[meta - Little Women]
I think that all four girls are in a double bind. They are raised to be 'not like other girls', but the very same people who raised them expect them to function socially like other girls. The result is that they variously fall too much to one side or the other and suffer for it. The happy ending for Meg, Jo, and Amy is when they learn to walk the tightrope in the middle.
littlewomen  meta 
may 2018
[fic - Little Women] Sympathies at Sea by chiana606
Amy and Laurie share their favorite memories of Beth.
may 2018
[fic - Persuasion] Steps leading into the sea by lotesse
Three things Anne Wentworth, née Elliot, gained by her marriage.
persuasion  janeausten 
may 2018
[fic - Code Name Verity] Both/And by PerpetuaLilium
A quarter of a century after the war, Maddie Brodatt thinks back to that December night, and gets by with a little help from her friends.
may 2018
[fic - Dragaera] Sweet Dreams by gisho
They all had lunch together in Aerich's neat, thoughtful bedroom, but at night they went in pairs, to Tazendra's room and to Khaavren's
dragaera  khaavrenromances 
may 2018
[fic - Dragaera] Polite by sister_coyote
Right there, that's a sign how polite the House of the Issola could be -- and how much of an Issola Lady Teldra really was.
Dragaera, Teldra/Vlad Taltos. 500 words.
Worksafeish (sex mentioned but offstage).
dragaera  vladtaltos 
may 2018
[fic - Dragaera] Aerich Makes a Suggestion by penny_riled
A missing scene set sometime during _The Phoenix Guards_, but originally inspired by a single line in _Sethra Lavode_. It didn't look like anyone else was going to write it, so I decided to do it myself.

dragaera  khaavrenromances 
march 2018
[fic - The Goblin Emperor] The Aqua-Vivarium by Aansero
Idra's face was a picture of proud delight as he crouched besides Maia. 'This one, cousin,' he started, pointing at one of the water-weeds, pausing to make sure Maia knew which he meant. 'That's Ulva, the first thing I introduced, oh, five months ago. And this one is Dasya–'
november 2016
[fic - The Goblin Emperor] Letters and Flight by shadow_lover
She likes to imagine her words flying like birds of prey through the heart of the Untheileneise Court.
november 2016
[fic - HP] The Long Way Back by minnabird
Percy has always put his trust in the Ministry, to the detriment of all else. But when does "trust" become "turning a blind eye"?

As the war progresses, Percy begins to have doubts - doubts that will, eventually, lead him back towards his family.
november 2016
[fic - Bomb Girls] If I should learn, in some quite casual way
Kate buys a house.

It seems so simple, put like that. Four words that don’t account for the great and heavy weight of countless hours on the factory floor and still more spent singing in nightclubs, the pennies saved, the heart-rending clarity in that moment she decided she would, when Gladys had said, “A house. Betts was saving up for a house. Remember?”
may 2013
[meta - ASOIAF] What has HBO done to Cat?
Differences in Catelyn's characterization between book and show
meta  asoiaf 
april 2013
[fic - Gentleman Bastard] Something Good by renquise
Jean is well used to unfortunate drunken metaphors.

Cuddling. Lots of it.
march 2013
[meta - Jane Austen] Rediscovering Mansfield Park
However, I read it mostly to adequately argue (if only in my head) with the people who insist that it’s the anti-Pride and Prejudice. The idea is that Austen was somehow frightened or appalled or disturbed by what she’d created in Pride and Prejudice, so she went about undoing it, creating an anti-Elizabeth and anti-Darcy as heroine and hero, chastising high feminine spirits via Mary Crawford, and abandoning the possibility of change in a powerful man via Henry Crawford. Well, that has always seemed to be overlooking a few salient details, but still, I wanted to take a nice close look at it.
mansfieldpark  prideandprejudice  janeausten  meta 
february 2013
[fic - ASOIAF] thoughts of pretty you and me by honey_wheeler
Sansa has missed this, she’s missed soft touches and sweet pleasure and the company of women. She’s missed the heady feeling of power that could only be found in making someone tremble apart with her fingers and tongue.
asoiaf  femslash 
august 2012
[fic - Aubrey/Maturin] Conjugating amare by feroxargentea
Life at Woolcombe when the menfolk are off at sea. As narrated by Clarissa Oakes.
aubrey/maturin  femslash 
july 2012
[fic - ASOIAF] They Will Crown You, They Will Take Your Legs by Netgirl_y2k
When the vault door opened Doreah fell to her knees. Thank the Gods, she thought.
femslash  asoiaf 
july 2012
[fic - Avengers] those wet clothes by such_heights
Natasha hadn't exactly planned on ending the evening stuck inside a disused SHIELD bunker, but here they were, and they'd have to make the best of it.
avengers  femslash 
july 2012
[fic - Avengers] Progress Reports, Pancakes, and Paper Planes by such_heights
Natasha smiles, wrapping her hands around her mug. "Off the record? This is the most fun I've ever had."
july 2012
[fic - Leviathan] The Gryphon and the Bride by Cardboard Edward
Lilit isn't sure why she agreed to go to the Society's costume party, let alone with Adela Rogers. Based on Scott's 'bonus chapter'. One sided Lilit/Deryn with the slightest hint of Adela/Lilit.
leviathan  femslash 
june 2012
[fic - Hunger Games] Here's the Smell of Blood Still by athousandwinds
Thirteen things that Haymitch remembers, and twelve things he'd rather forget.
may 2012
[fic - Eagle of the Ninth] A Space to Fill by seascribe
"This is her favourite thing for him to do, and Marcus does not think he could ever tire of watching her--of watching them, for Esca is making quiet, pleased noises of his own, looking up every so often to see Cottia's face."
may 2012
Fail. Fandom. Anon. - Stepping Away From the Comments
I was exploring this website (http://www.women-inventors.com/) when I got to thinking about how unreported women's discoveries and accomplishments are in the media.

Who are some female inventors, scientists, athletes, artists, soldiers, etc. who deserve more recognition? Can be modern or historical.
may 2012
[fic - Demon's Lexicon] A Method of Soul-Talking by antistar_e
Demons don't have daemons. Daemons are everything a demon is not: soul, light, language.
april 2012
Please Leave a Message
Sketches of cover art for Beyond the Western Sea
march 2012
Fail. Fandom. Anon. - Familial Trauma
No, no, no, how can you say that a fic in which tattooed hipster and Greenpeace/Occupy-protestor-on-the-weekends Esca reluctantly yet perfectly makes Marcus his favorite cinnamon half-caf latte every morning when Marcus stops by on his way to the Sales and Marketing department of Archer Daniels Midland is not a great and fabulously IC AU?
march 2012
[fic - Pink Carnation] an ocean and a river between by for-the-coast
Pink Carnation Series | Jane Wooliston, Miss Gwen, Jane Wooliston/Jack Reid | 1,502 words
march 2012
[fic - Pink Carnation] putting the pieces together by torigates
Letty was horribly, violently ill three days straight before she first realised she might be pregnant.
march 2012
[fic - Bomb Girls] Symphony by sable_tyger
Betty searches for Kate, and then she finds her. (Kate POV)
bombgirls  femslash 
february 2012
[fic - Lost] Five Times Shannon Rutherford Fired a Gun by anitchka
She's not really sure that it happened, because she was seven, and she's not stupid, but she was seven, and she's not sure what she knew when she was seven.
february 2012
[fic - Bloody Jack] Treasure my miladygrey
Truly, it’s no wonder that my dear friends (most especially Higgins, I have made the man’s eyes roll all the way back and round again so many times) and my darling Jaimy so often despair of me.

bloodyjack  femslash 
february 2012
[fic - Maurice] Perhaps the Only One by Marauder
Kitty is determined to read the wire sent to Maurice.
february 2012
[fic - Bomb Girls] Deliverance by sable_tyger
Kate Andrews remembers her father. (Kate-centric, hinted Betty/Kate)
bombgirls  femslash 
february 2012
[fic - ASOIAF] twilight lovers by Who Shot AR (akerwis)
There have been no feasts for some time now, but sometimes Alayne and Mya imagine there was and promise to meet covertly in Alayne's chambers late that night.
femslash  asoiaf 
february 2012
[fic - Pan Am] Two Movements In Green by marketchippie
Kate and Colette and the dress they buy in Monte Carlo.
panam  femslash 
february 2012
[fic - Madelyn Mack] Madelyn Mack and the Dead Man's Cipher by Liviapenn
A gambling den, a contested will, a mysterious encrypted letter, a hideous death-trap, and Nora (as usual) using way too many adjectives. It's Madelyn Mack, Detective, and Nora Noraker, plucky girl reporter. They fight crime!
madelynmack  femslash 
february 2012
[fic - Sally Lockhart] A Lever and a Place to Stand by Runespoor
Detective may not be Sally's profession, changing the world is everyone's job.
february 2012
[fic - M*A*S*H] Between You, Me, and the Stove by Nemo_the_Everbeing
Father Mulcahy hears eight confessions and tries to remember that God moves in mysterious ways. Father Pierce hears one and concludes that God might be drunk.
february 2012
[fic - Pan Am] Fable by roblingt
Once upon a time, there were four little girls. You think that you know this story. You may be surprised.
february 2012
[fic - Eagle of the Ninth] A Clear View of the Sea by hesychasm (Jintian)
Esca's first year on the farm, living as a free Brigantes once more. (Movie/book fusion.)
february 2012
[fic - Greek Mythology] I have to see a man about a god byToastzombie
What's another four dead bodies in a city with Zeus as its unofficial king? Apollo just wants to be left alone with his poems and his latest broken heart. Unfortunately for him, Artemis has other ideas. Even more unfortunately, Athena's roped in a stranger to help him solve it. Apollo doesn't make the best first impression on Dionysus, but they've got bigger things to worry about as they race to catch the killer before he finds his next victim. As they pull the threads, a sordid history begins to unravel...
february 2012
[fic - Little Women] First Shoots by Elennare
Paying a visit to Jo, Nan sees something new. Set some years after Jo's Boys.
littlewomen  littlemen 
february 2012
[fic - ASOIAF] Casterly Rock by minviendha
Oberyn and Elia and the Martells visit the Lannisters. Oberyn is snarky. Elia is polite.
february 2012
[fic - Mansfield Park] Lovers' Vows by innie
Four scenes - one from each character's point of view - on love and stories.
mansfieldpark  janeausten 
february 2012
[fic - ASOIAF] Morning's Judgment by Marquise
Petyr and Alayne and Sansa break their fast.
february 2012
[fic - Gentleman Bastard] The Best Laid Plans by Laura
"Your genius plans are becoming reprehensibly mundane of late."
february 2012
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