The rockstar hackers protecting you from the bad guys - CNET
In their spare time, they hack Metallica. Their day job? To protect and serve.
20 hours ago
What We Know About Diet and Weight Loss - The New York Times
After decades of research, there are shockingly few firm conclusions.
health  food  1 
20 hours ago
Older Americans Are Flocking to Medical Marijuana - The New York Times
Oils, tinctures and salves — and sometimes old-fashioned buds — are increasingly common in seniors’ homes. Doctors warn that popularity has outstripped scientific evidence.
20 hours ago
How to Foster Empathy in Children - The New York Times
Research shows that we are each born with a given number of neurons that participate in an empathetic response. But early life experience shapes how we act on it.
20 hours ago
To Treat Eating Disorders, It Sometimes Takes Two - The New York Times
Romantic partners of someone with an eating disorder often want to help, but simply don’t know how.
20 hours ago
Nike Vaporfly 4% Shoe May Make Some Run Faster - The New York Times
Wearing the shoes makes runners more efficient than wearing other shoes, although not for the reasons many runners might expect.
21 hours ago
Children Move Less Starting at Age 6 - The New York Times
By age 11, children were spending an average of almost two more hours a day in sedentary behavior than they were at 6.
21 hours ago
Six to 8 Hours a Night May Be the Sweet Spot for Sleep - The New York Times
People who slept more had an increased risk for cardiovascular events and premature death.
21 hours ago
Do Cruciferous Vegetables Really Fight Cancer? - The New York Times
You cannot go wrong incorporating a lot of cruciferous vegetables, which include broccoli and brussels sprouts as well as dark leafy greens like kale and arugula, in your diet.
health  food 
21 hours ago
The Planet Has Seen Sudden Warming Before. It Wiped Out Almost Everything. - The New York Times
In some ways, the planet's worst mass extinction — 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian Period — may parallel climate change today.
1  science  climate.change 
21 hours ago
Geckos Can Run on Water - The New York Times
A small lizard joins the elite group of animals that race across the surface of water.
21 hours ago
Lizard Dreams May Not Be So Different From Your Own - The New York Times
Some species seem to experience a type of slumber resembling R.E.M. sleep, the dream state of humans.
21 hours ago
In Remote Villages, Surprising New Measures Save Children With Malaria - The New York Times
Malaria quickly kills toddlers. But rapid diagnostic tests, a new suppository drug and bicycle ambulances can buy enough time to get stricken children to hospitals.
21 hours ago
Devoted Dads of the Amphibian World - The New York Times
The males of an obscure frog species in Borneo faithfully tend their eggs, undistracted by new mates.
21 hours ago
What a Hungry Snail Reveals About Your Grocery Store Breakdowns - The New York Times
Pond snails can overcome warnings from their senses about what to eat if they get hungry enough. Sound familiar?
21 hours ago
The Genes That Make Parrots Into the Humans of the Bird World - The New York Times
Long-lived and clever parrots may be as different genetically from other birds as humans are from other primates.
22 hours ago
A ‘Honking Big’ Cave in Canada Lures Geologists to Its Mouth - The New York Times
In the era of Google Maps, one might be tempted to believe that there are no undiscovered corners of the Earth.

But a cave with an opening that can accommodate the Statue of Liberty, and a roaring river running through it, has been discovered in a remote area of British Columbia in Wells Gray Provincial Park, about 280 miles northeast of Vancouver.
1  science 
22 hours ago
Can We Really Inherit Trauma? - The New York Times
Headlines suggest that the epigenetic marks of trauma can be passed from one generation to the next. But the evidence, at least in humans, is circumstantial at best.
22 hours ago
Trump May Choose Critic of Fannie and Freddie to Lead Agency Overseeing Them - The New York Times
President Trump is expected to nominate Mark Calabria, the chief economist for Vice President Mike Pence, to run the government agency overseeing the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to two White House officials.

Mr. Calabria, who is being eyed to run the Federal Housing Finance Agency, is a longtime critic of the government-backed housing finance companies
22 hours ago
How to Cut U.S. Drug Prices: Experts Weigh In - The New York Times
A look at policies and possible trade-offs, including the risk of hampering innovation.
the.upshot  health 
22 hours ago
Chinese Court Says Apple Infringed on Qualcomm Patents - The New York Times
A two-year legal battle between Apple and its chip supplier, Qualcomm, reached a new level of contention on Monday when Qualcomm said a Chinese court had ordered Apple to stop selling older iPhone models in China.
1  china  apple 
22 hours ago
India’s Top Central Banker Quits as Government Seeks More Control - The New York Times
India’s top central banker resigned on Monday after tussling for months with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government over its desire to exert more control over the bank’s regulations and tap its reserves to increase government spending.
22 hours ago
Opinion | The Dangers of Doing Favors for Donald Trump - The New York Times
The president is often unable or unwilling to spot the difference between a favor and a crooked scheme.
22 hours ago
Opinion | Don’t Fall for Facebook’s ‘China Argument’ - The New York Times
America’s global dominance in technology requires fierce competition at home, not the coddling of monopolies.
tim.wu  1  tech  china 
22 hours ago
Opinion | The Presidency or Prison - The New York Times
What happens if re-election is Trump's best hope of avoiding an indictment?
1  goldberg 
22 hours ago
Opinion | The G.O.P. Goes Full Authoritarian - The New York Times
Only Trump’s flamboyant awfulness stands in the way of his party’s power grab.
krugman  1 
22 hours ago
Opinion | Mr. Mayor, Why No Outrage Over a Mother’s Brutal Arrest? - The New York Times
Days after the police yanked a baby from a woman in a welfare office, no clear word on why.
editorial  new.york 
22 hours ago
Opinion | What’s Next, Mrs. May? - The New York Times
The only thing clear about Brexit is that there will be more confusion.
1  editorial  brexit 
22 hours ago
Republicans and Democrats Unite on at Least One Issue: Oversight of the V.A. - The New York Times
Even before the next Congress convenes, Republicans are joining Democrats in a vigorous examination of failings by the Department of Veterans Affairs, a rare area of bipartisan oversight in a blistering political environment.
23 hours ago
‘A Simple Private Transaction’: Trump Lays Out a Defense in a Campaign-Finance Case - The New York Times
President Trump defended himself on Monday against prosecutors’ accusation that he directed illegal payments ahead of the 2016 election to two women to stay silent about alleged extramarital affairs with him, insisting that the payments were “a simple private transaction” — not election-related spending subject to campaign-finance laws.
23 hours ago
The Stories Behind the Supreme Court’s Class Photos - The New York Times
For 150 years, the justices have sat, not always happily, for an extraordinary series of group portraits.
23 hours ago
Voyager 2 Has Entered the Space Between Solar Systems - The New York Times
It is the second spacecraft to make the crossing into interstellar space, providing a new look at what lies beyond our local galactic neighborhood.
astronomy  science 
23 hours ago
Illegal Mining, ‘Worse Than at Any Other Time,’ Threatens Amazon, Study Finds - The New York Times
Fueled by the surging price of gold, an epidemic of illegal gold mining in the Amazon is threatening indigenous territories and other protected lands in the world’s largest tropical rain forest, according to a study published by a group of environmental organizations this week.
1  science  environment 
23 hours ago
Chinese Police Detain Prominent Pastor and Over 100 Protestants - The New York Times
The Chinese police have detained one of the country’s most prominent Protestant pastors along with more than 100 members of his independent congregation, the latest sign of a growing crackdown against what the government perceives as illegal or foreign-influenced religious activity.
1  religion  china 
23 hours ago
Baghdad’s Fortified Green Zone Opens to Public After 15 Years - The New York Times
BAGHDAD — The blast walls and barbed wire came down. The checkpoints went away.

Fifteen years after it was sealed off, the heavily fortified neighborhood in the heart of Baghdad was opened to the public on Monday.

The neighborhood, known as the Green Zone, had been cordoned off by the American military in 2003 to protect it from bombings during the war. The four-square-mile patch of land contained Saddam Hussein’s palaces, which later housed the headquarters of the American occupation authorities and military, and the Parliament building, the seat of the new Iraqi government.
23 hours ago
Nobel Peace Prize Winners Demand Global Action on Mass Rape - The New York Times
LONDON — Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege, who won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for their campaigns to end mass rape in war, condemned on Monday what they called the international community’s indifference to wartime sexual violence and pleaded for new efforts to arrest or punish those responsible.
23 hours ago
Asylum Claims Jump Despite Trump’s Attempt to Limit Immigration - The New York Times
The number of migrants asking the United States for asylum out of fear of returning to their home countries jumped nearly 70 percent from 2017, according to Department of Homeland Security data released on Monday, despite Trump administration efforts to limit refugees.
23 hours ago
Maria Butina, Russian Accused of Spying, Enters Plea Deal; Court Papers Backpedal on Sex Claims - The New York Times
WASHINGTON — Maria Butina, the Russian woman accused of running a secret campaign to influence powerful American conservatives, has agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent, bringing to a close a case that had drawn headlines with prosecutors talking of a sly seductress who traded sex to further the aims of her spymasters in Moscow.
23 hours ago
Nigel Farage, on Brexit Sidelines, Prepares for ‘Another Great Battle’ - The New York Times
While the British Parliament debated withdrawal from the European Union, or Brexit, last week, the man who sees himself as the architect of that effort, Nigel Farage, was keeping a low profile in a scruffy office a couple of blocks away.
1  brexit 
23 hours ago
It’s a Briefcase! It’s a Pizza Box! No, It’s a Mini Satellite - The New York Times
Orbiting instruments are now so small they can be launched by the dozens, and even high school students can build them.
1  science 
23 hours ago
Is Screen Time Bad for Kids’ Brains? - The New York Times
A study featured on “60 Minutes” is sure to alarm parents. Here’s what scientists know, and don’t know, about the link between screens, behavior, and development.
1  tech  science 
23 hours ago
The Stock Market Has Wiped Out Its 2018 Gains. But if You Step Back, It’s Still Riding High. - The New York Times
Worries about global economic growth, trade and the strength of corporate America have been battering stocks. While that’s cause for concern, it is important to put slides like this in context.
23 hours ago
Trump Prepares to Unveil a Vast Reworking of Clean Water Protections - The New York Times
The Trump administration is expected on Tuesday to unveil a plan that would weaken federal clean water rules designed to protect millions of acres of wetlands and thousands of miles of streams nationwide from pesticide runoff and other pollutants.
1  environment 
23 hours ago
Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster - The New York Times
Two trains collided on the Williamsburg Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn in 1995, killing a train operator and injuring dozens of riders. The accident, the fourth rear-end crash in a two-year span, led to stricter rules that kept trains from going too fast.

More than two decades later, those rules have slowed down trains more than is necessary for safety, which contributes to a system plagued by delays.
transportation  new.york 
23 hours ago
A Conflicted War: MS-13, Trump and America’s Stake in El Salvador’s Security - The New York Times
U.S. investment is guiding the fight to contain the violence in El Salvador, even as President Trump hurls insults and threatens to walk away.
23 hours ago
Europe's influence over US tech was more formidable than ever in 2018 - CNET
From GDPR to antitrust to the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Europe is always looking over Silicon Valley's shoulder.
1  tech 
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