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EmacsWiki: Deleting Whitespace
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'delete-trailing-whitespace)
emacs  delete  trailing  whitespace 
november 2013 by noahsussman
Checkboxes that kill your product — Alex Limi
Turning old features *off* is as important as building new features. Mozilla post about deleting old bits of Firefox
delete  features  design  firefox  usability  ux  bloat  cruft  decrufting  from twitter
march 2013 by noahsussman
svn-clean Perl script, remove view local files from your working copy
Removes view local files from a working copy of an SVN repo. Much, much faster than doing a fresh checkout.
perl  svn  opensource  scripts  tips  tricks  shortcuts  faster  delete  view  local  files  cruft  clean  svn-clean  subversion  theilab 
november 2008 by noahsussman
Easy way to delete/trash numerous "unchecked" songs in iTunes?-Mac Usenet
"Make a smart playlist for "match only checked songs." Make another
smart playlist that matches any songs NOT in the first playlist. In
the second playlist, select all and hit Option Delete."
itunes  delete  unchecked 
september 2008 by noahsussman
How to Remove "Sent from my BlackBerry" - Page 2 - BlackBerry Forums at
Verizon does not make it intuitive to remove the "sent from my verizon wireless blackberry" sig that is the default when sending mail from any account on my curve.
Blackberry  verizon  text.only  configuration  change  email  signature  tips  undocumented  useful  basic  easy  remove  delete 
july 2008 by noahsussman
Sync : Calendar problems - Mobile Help Center
I switched default email addresses on my Curve without realizing that each email address had its own calendar, or that Google Sync only sees the _default_ calendar. Since I'd had 2 different default calendars, I think would up with duplicate items.
easy  tips  essential  blackberry  google  calendar  sync  debugging  delete  duplicate  events  reset  restart 
july 2008 by noahsussman
Erase Calendar - BlackBerry Forums at
Open Desktop Manager, Connect your BB, Double-click "backup & restore", Select "advanced", scroll down to "calendar", and then highlight it, click the "clear" button under the list
blackberry  clear  calendar  time  reset  doh  delete  tips 
july 2008 by noahsussman

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