> – In the face of widespread opposition from both
local residents and traders, the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee has
admitted defeat in its attempts to drive traditional wet markets into
purpose built modern facilities.
hanoi  vietnam  markets  development  construction  eatvietnam 
november 2014 by noodlepie
Preserving Saigon's Culinary Heritage in District 1
Anyway, one of these women said this place has been there for 60 years, and I’d like to say it will be there for 60 more. But it probably won’t. 
comicalhat  vietnam  saigon  streetfood  blog 
november 2014 by noodlepie
Restaurant Report: BackYard Bia Hoi in Hanoi -
“I wanted to take the core of the bia hoi experience — sitting on stools with your mates drinking beer and eating chicken legs from the barbecue — and reinvent it,” said Pete Wilkes, the Australian-born owner.

biahoi  beer  hanoi  vietnam  restaurant  nytimes  review  rosen 
november 2014 by noodlepie
South Korea’s foreign brides: Farmed out | The Economist
The campaign was futile. Last year over a fifth of South Korean farmers and fishermen who tied the knot did so with a foreigner. The province of South Jeolla has the highest concentration of international marriages in the country—half of those getting married at the peak a decade ago. In those days, the business of broking unions with Chinese or South-East Asian women boomed, with matches made in the space of a few days. Not long ago placards in the provinces sang the praises of Viet...
marriage  eatkorea  culture  economist  population  development  gender  vietnam 
november 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam should leverage cuisine to lure European tourists: UK conference
“You can’t get that in a fake culture showcase venue - you experience that in the real world. If you like the food, come to experience it at its origin,” Chinn said while encouraging people to visit the country whose food impresses them.
tourism  food  cuisine  vietnam  tuoitre  eatvietnam 
november 2014 by noodlepie
HCM City urged to save part of old trade centre for posterity - News VietNamNet
The Honorary Consul General of Finland in HCM City, Phung Anh Tuan, is leading a delegation of diplomats who want to preserve a portion of the Sai Gon Tax Trade Center, which is slated for demolishment this month to make room for a new 40-story building.
development  vietnam  petition  history  modernworld  saigon  thebook  eatvietnam 
october 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam sees rising cases of heart diseases | Shanghai Daily
About 25 percent of the Vietnamese population aged more than 25 years suffered from hypertension and heart disease, the Vietnam News daily reported, quoting President of the Vietnam National Heart Association Pham Gia Khai.

According to the association, the number of people suffering from cardiopathy and hypertension sharply increased from 11.5 percent of the population in 1992 to 24.1 percent in 2008, and the figure has kept rising.
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october 2014 by noodlepie
Old Quarter to get new food street - News VietNamNet
While the idea is only in its formative stages, it is understood it could eventually resemble highly popular food streets in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.
It is the first phase in a comprehensive project by the Hoan Kiem District People's Committee to transform the Old Quarter area into a more attractive destination to all visitors - foreigners and Vietnamese.
The committee has chosen Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company, managers of the Dong Xuan market, to study the idea and come up w...
hanoi  streetfood  thebook  vietnam  plans  planning  future  development  singapore  eatvietnam 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Saigoneer | Exploring Saigon and Beyond - [Photos] The Simple Differences Between Hanoi And Saigon
As Hanoi and Saigon are constantly compared to one another, graphic designer, Nhat Le, created this illustration book, The Difference Between Hanoi and Saigon.
hanoi  saigon  vietnam  differences  saigoneer  cartoon  thebook  eatvietnam 
september 2014 by noodlepie
BBC News - Vietnam's forgotten Cambodian war
"American soldiers thought they helped Vietnam. Then their illusion was broken," Mr Nhan said. "We were the same in Cambodia."

vietnam  usa  cambodia  bbc  war 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam considers ban on sidewalk liquor sales | Society | Thanh Nien Daily
A draft decree proposing a ban on the sidewalk sale of alcohol has been criticized as ill-conceived and unfeasible.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is drafting the document, also proposed banning liquor sales to pregnant and breastfeeding woman and people who exhibit “signs of being drunk and/or diseased due to alcohol abuse”.
A ministry official, who asked to remain anonymous, said the draft document "reasonably" proposed a ban on alcohol sales in schools, governmental offices and hos...
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september 2014 by noodlepie
Saigon Beats Hanoi Four Decades After Vietnam War - Bloomberg
“Saigon is the dynamo, the city with more energy,” said Ray Burghardt, the Hanoi-based U.S. ambassador to Vietnam from 2001 to 2004, who lived in South Vietnam from 1970 to 1973.

saigon  hanoi  vietnam  bloomberg  2014  economy  development 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Bomb Found in Canal in Ho Chi Minh City | VUFO - NGO Resource Centre Vietnam
Sappers on Aug 25 collected a Vietnam War 400 lb bomb and an artillery shell which were found last week in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. The bomb was found last week when local people were dredging the Mon canal. It measured 1.5 meter in length and 0.4 meters in diameter. The 105 mm shell, weighing 50 kg, was found in a near by paddy field. Vietnam’s official figures have listed 6.6 million hectares (16.3 million acres) of land in the country as contaminated with unexploded ordnance ...
bomb  vietnam  saigon 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Graham Greene’s Vietnam – The Quiet American | Literary Traveler
Venturing farther afield, the contrasts between Vietnam then and nowbecome even more striking. For example, in The Quiet American Greene refers to a place he calls “The House of 500 Girls.” It was actually known as The Parc au Buffles by the French and was a three-sided complex catering to the darker side of old Saigon. That was then. Now in the center building where the casino used to be is an arts education center. Off to the left where there were once rooms for smoking opium is no...
greene  saigon  vietnam  literary  taveller  quietamerican 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Explaining why he loves Vietnam, Fowler narrates: " the gold of the rice-fields under a flat late sun: the fishers' fragile cranes hovering over the fields like mosquitoes: the cups of tea on an old abbot's platform, with his bed and his commercial calendars, his buckets and broken cups and the junk of a lifetime washed up around his chair: the mollusc hats of the girls repairing the road when a mine had burst: the gold and the young green and the bright dresses of the south, and in ...
greene  vietnam  quietamerican 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Worst Vietnam Movies Ever Made. - Google Groups
Carl: Keep'm rolling. These gems are the best pieces I've yet to see on travel in VN. Regarding Indochine, maybe we should open another file on "Worst Viet Nam movies ever made. I nominate "the Deer Hunter." I was at a Hollywood party after that thing came out and somebody wanted to introduce me to Michael Chimino, the director of that abortion that had VC speaking Thai. I suggested he play Russian Roulette. When I came back from my car with a revolver with all the chambers loaded , he w...
vietnam  googlegroup  oldhacks  thebook  deerhunter  eatvietnam 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam Vets -- Where Are They Now? - Straight Dope Message Board
The Deer Hunter was filmed here in Thailand. The wife always laughs at the scene where the guy is loading the bullets for Russian roulette, not during the war, but later when Christopher Walken turns pro, because that's a venerable old Thai actor being the "referee," and he's speaking Thai, not Vietnamese. And the bar scene was filmed in the old Mississippi Queen Bar, now defunct, in Patpong. The girl who went upstairs for sex was an actual bargirl working in the bar, not an actress....
vietnam  deerhunter  thebook  eatvietnam 
september 2014 by noodlepie
In The Deer Hunter-which, to my mind, is the most pretentious and awful of the lot-the Vietnamese speak Thai and play Russian roulette, and even the deer is clearly a prop.
vietnam  deerhunter  thebook  eatvietnam 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Overexaggeration of warcrimes in Vietnam and cruelty of American soldiers - Page 11 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History
In The Deer Hunter the VC/Saigon ******/dudes at the Russian roulette table, etc all speak Thai.
If you watch The Deer Hunter DVD extras the voice over with the director he starts going on about how great the ****** of Patpong were, some Patpong **** he met during filming the 'Saigon' scenes went from being a pole dancer to managing some ***** bar (probably because he gave her a load of USD $$) and how he fell for her and stayed with her for a few months. Said volumes about the enti...
vietnam  deerhunter  thebook  eatvietnam 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam Portraits
During the Vietnam War the AP bureau in Saigon was a crossroads of sorts. Correspondents and photographers, the military, relief workers, political figures, adventurers, all streamed through. While in Saigon I made Polaroid portraits of many people who walked in. By war's end there were hundred of pictures. Some subjects nervously asked me if I was making obituary photos. The answer was no. Only a few did not survive the war. - Neal Ulevich
vietnam  journalism  AP  bureau  war  saigon  polaroids  photography 
september 2014 by noodlepie
Lisa Barthelmes | Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Since Vietnam’s doi moi economic reforms were implemented in the late 1980s, petty trading activities have reappeared and now flourish, gaining increasing visibility on the nation’s town and city streets. Today, mobile street vendors have become an integral feature of the cityscape of the national capital, Hanoi. In recent years, however, state discourses about the “modernization” (hien dai hoa) and “civilization” (van minh) of the urbanizing capital have resulted in various bans on ...
vietnam  streetfood  law  development  thebook  study  planck  max  Barthelmes  eatvietnam 
july 2014 by noodlepie
Janne In Osaka: Saigon
Once again we've been travelling, this time to busy Saigon in south Vietnam. If you think we've been going to Vietnam a fair amount you're right; we visited Hanoi last year and Saigon some years ago. We enjoy the country and we like the food.
saigon  vietnam  blog  photography 
june 2014 by noodlepie
Saigoneer | Exploring Saigon and Beyond - Mastercard Brings Card Payment To Ben Thanh Market
Arn Vogels, country manager, Indochina, MasterCard, says: "In Vietnam, limited acceptance is one of the key factors that hinders the development of electronic payments. Our collaboration with Sacombank extends the benefits of electronic payments to both merchants and consumers."
sacombank  vietnam  creditcards  economy  development  benthanh  market  electronic  sales 
june 2014 by noodlepie
Brides for sale: Vietnamese women trafficked to China - YouTube
Women and girls from the patchwork of ethnic minority groups that inhabit northern Vietnam are being trafficked across the border and forced to marry Chinese men against their will. Duration: 02:19
vietnam  forced  marriage  china  humanrights  women 
june 2014 by noodlepie
Saigon classics: the stories behind Ho Chi Minh City's oldest eateries | Travel | Thanh Nien Daily
When the colonial French government decided to clear out street vendors, she had to hide her cart during the day and continue selling at night with just a few seats.
She survived the harsh period and her push cart now has a registered location.
Ha said she took over the cart more than ten years ago.
Her mother has taught her to carefully choose her ingredients and prepare the desserts since she was a little girl.
She has expanded the original menu, which now includes unusual dessert porridges, s...
streetfood  saigon  vietnam  thanhnien  sellers  vendors 
june 2014 by noodlepie
English - VietNamNet News
VietNamNet Bridge – Director of the Vietnam Institute of Culinary Research Dr. Han Nguyen Nguyen Nha launched a project entitled ‘Vietnamese Kitchen’ to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world in 2009. Nha shared his thoughts on the country's cuisine.

vietnam  food  opinion  future  promotion 
june 2014 by noodlepie
BBC News - Vietnam-China tensions: Why protests are not just jingoism
Add in a myriad of other personal and local grievances and a wrong move could stir up a perfect storm of anti-"system" protest.

bbc  hayton  opinion  vietnam  china  spratly  islands  conflict  protest  riot 
may 2014 by noodlepie
The Last Time China Got Into a Fight With Vietnam, It Was a Disaster |
“Oh! I still hate them,” says Dim. “I’m still scared of the Chinese people, even now. I don’t know when I’ll next have to run.”

china  vietnam  diplomacy  spratly  islands  TIME 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Photo by mrmasseyman
MasseyGram | 9th May 2014 | Is this the death of the plastic chair? Wooden stools have begun to appear around the city in pop-up bars. #red #plastic #stool #saigon #vietnam #vscocam #asiaFollow
vietnam  plastic  instagram  massey  photograph  saigon  thebook  pop-up  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
The matron of mắm tôm | Travel | Thanh Nien Daily
Trang Tran spun through the dining room"”a stunning two-meter Amazon with the voice of Tom Waits and the mannerisms of a Marx Brother.

bundau  tofu  saigon  hanoi  streetfood  model  fashion  vietnam  thebook  tuoitre  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Bun Dau Mam Tom - Word Vietnam
“During Bao Cap [the post-war, ‘Subsidy Era’], this dish was called food for the poor,” Huong, owner of Bun Dau Ngo Phat Loc, says. Her shop is one of the most famous traditional bun dau eateries in Hanoi. “At that time, people preferred a bowl of rice to rice noodle and tofu. I started selling bun dau as a peddler on Hang Be in 1987, just after Doi Moi [the ‘Renovation Era’, when Vietnam opened up to the world]. Bun dau then used to be served with cheap and quickly-roasted tofu. The rice noodle...
bundau  mamtom  hanoi  vietnam  streetfood  thebook  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam launches ‘golden spoon’ contest to promote tourism via cuisine
In keeping with the saying “The quickest way to someone's heart is through their stomach,” a countrywide cooking contest has been launched in an effort to help Vietnam win the heart of global tourists through its unique, traditional cuisine.
goldenspoon  food  vietnam  competition  contest  thebook  tourism  VNAT  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Tooth Blackening - The Forgotten Tradition | Travel tip |
The ritual certified that she was “grown up and ready for marriage.” Although it was not a painful process for Pham, I have spoken to other women who recall that their mouths swelled up or that their gums burned and stung for days. The procedure can take place sometime after the age of ten when the child has all her permanent teeth, but is usually done after menarche.
vietnam  teeth  blackened  black  hanoi  puberty  tradition  thebook  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Street Food - Guidelines? - Google Groups
Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.
google  groups  vietnam  streetfood  health  hygiene  guidelines 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Hans Kemp photographs motorbike drivers in his book, Bikes of Burden.
“I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was an incessant stream of motorbikes on the road in front of me. There were entire families on a bike, guys in suits, girls dolled up. I stood there mesmerized, intoxicated by this all-permeating scent of petrol mixed with perfume, sound, color, and motion. There was an incredible vibrancy to it all,” Kemp said via email.
vietnam  hanskemp  kemp  photography  motorobikes  transport  thebook  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
Vietnam street food still unsafe: studies | Special Report | Thanh Nien Daily
Many eateries near the K and Central Children hospitals in Hanoi display food in baskets place directly on the sidewalk. Bowls and chopsticks appear dirty, while sellers touch the food with their bare hands.

At the corner of Hoang Cau and Vo Van Dung streets in Hanoi's Dong Da District, a woman displays bun dau mam tom (rice vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste) right on the sidewalk. The eatery remains popular despite the fact that flies tend to surround it.

"I only sell around noontim...
vietweek  vietnam  thebook  safety  foodsafety  hygiene  streetfood  thanhnien  law  health  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
New street food rules bound to fail | Society | Thanh Nien Daily
According to the Vietnam Food Administration, there are more than 400,000 street food pushcarts and stalls nationwide.

The health ministry this month launched a nationwide campaign to inspect food safety nationwide.

Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said: "We are determined to remove unhygienic practices like an eatery being located right on a manhole or a bucket of water used for washing hundreds of dishes and chopsticks."

However, many people feel that all these intentions as well as the...
vietnam  streetfood  thanhnien  hygiene  foodsafety  thebook  law  edict  training  2013  eatvietnam 
may 2014 by noodlepie
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