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McDonald's Vietnam to open first restaurant in Hanoi | Corporate News, Latest Business
A giant red "coming soon" banner advertising McDonald’s Vietnam can be seen in one of the city’s prime locations facing Hang Khay and Hang Bai streets. The banner has seized the attention and curiosity of local people for the past month now. The French-style building is undergoing renovation for the upcoming opening of the first McDonald’s outlet in Hanoi in the near future.
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november 2017 by noodlepie
McDonald’s Opens in Vietnam, Bringing Big Mac to Fans of Banh Mi - The New York Times
“Sometimes I want to try something different,” she said, before taking a bite of her Whopper hamburger.
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november 2017 by noodlepie
McDonald’s Twitter account attacks Donald Trump in one hilarious tweet | Dangerous Minds
The glorious tweet was pinned to the top of their Twitter page for over 20 minutes until it was deleted.
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march 2017 by noodlepie
News - McDonald’s Kimchi Burger uses Cheil Jedang-made Kimchi, Crunch Oriental | Press Center
McDonald\'s Kimchi Burger whose main ingredient is Cheil Jedang’s  .
Crunch Oriental has been selling from early this month.  .
Crunch Oriental is a kimchi product developed by Cheil Jedang  .
targeting for America’s mainstream markets. Owing to its mild  .
taste suitable for those who don’t like kimchi’s spicy and  .
hot flavor, and its easiness to handle, Crunch Oriental was chosen to  .
be used in Kimchi Burger. Although it has been only two weeks or so  .
since Kimchi Burgrer was...
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november 2015 by noodlepie
All about the Korea Hamburger | Real daily life in Korea
Against the Lotteria, McDonald also lunched the Kimchi burger in 2002 for limit selling burger. They sold only for 2months that, I even didn’t know there was a Kimchi burger in McDonald.

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november 2015 by noodlepie
Korean fried chicken places outnumber world’s McDonald’s
The number of fried chicken places in Korea has increased to outnumber McDonald’s outlets worldwide, data showed Monday.

According to Statistics Korea, there were 22,529 franchise-based fried chicken places in 2013, but over 30,000 when independently owned fried chicken places and bars that sell fried chicken are included.

Additionally, KB Financial Group Research estimated there were about 36,000 fried chicken places in Korea in 2013, with a 9.5 percent annual increase over the la...
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october 2015 by noodlepie
Rusty Compass travel blog - McDonald's comes to Vietnam
While Vietnam's most famous general, Vo Nguyen Giap, was amassing men and materiel in the mountains surrounding the French positions at Dien Bien Phu, back in the US, two entrepreneurs, the McDonald brothers, were busily creating the foundations for one of the world's most successful fast-food brands.

The McDonald's opening is a perfect symbol of the wild twists of history. Vietnam has more than its fair share.

American businesses have been back in Vietnam for two decades. But the McDonald's brand carries more symbolic weight than its rivals - especially on Dien Bien Phu St.

Local and international media have also noted that the McDonald's franchise is owned by a Vietnamese American, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister.
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february 2014 by noodlepie
IdiotBrain - McDonalds Burger Flipper Arrested for Serving Salty Burger!
Now that's a salty burger! - In Union City, GA a distraught Kendra Bull spent a night in jail on charges of misdemeanor reckless conduct. Appearantly she
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