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Recreate a PCB with a Scanner and Inkscape
"He then used pstoedit to convert inkscape’s eps output files to gEDA pcb format."
scan  circuit  board  repair  fix  inkscape  vector  pcb  copper  odd  shape 
november 2013 by noii
How to add markers to a map : AppFurnace Help & Forums
how to pin images to a map. this would be how to attach a historical map, or one you had designed on top of the underlying image.
temporary  edit  loctaion  tweak  adjust  shift  calvium  appfurnace  fix  image  icon  marker  historical  map  attach  pin 
october 2012 by noii
Technical: Fit wing mirror - The FIAT Forum
"Pull off the rubber boot surrounding the adjustment lever, unscrew the metal collar, prise off the inner plastic plate, undo the large plastic ring anticlockwise"

the final ring has sort of ratchet-teeth in it, so it is hard to turn at first. gripping the notch on the top edge with pipe pliers to twist it off worked for me better than knocking it with a screwdriver.
loosen  remove  instructions  fix  diy  car  2005  active  side  wing  mirror  fiat  panda 
january 2012 by noii
HOW TO: Recover Windows MBR using Ubuntu LIVE CD - Ubuntu Forums
using ms-sys to restore a windows mbr. It's currently not in the ubuntu repository for licensing reasons, but if you add the debian .deb package it works a treat.
ms-sys  mbr  fix  linux  ubuntu  windows  microsoft  restore  boot  xp 
december 2009 by noii
AppleJack Project Page
install and forget about this. if you ever run into trouble, launch into single user mode and type appljack for a handy set of tools.
mac  osx  apple  troubleshooting  tools  utilities  software  repair  resource  safety  fix  error  problem 
january 2007 by noii

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