Nonimage - October 2016 playlist
Some songs I liked a lot in October
music  spotify 
november 2016
Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio - YouTube
For today's 'tech I want badly but have no use for' there's the new Microsoft Surface Studio
microsoft  tech  hardware 
october 2016
From Seed | Field Notes
Love Field Notes' new gallery of old notebooks that inspired theirs
fieldnotes  stationery  design  typography  share 
june 2016
Vimeo - Interrupted - YouTube
The new Vimeo ad is actually pretty great
advertising  video  vimeo  share 
november 2015
Exclusive: 1966 Footage of Outraged Bob Dylan Fans at His First Electric Shows in Northern England | NOISEY
1966 Footage of Outraged Bob Dylan Fans at His First Electric Shows in Northern England
music  video  bobdylan  share 
october 2015
Test colour contrast for accessibility
colour  color  contrast  accessibility  test 
october 2015
Just Kids #1 | The Just Kids
Great people make great songs for a great cause
may 2015
Fever Dream - Serotonin Hit by Club AC30
I saw Fever Dream last night and they were really great
music  feverdream  soundcloud 
april 2015
Domino | Albums | Mwng
Domino are rereleasing Mwng, my favourite Super Furry Animals record and the best record I don't understand a word of
music  superfurryanimals 
april 2015
Spotify – Collins
The new Spotify branding is really well done *ducks for cover*
spotify  music  design  branding 
march 2015
NME News Man behind anti-Kanye West petition admits he has never been to Glastonbury before | NME.COM
Guy who started the anti-Kanye-at-Glasto petition is some kind of parody, surely. What a tool.
music  kanyewest  nme 
march 2015
Fuck Boris Johnson; Save London's Nightlife | VICE | United Kingdom
"Cities are noisy, dirty and full of nightclubs. A lot of us like it that way."
culture  clubs  music  vice  london 
march 2015
▶ 2011 until 2014 | Percussions
This new/not new, Four Tet/not Four Tet thing is really great
music  percussions  fourtet  bandcamp 
january 2015
What the Frack? | VICE News
Good video about the nightmare that is fracking, from Vice
fracking  environment  video  vice 
december 2014
Supercut of Darlene Love Singing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on David Letterman - YouTube
The supercut of Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on Letterman every year is so great
christmas  letterman  darlenelove  music  youtube 
december 2014
Manual - Google Material Design
The print kit that Manual did for Google's Material Design is hawt.
google  design  print  manual 
october 2014
xkcd: Where Do Birds Go
Where do birds go when it rains?
october 2014
The Camera in the Mirror
Screen shots from Google Art Project, where the Google robot reflects itself in the mirrors of the Paris Opera
photography  google  technology  art 
july 2014
CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design
Love this new CSS Zen Garden entry from @ajlohman
design  web  responsive  css 
july 2014
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